Family vacation in bavaria, the resort friedrichshof

Family vacation in Bavaria: Wellness, relaxation and action with children

Are you looking for a family hotel in Bavaria, which offers a wide range of wellness as well as a varied all-round program for your children? Then you are in the right place at the family hotel Friedrichshof in the Franconian Switzerland! The region north of Nuremberg enjoys with its varied leisure activities in recent years, especially in families of ever greater popularity. Our hotel is located in the middle of this family-friendly area and guarantees you a family holiday in Bavaria that will remain in your memory for a long time to come.

Varied family holiday in Bavaria for parents and children

Your children will be offered an exciting and weekly changing program. From Monday to Saturday, the little ones can enjoy tractor riding, riding on ponies, creative painting, playing and crafting or romping outside. Everything under the supervision of our experienced childminder. While your children have fun in child care, you can take some time off for themselves. Enjoy either alone or with your partner our wellness area consisting of sauna, indoor pool and heated outdoor pool. Treat yourself to a break and relax with a beauty treatment, a massage or a pedicure. Our childcare facility allows parents to just be just a couple again – with the certainty that the children are in good hands. In the mornings, do something with the entire family and drop off your children in the afternoons to help you relax with one of our soothing special treatments. Take advantage of your family holiday in Bavaria, once again to go undisturbed in the sauna. Our sauna area consists of an infrared cabin, Biodampf sauna and Finnish sauna. And then visit our indoor or outdoor pool!

Wellness and farm holiday in one

If you opt for a spa holiday, relaxation and well-being are in the foreground. The holiday on a farm is quite different: Here, the focus is more on physical activities and often the tourists are allowed to help with the daily work, which also includes the contact with animals. When you vacation on the resort Friedrichshof, you do not have to commit to a holiday – the family hotel offers both. There is both a spa and spa area for those seeking relaxation as well as Bauernhoffeeling on our grounds with horses, goats and the play barn. While the little ones are completely taken care of, parents can enjoy a relaxed break. For the children play and fun are important, which is definitely the case with your family vacation in Bavaria at the Friedrichshof.

Family paradise Franconian Switzerland

There are only a few regions in Germany that are so focused on families with small and older children as the Franconian Switzerland in Franconia. The family resort Friedrichshof is located in the middle of this holiday area and is thus an ideal starting point to explore the Franconian Alb with its varied recreational opportunities. Boredom is a foreign word here! In hardly any other holiday region so many attractions are so densely crowded. That means short ways, but also spoiled for choice. There are 170 medieval castles, over 1000 caves, well-preserved mills and a historic steam train.

Relaxation and adventure in nature – for all ages

Children want to go on a discovery tour, adults prefer to relax from the hectic everyday life. So how can that be reconciled? A trip to nature offers both relaxation and adventure. The surroundings of the Hotel Friedrichshofs, with their varied landscape of valleys, mountains and streams, invite you to go hiking or cycling. For the little ones, woods and meadows are a single adventure playground and parents can once again breathe the fresh, clear air, feel the sun’s rays on their skin and be completely in the here and now. After the excursion our pools invite you to relax and you can end another relaxing day of your family holiday in Bavaria. Do you have questions or would you like a non-binding offer? Just write to us and do not forget to sign up for our newsletter, so you do not miss any special offers!

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