Family vacation holland with children – our tips

Family vacation holland with children - our tips

Family vacation Holland

Family vacation Holland:Where to go in Holland with children?

Building sand castles, collecting shells or splashing in the gentle waves – the sea in Holland is good for the mood and for a family vacation in summer. With its 280 km long North Sea coast and wide fine sandy beaches, the Netherlands is in season in every season. Here the whole family can relax on a Holland family vacation by the sea. Zeeland’s beaches in particular are regularly recognized for their cleanliness. Family vacation as we love it! For families who like to go to amusement parks, Holland also has a lot to offer.

Family vacation Holland: The Hague

There are impressive suggestions for sand structures at the summer sand sculpture festival in Scheveningen when professionals create true works of art. It is only a short hop from here to the government seat in The Hague. There is the miniature city of Madurodam, in which you can roam the whole country in a short time: Palaces, canals, windmills and locks have been lovingly reconstructed in small format.

The most beautiful seaside resorts in Holland with children

Hospitable seaside resorts such as Scheveningen, Noordwijk, Egmont aan Zee or Zandvoort are characterized by Dutch comfort. This relaxed atmosphere is one reason why families immediately feel at home here on a family vacation by the sea.

Family vacation in Holland: Silent dunes – where are they?

The quiet dunes are also a popular destination. Family-friendly places like Schoorl, Groet, Camperduin or Callantsoog nestle like protections against the dunes in Holland. The unique dune landscape, interspersed with forests, heathland and lakes, can be explored on numerous hiking and cycling trails on a family vacation. For us the most beautiful way to go on family vacation in Holland.

Dune vacation with children

On the beach along the north you reach the Huisduinen (house dunes) at the gates of the naval city Den Helder. Tucked between sand and seagrass is Fort Kijkduin, dating from Napoleon’s time, with its mysterious underground passages. One of the highlights of the fort is the North Sea Aquarium with its glass tunnel. This allows visitors to take a walk under water, face to face with the fish of the North Sea and some sharks.

Family vacation Holland: Texel

After a short ferry ride, the versatile island of Texel can be discovered: sailor stories in the beach robber museum, cute encounters in the seal center Ecomare and the wonderful nature ensure unforgettable holidays. The other Wadden Islands Ameland, Terschelling, Schiermonnikoog and Vlieland also delight with their most beautiful landscapes and culinary specialties. Each island has its own history, which is worth exploring.

Cycling in Holland with children

If you like pedaling, you can explore Holland’s vastness in the green hinterland. Well-developed bike paths lead through the whole country. Stately courtyards, magnificent manor houses and idyllic landscapes are just across the border, in the province of Gelderland. Hanseatic cities like Zutphen or Doesburg are reminiscent of the Middle Ages. And visitors feel like in an open-air museum in Bronkhorst, the smallest city in the Netherlands.

For all activities, the physical well-being must not be forgotten: the seven Hanseatic cities on the IJssel invite you to take a culinary excursion into the past. Flevoland, the youngest province in the Netherlands, is well below sea level. The green landscape offers everything for a wonderful holiday: forest, nature, beach and exciting attractions.

Amusement parks in Holland

Many families with children find variety in family holidays in the amusement parks and holiday parks. Here is an overview of the amusement parks in Holland. From the zoo to the roller coaster, there is everything to experience.

Holland stay with children – there are family hotels in Holland?

Its accommodations are as varied as the country itself. The proverbial hospitality including family connection can be experienced in private pensions. They offer inexpensive rooms with breakfast. Suggestions for excursions and insider tips are almost free for morning coffee.

If you don’t want to do without your friends on family vacation, just take them with you. The 30 Stayokay youth hostels are geared towards families and groups. From overnight stays to a complete holiday arrangement, everything can be booked at reasonable prices.

We didn’t find any family hotels in Holland. Does anyone have a tip for a children’s hotel in Holland or a family hotel? – please write an email.

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