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Corsica at a glance

Contrasting Corsica

Corsica is also known as the "island of beauty" and lives up to its title thanks to its diverse landscape! During your family vacation, the island offers you not only a varied nature, but also an equally diverse leisure and activity program. You have the opportunity to relax on beautiful bays and beautiful sandy beaches, but you can also hike the mountains and nature parks depending on your mood. Once you have spent a holiday in Corsica, you are guaranteed to return – the best conditions for a family holiday!

Experience diversity

Variety is essential, especially on vacation with the children, so Corsica is the right place for you! Not far from the west coast of Corsica, Monte Cinto soars into the air – just the sight of the mountain will impress you. In addition, the island is not only characterized by pure mountain scenery, but also by a large forest landscape that makes up a large part of the island. Nature lovers are definitely in the right place here! Accordingly, nature also invites you to active pursuits and gives you not only the opportunity to go hiking or walking, but also bike tours are available and should be high on your holiday to-do list! Enjoy the beautiful scenery and let nature work its magic on you! In addition there are the beach regions! The coastal area of ​​Corsica is 1000 kilometers long, a third of this area consists of beach, which is why the island is perfect for a family vacation. The clear sea water is suitable for many activities and is ideal for water sports enthusiasts: go fishing, diving, jet skiing or try windsurfing!

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Come on, let’s discover Corsica!

Corsica can offer you much more besides a varied landscape – you should not underestimate the small, idyllic island! City trips are also excellent on this one: The capital Ajaccio, for example, is the birthplace of Napoleon! Due to the urban parts of the island, they also have various shops and a variety of restaurants and cafes. In addition, culture fans can look forward to many historical and architectural sights, as well as a variety of museums.

The best thing about the diversity of the island is that you can adapt your stay to your preferences anytime and anywhere on the island. The hotels in Corsica are not only found in the larger cities, but are also represented in a large number of smaller towns and fishing villages. No matter whether you are on a couple holiday, as a single with a child or with the family, the hotels on the island have something for every size! If you want to be closer to the city and inland, this is just as easy as a club holiday on the beach in Corsica. In every region of Corsica you will really find the ideal family hotel for your vacation with the children, many of which you will particularly like thanks to extensive childcare. If, despite everything, you and your family do not find the right thing in your desired region, it may be worth considering a holiday home in Corsica. This way, young and old can spend an unforgettable time on the Greek island!

Flora and fauna

For families who are particularly interested in the landscape and wildlife, there are many interesting destinations in Corsica. A visit to the Bonifacio Aquarium is worthwhile, for example. The marine museum is housed in a natural grotto, which in itself is a unique experience for the whole family. The various tanks in the aquarium and the sea creatures from the region that can be seen in them are also very impressive. Marvel at amphibians, shellfish and plants from the Mediterranean. So that you are really well informed and can understand everything, tours are also offered in German – a great offer for both children and adults!

Since Corsica is home to many amphibians and reptiles, attempts are being made to reproduce the species whose population is no longer so numerous in the wild. An example of this is the A Cupulatta turtle park in Vero, which is located near Ajaccio. During your family vacation in Corsica you have the opportunity to observe over 170 species and more than 3000 animals. These include very small turtles from tropical areas as well as the famous Galapagos turtles. Of particular interest when visiting the zoo is the breeding station, where you can closely follow the birth of the popular shellfish from egg to hatching.

A holiday in the city of Corte with children in Corsica is also ideal. The city lies in the middle of the Parc Regional Naturel Corse National Park. The valley in the nature reserve with its rivers offers a beautiful hiking area, where you can pass bright blue and crystal clear lakes. You can have a better holiday in Corsica with your Don’t spend children – nature and idyll is always just around the corner! If you are in the Restonica Valley, you should plan a detour to the Gorges de la Restonica: Here you will find a popular hiking trail to the Melo and Capitello lakes. You shouldn’t miss these beautiful places while hiking in the area!

But if you prefer to learn more about the city and the Corsican history and culture in Corte, the Musee de la Corse is in good hands – the small museum tells you everything you need to know and is also right next to the Citadelle de Corte, from where from which you can also enjoy a great view of the city. So tick off two sights at once during your family vacation.

