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Find now cheap offers for your Crete vacation with children.

The sunny island of Crete is an ideal travel destination for families with children. Because on the Greek island the sun shines more than 300 days a year and miles of sandy beaches invite you to swim in the warm Mediterranean. The child-loving Greeks will enchant you on your journey. You should be with one Family vacation Crete absolutely get to know! That’s why I want you below favorable Offers for your Crete vacation with children imagine.

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Travel Crete with children

Crete is the southernmost island of Greece and therefore offers the best conditions for a dream vacation with the family. The miles of sandy beaches, which drop gently into the sea, enchant countless tourists every year. With the turquoise shimmering water, vacationers are offered a unique backdrop.

Where do you travel with your family in summer? While the children are busy on the sand, the parents enjoy cool drinks on their sun loungers. Furthermore there are a variety of excursion options available to travelers. Do you really want to get to know Crete with children? Then you should take a closer look at the following tips.

These trips are popular with all children!

… if you really want to get to know Crete on a family holiday.

  • Build sandcastles together on the beach.
  • Explore the area with a small train.
  • Visit a water park with breathtaking slides.
  • Take a day trip on a boat.
  • Ride horses or donkeys on the beach.
  • Get to know the traditional island cuisine in one of the Greek taverns.
  • Hike through one of the impressive gorges with older children.

Family vacation on Crete: Enjoy your Crete vacation with children to the fullest.

Why a family vacation in Crete is so special

The popular southern Greek island is very popular with family vacationers. This is not a wonder! As one of the sunniest regions in the Mediterranean, the holiday idyll has a lot to offer: crystal-clear water, fantastic bathing beaches, lonely rocky bays, picturesque fishing villages and family-friendly accommodations. The Greeks and Cretans are child-friendly anyway! There is hardly any other country in Europe that integrates young people into everyday life.

There will be no shortage of possible leisure activities during a family vacation on Crete. The family-friendly island is an excellent choice for holidays with children, as the hotels are well prepared for family trips. The attractive bathing landscapes by the sea are expanded by spacious pools, which are often supplemented by slides. Green sunbathing areas offer families with children pleasant places to retreat to after a swim.

In warm summer temperatures, the pool and beach bars provide the necessary refreshment for young and old. The Greek island is also considered a holiday paradise for families, because the hotel entertainment and children’s program are usually creative, stylish and varied – always in the languages ​​of the guests.

Find a great family hotel in Crete

Families in Greece find it easy to find suitable accommodation that meets the needs of children and parents alike. There is a large selection of family hotels in Crete. These stand out in particular through an entertaining animation for young and old and are equipped accordingly. Free customer support offers can often be used and large play areas ensure sufficient entertainment for the kids. Such family and children’s hotels also often offer fixed children’s prices as well as other preferential prices and package services. A club holiday is often the right choice for family holidays in Crete.

Family rooms and adventurous trips

Do you like the sea view? Child-friendly accommodations with spacious family rooms are often built on the holiday island of Crete in the middle of idyllic gardens between the beach and the mountains. From here you can start exciting excursions with your children into the Cretan hinterland, take a boat trip or end the evening comfortably on the balcony.

Your very personal family vacation on the Mediterranean

For your family vacation on the Mediterranean, all you need now is suitable accommodation and the right flights. Families with children like to book this as a package. Of course you can also put everything together yourself. However, package travelers often save a lot of money. Even if this does not reduce the flight price, the offers with a hotel as a whole are generally cheaper. You also have the advantage that you save time and do not have to worry about anything – traveling with children can be that easy.

Great deals for your Crete family vacation

If you want to book your Crete family vacation cheaply, then take a look at the following offers, there is definitely something for you. Do you fancy Greece? Here we go!


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