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Morocco, Kenya, Namibia – let yourself be inspired by diverse cultures!

Africa shows itself in so many facets that it is difficult to all his Visit attractions in a single vacation. As a family, there are numerous opportunities to make your stay in Africa varied – because there is a lot to discover! In national parks you can observe wild animals in their natural environment, rich underwater worlds invite you to snorkel and dive and hiking tours through the rainforest ensure unforgettable experiences.

Guests looking for relaxation can find their favorite spot here, as can active parents who are looking for the right destination for their next family vacation with their children.

In addition to the impressive nature, Africa also has a lot to offer culturally. Up until a few hundred years ago, the black continent was mainly characterized by white spots on the map until the European powers marked out their sphere of influence in Africa. The national borders as we know them today were often drawn on the drawing board. The heritage of the former colonial masters and the traditional way of life of the indigenous people combine to form a unique cultural mix, which is why so many spend their holidays on this continent today.


Morocco is located in North Africa and is therefore the fastest to reach from Germany. Characterized by various influences from the Berbers, Arabs and French, the kingdom is now considered one of the most popular countries for family vacation across the region. Fantastic beaches, such as in Agadir or Essaouria, make you want to relax on the water, strolls on the beach and romantic sunsets over the sparkling sea. Children are always welcome in Morocco and, like adults, are fascinated by the oriental impressions known from the fairy tales of 1001 Nights.


Namibia is less a country for a beach holiday, but all the more exciting if you are looking for the savannah landscapes so typical of Africa, Namibia is. Once known as German West Africa, the country in cities like Windhoek, Lüderitz or Swakopmund still testifies to the time between 1884 and 1919, when German was the only official language here. The nostalgic-looking street signs and colonial buildings, which are surrounded by steppe and desert, are so bizarre that they remind one of their homeland. All the more exotic is the Etosha National Park, where you can spot elephants, antelopes, rhinos and many other animals.


In Kenya, discovery tours of the flora and fauna are also popular with travelers who spend their family vacation in one of the resorts on the coast to the Indian Ocean. The variety between the primarily bathing-oriented hotels on Diani Beach or Bamburi Beach further north, and the regions of the inland, which are still partly characterized by tribal life, make this travel destination particularly exciting for the whole family.

Mauritius and the Seychelles

If you leave the mainland to the west, towards Mauritius or the Seychelles, you will also be welcomed by the most beautiful beaches. It is therefore not surprising that water sports are among the most popular activities for most of those who vacation here. The main attraction, however, are the coral reefs that can be reached by boat from Mahe (Seychelles) or Grand Baie (Mauritius) – reefs from the pristine Outer Islands are particularly worth seeing. Discover the exciting underwater world while snorkeling and be enchanted by its bright colors!


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