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Family vacation in Flor >The "Sunshine State" Florida is a very special travel destination for families, because here you can enjoy the sun and the beach with your children all year round. Impressive amusement parks like that "Walt Disney World Resort" and fascinating national parks ensure the most beautiful days of the year!

Florida is a popular travel destination for families from all over the world. Understandable, because the designation as "Sunshine State" does not come from anywhere. The peninsula in the southeastern United States is blessed with a mild climate year-round. Even in winter, temperatures of over 20 degrees are common (at least in the southern Half of Florida) and snow is even a foreign word in Florida. So it is obvious that Florida is a dream vacation destination all year round.

Families in particular benefit from this length of weather, because if you don’t have school-age children, you can easily switch to the off-season and still enjoy the many hours of sunshine. But whenever you plan your family vacation, Florida will always welcome you with its very special hospitality. Vacation in Florida means relaxing let and to relax. You will gain many new impressions and have a lot of fun with the child and the bowling pin.

The recreational opportunities are almost endless: paradise beaches and the water sparkling in all imaginable shades of blue make relaxation a breeze. National parks and amusement parks make the little ones happy and let the adults discover their surroundings again. Choosing suitable accommodation will not be difficult either, as many hotels are very child-friendly and have adapted to the needs of families.

Another one "treat", What you can expect from a vacation in Florida is the tasty cuisine. Due to the proximity to the sea, there is of course a lot of fish and seafood. Each bet that one of the numerous types of preparation also tastes good for the youngsters was initially tasted by the fragrant dish. Cuban cuisine, especially around Miami, has a major impact on the food on offer in Florida "cuban sandwiches" and Co. not uncommon. Thanks to the tireless sunshine, fruits of all kinds are very important. If you and your children are fans of fresh dishes of all kinds, Florida will delight you!

Other popular vacation regions in the United States

Other popular vacation regions in the United States


You don’t have to look far for attractions in Florida – all of Florida is one attraction. If you like spending time in nature, there are numerous excursion destinations. The Everglades National Park, for example, is an extremely popular destination for children and adults. Not far from Miami is this huge nature reserve, whose swamps are home to hundreds of animal species, primarily fish and birds. Here you and your children can watch birds under expert guidance, go on a boat tour along the islands, go fishing or alligators as part of a "Wildlife Nature Show" take a closer look. Your children will be thrilled and you may feel like you’re in an Indiana Jones adventure. Who doesn’t get goose bumps there!

If you feel more like the scent of sunscreen, the comforting feeling of sand between your toes and the delicious taste of a cool drink, then you and your family are in the right place at the Florida Keys. This island chain has so many great sandy beaches that a vacation alone is not enough to enjoy everyone. Pack your swimming trunks and go goingUse!

An attraction is a must on a family vacation in Florida: the "Walt Disney World Resort". This leisure paradise leaves no children’s dreams open! Marvel at how your daughter suddenly becomes a princess or how the son is chasing Donald Duck for an autograph. And as befits a gigantic amusement park, no one says goodbye here on a hungry stomach, a large variety of restaurants leaves you spoiled for choice. So, packed a suitcase and off into the "Sunshine State" – Guaranteed to have a great vacation with kids and skittles in Florida!


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