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Family vacation in Germany

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Germany at a glance

Get to know and love your own home

"Why wander far when the good is so close?" – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already held this view. He is right: Why go to Italy, Spain or France when your country has so much to offer? Vacation in Germany is trendy – and not without reason! After all, the Federal Republic has a lot to offer for your family vacation: Spend relaxing days on the North and Baltic Seas, climb the mountains in the south of the country or discover the diversity of landscapes in the middle of Germany. In short: get to know and love your home from a completely new side!

Germany has a lot to offer!

Short and convenient routes and the variety of landscapes, from the northern German beaches to the mountainous regions of the Alps in the south, make the Federal Republic of Germany so attractive for parents with children. As you can see, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer to splash around in the sea on your family vacation or climb the mountains – Germany has something to offer for everyone!

Those who spend their holidays in their home country do not have to worry about language barriers. For the small family members, this means that new playmates are sure to be found quickly on this holiday! So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and explore your home with your loved ones – Germany awaits you for an exciting and unforgettable family vacation!

Selected family hotels in Germany

Baltic Sea, Germany Ferien- und Freizeitpark Weissenhäuser Strand

Family vacation for young and old adventurers on the Baltic Sea!

Baden-Württemberg, Germany Hotel Schwanen

Nature vacation in the beautiful Black Forest

Sauerland, Germany Hapimag Hochsauerland Resort

Winter sports in Winterberg!

Bavaria, Germany Hotel Friedrichshof

Franconian hospitality in the popular family hotel

Moselle, Germany Landal Sonnenberg

Fantastic family vacation on the Moselle

Harz, Germany Familotel Family Club Harz

Unforgettable family vacation in the low mountain range

Lake Constance, Germany Landhotel Alte Mühle am Ried

Family vacation in the most beautiful nature

Mecklenburg Lake District, Germany DORFHOTEL Fleesensee

Enjoy a break with the family!

Travel topics Germany

Popular travel destinations in Germany

Family vacation on the Baltic Sea

Family vacation on the North Sea

Family vacation in Berlin

Family vacation Weser, Ems and Elbe

Family vacation in the Harz Mountains

Family vacation in the Hessian highlands

Family vacation in Brandenburg

Family vacation in the Lüneburg Heath

Family vacation in the Ore Mountains

Family vacation in Franconia and in the Fichtelgebirge

Family vacation in the Black Forest

Family vacation in the Hunsrück and in the Palatinate Forest

Family vacation in Saxon Switzerland

Family vacation Swabian Alb

Family vacation in Bavaria

Family vacation at the Mecklenburg Lake District

Family vacation in Hamburg

Family vacation at Lake Constance

Family vacation in the Odenwald

Family vacation in the Eifel

Family vacation in the Sauerland

Family vacation in Saxony-Anhalt

Family vacation in Baden-Württemberg

Family vacation in the Thuringian Forest

Family vacation on the Moselle and Ahr

Come on, let’s discover Germany!

Family vacation by the sea, in the mountains or maybe somewhere in the middle? Skiing in winter or prefer sunbathing? Germany is as diverse as the families who spend their holidays here. Discover together with your loved ones how much your own country has to offer and experience a relaxing holiday season – practically on your doorstep!

Discover the diversity of the landscape

From north to south, Germany is literally peppered with a wide variety of landscapes and regions where you can spend an eventful family vacation. Have you already decided on a goal? This is not easy with the large number of holiday regions!

Lake Constance in the three-country corner between Germany, Austria and Switzerland is particularly popular with young and old. As one of the largest lakes in Central Europe, it invites to extensive boat tours and guarantees swimming fun. In Kressbronn, for example, parents can relax on the natural beach while the children splash around in the water.

Just like Lake Constance, the Swabian Alb is located in Baden-Württemberg and captivates with its charming and adventurous landscape, which is in no way inferior to that of Lake Constance. The curved silhouette of the green vegetated hills gives even the smallest family members a feeling of the beauty of nature and offers much more than hiking trails and bike routes. Our suggestion: visit the Limes Museum in Aalen. In the open-air archaeological exhibition, you and your children can get an idea of ​​the former Roman settlement. Then you should "short" make a detour to Bavaria: Neuschwanstein Castle is located in the Allgäu. A visit to the most famous of the castles of Ludwig II will surely make the hearts of little princes and princesses beat faster.

Fairytale vacation days

Fairytale like: The Hessisches Bergland, in the heart of Germany, captivates with its dense forest and reminds the landscape of the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, as you will quickly discover on a walk on the Snow White Trail. Just as worth seeing is the Odenwald with its mountain animal park in Erlenbach, where families from llama to yak can marvel at the animals that otherwise only live at great heights. The Ebersberger Felsenmeer invites you to explore and climb with its bizarre rock formations.

Another hotspot for your family vacation is the Lüneburg Heath in the far north: Spend a day pony riding on a horse farm with your children and show your little explorers the open-air museum. The proximity to Hamburg with its theaters, musicals and shows also ensures that even the grown-ups spend a varied holiday.

Sightseeing with the family

Do you just have time for a short vacation? Even then, you will have an exciting time with the children in Germany: How about a visit to the numerous cities that lure exciting days next to Hamburg? Explore the capital Berlin, visit the Cologne Cathedral in Cologne or experience Bavarian cosiness in Munich.

Relax on German beaches

Are you spending your holidays with the children in Germany, but don’t want to miss the beach? Then the Baltic Sea and the North Sea are the ideal travel destination for your family holiday – you can also spend a wonderful time here in the autumn holidays. Whether on the mainland or on one of the numerous islands, relaxing and varied holidays are guaranteed! There are numerous leisure activities for young and old: long walks by the sea, bathing fun in adventure pools, bike tours along dreamy coastal sections or simply switching off from everyday life and relaxing in a beach chair. Drive on Rügen with the "Furious Roland", explore the seal banks or stroll along the promenades on Usedom – the whole family will be happy here!

Pure Adrenaline

If you want to fill your vacation days with action, you can look forward to a whole lot of amusement parks during a family vacation in Germany. The largest in the country is the Europapark in Rust, which has a total of 16 themed areas in the south of the country. In North Rhine-Westphalia, Phantasialand enchants visitors with exciting attractions such as the wild water lane "Chiapas". Small and big certainly have in "Crazy Hotel Tartüff" a lot of fun.

Animal lovers are at the right address in Serengeti Park Hodenhagen: Drive your own car or park bus through the park and pass giraffes, monkeys and other curious beings.

Fun on the slopes for the whole family

Beach or mountains – where do you prefer to go? In Germany, you can not only expect numerous family hotels on the North and Baltic Seas, you and your loved ones can also spend relaxing and exciting holidays in the mountains. While you can embark on exciting hikes here in the warm months, the slopes in winter tempt you to go skiing and snowboarding. Every family will surely find the right ski area in the Alps. And it is not only here that winter sports can be practiced: the German low mountain ranges also invite you to have fun on the slopes. And if you feel like rushing down into the valley with your skis in summer, you can visit one of the ski halls – Ski Heil!

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