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Bulgaria at a glance

A multifaceted country

Spending your family vacation in Bulgaria this year is one good idea, Bulgaria is trendy for many good reasons and is an ideal travel destination for family holidays! Bulgaria is a diverse country, because not only do wonderful beaches with white sand and clear water lure, but also a wide range of water sports, various water parks and lots of entertainment on the beach promenades. You spend a wonderful and family-friendly vacation, which is also characterized by low prices. For a summer vacation with the kids you are in the right place in Bulgaria! But the interior also has a lot to offer with thermal springs and hiking areas in various national parks and two large mountains. It’s best to explore part of it on foot or by bike. You will be amazed by the many facets!

Cultural insights

If you not only want to relax during your family vacation in Bulgaria, but also want to learn a little more about the country and understand the culture better, then you should take a closer look at the cities. If you have planned a vacation on the Golden Sands, you can easily plan a detour to Albena or Varna. Drive further south along the coast to Burgas, where you can gain exciting architectural impressions in the city or relax outside the city in special places such as the sea garden or in the mineral baths. If you really want to immerse yourself in history, you are probably better off inland, in the capital Sofia. Here you can visit the Alexander Nevski Cathedral or go to the National Historical Museum! Discovery will definitely be satisfied on family holidays in Bulgaria.

Selected family hotels in Bulgaria

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Other destinations in Bulgaria

Come on, let’s discover Bulgaria!

If you want to spend a nice vacation with your children, you are in the right place in Bulgaria! Your family vacation starts best in one of the hotels that are equipped with one or more water slides: this way you have found a little paradise especially for your kids! Many of these family-friendly hotels are located around the well-known stretches of beach on Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, which are generally considered the most popular travel destinations in Bulgaria. However, you should plan your vacation carefully, because on some sections of the beach you will find a party atmosphere, while other sections appeal primarily to families.

Sand castles and the sound of the sea

If you want to go on a beach holiday in Bulgaria with your family, you are in good hands, especially at Obzor Beach. Obzor is a small town halfway between Varna and Burgas. The beach of the village is characterized by particularly fine sand that slopes gently into the sea and is therefore particularly suitable for your splashing children. Another family-friendly beach is Duni Beach, which stands out for its slightly more granular sand and its pristine character. Here, too, it is important for the youngsters to spend a carefree time in the water, since the beach also slopes gently. Bake sand cakes with the kids, relax with a good book while sunbathing and simply enjoy the view of the light blue shimmering sea. Also a very nice beach is the beach of Albena, which is very popular with tourists because it is particularly well maintained, you can borrow loungers and there are snack options.

The golden beach is another beautiful beach, but in many parts it is suitable for the holiday of party goers, water sports enthusiasts and souvenir hunters. The sunny beach is a little further south, not far from Burgas, and also offers you a large selection of hotels and water sports, which can make your vacation relaxing and active at the same time. And all this in a great setting, because pure nature awaits you further in the country with forests and mountains just a stone’s throw away! Above all, you will also find hotels in this region that have water slides and can promise your kids a little more action in Bulgaria in addition to the beach.

Not far from Obzor there is also a particularly beautiful bay that you should not miss. In the south of the city you will find the bay of Irakli, which stands out due to its location, particularly because of its natural beauty: the beach is located at the foothills of the Balkan Mountains. You won’t get a better insight into the diversity of Bulgarian nature anywhere else. A day in the bay will be one of your favorite memories when you talk about your family vacation in Bulgaria!

A children’s paradise

In order for your children to spend a truly unforgettable vacation on holiday in Bulgaria, in addition to great hotel facilities and water fun on the beach, you have the opportunity to go to the water park with your little ones. The Aquapark Nessebar is particularly popular and offers a huge range of water slides for all big and small adrenaline junkies. Beginners on the surf board also have the chance to improve their skills in the surf pool and all little water rats can let off steam in the children’s water castle or in the children’s pool. A little further north you will also find another water park, the Action Aquapark, which, in addition to particularly exciting and extreme slides, also has quieter slides, such as a lazy river. A relaxation zone and a children’s area complete the offer, while a mini zoo provides variety on dry land. If you are traveling to Bulgaria with your children and want to make them happy on vacation, you should go to the Varna Zoo. The zoo, which was only opened in 1961, began with only nine species and today shows 60 different species in its enclosures. The zoo is particularly proud of the successful breeding of rare species, so far it has been possible to save 40 bird species alone. Take a look around and show your children what the animal world has to offer!

In Varna you will also find an amusement park that is fun for young and old. Ride on a small roller coaster, enjoy the view from the Ferris wheel, drive a car scooter or play mini golf – the park is definitely worth a visit for families with kids on vacation in Bulgaria! The slightly smaller version of the park can also be found in Burgas, so you can choose which park is more convenient for you.

Adventure nature

In addition to the long coastlines, the Balkan Mountains and the Rhodope Mountains are the defining features of the Bulgarian landscape. Due to their height, they are equally popular with climbing athletes, friends of winter sports and those looking for relaxation. In the middle of green valleys and rugged peaks, between alpine flower meadows and shady forests, forget everyone here Stress at a relaxing vacation! The river valleys of the Danube and the picturesque orchards with grapes and beautifully blooming trees are also not to be neglected. The landscape of the Balkan Mountains is mainly characterized by mountains, valleys and meadows, some of which catch the eye with an impressive shade of green. Visit various small huts through hiking trails during a hike here together are connected. The mountain air and the views will be an unforgettable part of your family vacation in Bulgaria! A similar picture appears in the Rhodope Mountains, explore mountains and valleys here and let yourself be impressed by interesting rock formations.

Another exciting nature experience is offered during the family vacation in Bulgaria in the west of the country, because here is the Rila National Park. The Rila National Park is the largest national park in the country and is ideal for hiking. It is important to visit beautiful mountain lakes on holiday with the children, the seven Rila Lakes, which represent a breathtaking panorama in the landscape. In winter it is mainly the snow that attracts the national park, because Bulgaria is just perfect for winter sports! You can take a cultural detour at the Rila Monastery. The monastery dates from the 10th century and is definitely one of the most worth seeing places in Bulgaria. In the north you can also visit the Devetashka Cave, a unique cave and rock formation that impresses with its size.

city ​​trips

Those interested in culture and history will not be disappointed in Bulgaria either: The capital Sofia in particular, with the famous Alexander Nevski Cathedral and its numerous museums, has many sights in this regard. You shouldn’t miss the National Historical Museum in Sofia, because it is one of the largest in the Balkans and shows more than 650,000 exhibits from all eras and all cultural influences that have worked in Bulgaria. In addition, a visit to the theater or the State Ballet, a stroll through the shopping mile and the various restaurants and cafés are also recommended. In the small town of Nessebar, it is above all the historic old town that should inspire you to visit. Many small streets want to be explored here during the family vacation in Bulgaria, various shops also tempt you to go shopping. Due to its buildings, the city of Nessebar is part of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, which is why you should definitely check out the Christus Pantokrator Church.

Spend your summer vacation in Bulgaria near Burgas, you should definitely add the city to your list of excursions. Here you can see the Cathedral of the Holy Kiril Brothers & Visit Methodius, which is located in the city center. You can also find relaxation and recreation outside the city in the sea garden park – you can simply walk through the park or enjoy the view of the Black Sea. Flowers and special plants create a beautiful ambience! Another great destination in Bulgaria is the mineral baths of Burgas, which are located about ten kilometers outside the city. The hot springs are said to have a healing effect on the body – and the mud baths are certainly relaxing for the whole family.


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