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Hungary at a glance

Hiking tours and swimming fun

Are you looking for the ideal destination for your next family vacation? Then Hungary may be the right choice! Here you can swim on Lake Balaton, explore nature on foot, by bike or on horseback, visit cities and visit amusement parks.

Hungary borders Austria and can be reached by plane in just over 90 minutes, which is what families with most small Benefits children. With mild temperatures in spring and autumn and warm summers, the climate enables a relaxing holiday in almost every season – how about a bathing holiday on Lake Balaton, for example?!

In the north of the country, the low mountain ranges with green slopes tempt you to go on long hiking tours, mountain bike excursions or even climbing. In the famous Hungarian steppe landscape, the Puszta, you can explore endless expanses by horse or on foot and leave everyday life behind. The floodplain landscapes in particular, which have developed along the Tisza, are a true natural oasis with small tree islands full of green. There will always be a destination for you and your children to discover!

Hungary is also known for Lake Balaton, also called Lake Balaton, which has a lot to offer for families during the holidays. For those who prefer it quiet, the best thing to do is to go to one of the thousand thermal springs, for example in Miskolc-Tapolca, where exciting cave pools await you.

Great fun for the whole family

But Hungary has much more to discover. There are numerous aqua and leisure parks as well as zoos and nature parks for family holidays with children. Excursions to small, quaint-romantic villages that show a piece of real Hungary attract as well as the dazzling metropolis of Budapest. Friends of festivals get their money’s worth here as well as all those who like to visit museums and are interested in history and historical architecture. Equally extensive is the offer of the cultural capital Pécs, which has numerous sights to offer.

Where you spend your vacation is of course up to you: You can spend your family vacation in the hotel in the classic way, but of course there are numerous vacation homes in Hungary that invite you to unforgettable vacation days.

Selected family hotels in Hungary

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Happy family vacation at Lake Balaton

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Relaxation and family fun at Lake Balaton

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Come on, let’s discover Hungary!

Although Hungary as a landlocked country does not have a sea to offer, you do not have to do without anything on your family holiday: Whether adventures in the wild west, bathing fun at Lake Balaton or a visit to the modern animal and nature museum: Hungary has a lot to offer for children, especially for children!

Water fun and nature experiences

In Hungary, you and your family can expect plenty of fun and variety. It starts with the numerous excursion destinations for families. One of them is the Aquarena Aquapark in Mogyoród, which has a successful mix of water fun, sports and unusual games. In addition to the various slides, some of which run underground, there is a playground for children, a whirlpool for adults and sports fields where you can play football or volleyball. Further variety is guaranteed with shows and animation and in the numerous restaurants you can fortify yourself for the next attraction.

Another must when visiting Hungary is this Tropicarium in Budapest. In the very modern animal and nature museum you will find various thematic areas such as an outdoor pool with typical fish and aquatic animals from the region. But land animals such as lizards, amphibians and insects can also be admired here. The highlight is certainly the twelve-meter-long underwater tunnel, in which visitors can marvel at different species of sharks.

Experience Hungarian history up close

The ancient history of Hungary and the beautiful buildings associated with it can be admired in many places in the country. Nowhere else has so much effort been made as in the Skanzen open-air museum, a destination that is sure to delight your children!

All over the country, historic houses were dismantled and rebuilt true to the original. So you can not only see manor houses, mills and handicraft buildings on the extensive grounds in the middle of a green forest, but also visit them from the inside and equipped with original furniture. The craftsmen, who work with historical tools, for example in the smithy, and who demonstrate everyday life from days gone by, also take you on a journey through time during the holidays.

Happy bathing fun at Lake Balaton

If you are spending a family vacation in Hungary, you cannot avoid paying a visit to Lake Balaton – a dream for all children who mutate into little water rats on vacation! Lake Balaton attracts with a wonderful beach and various water sports such as sailing, but its marina is also a magnet for many onlookers. Despite the lack of a coast, there is nothing standing in the way of a beach holiday in Hungary!

In the area around Lake Balaton, for example, the Western Park Nemesvita is waiting for adventurous children. On the 80,000 m² site, children can ride ponies, wash gold, throw lasso and fraternize during an Indian ritual. Or you can have fun at the stunt shows and learn square dance to strengthen yourself in the saloon at the end. Don’t miss out on the festivals that are held several times a year, and of course all about the Wild West. The park is open in the summer season.

Where is Hungary?

As a landlocked country, Hungary hides between countries such as Austria, Slovenia and Croatia in Central Europe. There is no sea here, but there is Lake Balaton – it is the largest lake in Central Europe.

There are several ways to reach your holiday destination from Germany: either by car, plane or quite adventurously on a boat trip across the Danube, which divides the country into western Transdanubia and the Hungarian lowlands.

What is the weather like in Hungary?

In Hungary, due to the inland location and the shielding effect of the mountains, there is a relatively dry continental climate that comes along with cold winters and warm summers. In January the average temperature is between -3 and -1 degrees, in summer it is between 21 and 23 degrees. Hungary is relatively dry compared to the neighboring countries, but you should better pack your umbrella in early summer, because then there is the most productive rainfall.

Most hours of sunshine are reached in the south of the country, here you can even look forward to one of the top European values: the sun shines up to 2,500 hours a year in southern Hungary!

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A day in Hungary!

After a hearty breakfast, head to the beach! Although Hungary is a landlocked country, you do not have to do without it: the Balaton offers top-class bathing holidays! Back on dry ground you can then explore the incomparable natural landscape. Little cowboys and Indians will feel particularly at home in the Western Park Nemesvita.


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