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Family vacation in England

Adventure or relaxation? In England you can have both on your family vacation! Whether an exciting city trip to the metropolis of London, excursions to action-packed amusement parks or a vacation on the green coast of England – families feel at home in England!

England makes a slightly enchanted impression in many places. History blows through massive walls in the country, between mighty rocks and ruins, but also in the huge metropolis of London. You can also always find the remains of old castles and fortresses everywhere. You are facing a varied holiday!

In England children are welcome holidaymakers. Imaginative kids’ menus are offered in many restaurants, a free baby cot is standard in many of the family hotels, and changing facilities are available in most public places.

England is the mother country of the British Kingdom, more precisely the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales also belong to the former world empire on the island of Great Britain. England offers a wide variety of vacation options – all in one country.

While we all got used to the euro for a long time, today in England you still pay with pounds. The best thing to do is to change at least part of the holiday allowance before you start your journey, so that you are well prepared for a family holiday. All rental cars and self-drivers should be particularly careful in road traffic: here there is left-hand traffic!

Other popular holiday regions in the UK

Vacation regions in England


The capital London already offers entertainment for several days during the holidays. Don’t miss a city tour in a red double-decker bus through the huge metropolis, past Big Ben, Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.

Madame Tussauds is a must for family vacations in London. Would you like a photo with your favorite star? In the wax museum you will find all the important personalities of our time – whether real people like David Beckham or cartoon characters like Shrek. Hundreds of figures can be admired there in typical pose, motionless and yet expressive, made of wax. It is worth booking online in advance or as a larger one group to appear. So you can easily save a few pounds and time.

The view from the London Eye, the imposing Ferris wheel in the heart of London, is sensational. The entire journey in the 134 meter high landmark of the capital takes half an hour and is a real event. Persevering while waiting in line is rewarded with a lasting, impressive memory on vacation!

At Legoland Windsor near London you can find a lot of British humor among all the colorful stones. Castles, dragons, robber barons and even the crown jewels as well as the changing of the guard in front of Buckingham Palace find their place next to roller coasters and other child-friendly rides.

What the brewery tour for the big ones, of which there are an above average number in England, is for the children a visit to a chocolate factory. Cadbury opens the gates in Birmingham and gives deep insights into the production of the sweet delicacies. The highlight of the tour is a visit to the so-called Essence World. The children can create their own chocolate there, e.g. with popcorn or butter flavors.

The English obviously like amusement parks because there are a lot of them spread across the country. Alton Towers is particularly popular in Staffordshire. In addition to a huge amusement park, there are also hotels, wellness options and a top-class water park. The amusement park, which is certainly one of the most beautiful in Europe, lies in the middle of green landscapes between Birmingham, Derby and Manchester.

The birthplace of one of the great heroes is only about 50 km away all Adventurers and advocates of justice. Robin Hood, who stole from the rich in the Sherwood Forest to give to the poor, is ubiquitous in Nottingham. A visit to the Robin Hood Museum is of course a must. You will also find monuments on every corner commemorating the hero in tights and his friends.

Aside from all the exciting attractions, England is also particularly scenic. Bicycle tours and hikes quickly bring families closer to the traditional country. England enchants with its very own, rough charm and its open people.


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