Island capital Ajaccio

The capital Ajaccio is at least as recommendable: Here you can combine several activities! The Le Petit Train is a real one, especially for children highlight: The small slow train takes you on interesting city tours on two different routes. One of the two routes shows the sights of the Napoleon route, while the second tour leads over the route Îles Sanguinaires. The start and end point of the routes is always Place Foch. If you want to get quickly from one city to the next in Corsica, you better use the Corsican railway. The train connects the capital with the port city of Bastia in the west and the port city of Calvi on the northwest coast.

Ajaccio itself offers a lot more to discover. Napoleon’s birthplace offers you the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of what is probably the most famous French: So it’s best to start in the Museum Maison Bonaparte. On the way back you can sink in the newly gained knowledge and let the old town of Ajaccio work its magic on you. Your family holiday in Corsica is therefore not only interesting, but also varied and relaxing.

Adventure guaranteed activities

If you want to experience a real active holiday in Corsica, the ideal conditions are offered near the city of Vero. The Rêves de Cimes offers you and your kids a variety of activities. All activities that you won’t soon forget! For example, you can book canyoning tours and make your holiday with your children in Corsica really exciting. Climb through gorges and slide or jump together in hidden pools of water between the rocks. You can also book climbing tours in the mountains or take snowshoe hikes in certain regions. The adventure trail is a little less complex, but at the same time just as exciting. Climb various courses or try ziplining while enjoying a unique panoramic view. All adventures are designed for both big and small adventurers, so that the family can always create memories together.

Bathing bays and beaches

The Bay of Calvi is particularly popular with families, as the beach slopes gently and is ideal for holidays with children. Various restaurants and bars with meals are also available. You will also find all kinds of water sports that round off the day on the beach. Above all, the white sandy bay of Saleccia is a dream beach – the best way to get here is on guided tours with all-wheel drive vehicles or over the water with boats. The effort is worth it! A fine sandy beach can also be found in Ajaccio, there are no sanitary facilities here, but for this reason the beach is not so crowded. Enjoy a few quiet hours in the sun on this beach. A little further away is the Marinella beach, which is still surrounded by unspoilt nature and gives you a view of the city! All beaches in Corsica offer you one thing in particular during your family holiday: relaxation and pure bathing fun!

Where is Corsica?

The island of Corsica is located in the Mediterranean Sea, south and almost 180 km from the French mainland. Characteristic of the island is an impressive mountain landscape, which is characterized by the massif of the 2706-meter mountain peak of Monte Cinto. Corsica is also attractive due to its proximity to the Italian mainland and the island of Sardinia, which is just 12 kilometers away. The easiest way to travel to Corsica is to take the plane, because Corsica has four airports, so you can always find a flight from Germany near you. If you swear by your own car on vacation, you can translate from France by ferry. So you are spoiled for choice!

What is the weather like in Corsica??

The climate in Corsica is characterized by its location in the Mediterranean: hot and dry summers are followed by mild winters. It also rains much less in the coastal regions than in the mountain regions. In July and August you hardly ever have to expect rain, but during the other months it doesn’t hurt to have an umbrella ready! From June to September, maximum temperatures of up to 30 degrees can occur, although the average in the summer months is usually between 17 and 25 degrees. You shouldn’t forget sunscreen anyway! The coldest months await you in Corsica from November to April. The French island is therefore a particularly good travel destination for summer vacations to spend a nice and varied holiday with the children!

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A day in Corsica

Relaxation and adventure are almost inseparable on a family holiday in Corsica! Start the day with a hike in the morning – discover the hidden and beautiful natural highlights of the Parc Naturel Régional Nature Park. If a hike alone is not yet exciting and impressive enough, you will find the right program in canyoning. Strengthen yourself with your family at lunchtime in your hotel or holiday home before you treat yourself to a relaxing stay on one of Corsica’s many beautiful beaches in the afternoon. Enjoy sunbathing while the kids splash around in the water or build a sand castle!


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