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Crete at a glance

Ready for the island

Are you ready for the island? The Greek island of Crete attracts with natural beauty and fascinating diversity! If you spend your family vacation here, you can look forward to beautiful sandy beaches in the north and rugged rocky coasts in the south.

Crete is the largest island in Greece and a real gem in terms of landscape and culture! Prepare yourself for new and exciting impressions of the beautiful Mediterranean island. Whether hiking, cycling or with automobile – You can be amazed at all corners and ends!

Wonderful beaches

Crete is one of the largest tourist destinations in Greece, especially in the summer months. Wonderful beaches, an excellently developed tourist infrastructure and numerous entertainment options attract holidaymakers from all over the world to the island. Hotels can be found in Crete in all categories, many of which are specially tailored for families with children.

Do you want to put your feet up relaxed? Then you are spot on on this island: a beach holiday on the coast is recommended with the family, especially in the north, because there the beaches are gently sloping and therefore also suitable for smaller children. In the south, however, the beaches sometimes drop off sharply, the beach is often rocky.

Already the list of places on Crete makes you want to go on vacation: Heraklion, Chania, Rethymnon, Agios Nikolaos, Knossos and many more await vacationers and entice them with unforgettable travel experiences.

Selected family hotels in Crete

Crete, Greece Hotel Corissia Beach

Relaxation in a Cretan way!

Crete, Greece Hotel Lyttos Beach

Sporty family vacation in Crete!

Crete, Greece Aldiana Crete

Relaxation and a wealth of possibilities: this is family vacation .

Crete, Greece Grecotel Meli Palace

One highlight chases the other in Crete!

Travel topics Crete

Popular travel destinations in Crete

Family vacation Agios Nikolaos

Come on, let’s discover Crete!

No matter whether you are on a club holiday in Crete or have decided on a holiday home – there is a lot to experience here. During your family vacation you can sunbathe on beautiful beaches, climb high mountains or just relax.

Experience Greek legends

Those who spend their family vacation on Crete can look forward to living history! For example, the Minotaur’s dwelling, which looks like a labyrinth, is said to be on the island. This appears again and again in antique travelogues, but unfortunately nobody knows exactly where it is today. Guesses lead to the area around the Palace of Knossos. Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for on a trip with the kids, you won’t be disappointed, the palace near Heraklion knows how to convince itself.

Even on excursions with the children to the interior of Crete, you will repeatedly come across palaces from the Minoan period, such as the Palace of Phaistos or the Palace of Malia. Here you can experience the stories from the Greek legends up close!

On your family holiday in Crete, a trip to the lighthouse of Chania, a symbol of the island, should not be missing. He stands calmly and in all its beauty at the Venetian harbor.

Relaxed on the beach

It doesn’t matter if You the Planning a long vacation or flying to Crete last minute, one thing is for sure always on the program: a trip to the beach! For example, Ammoudara Beach in Heraklion or Star Beach in Hersonissos are particularly family-friendly. In addition to splashing around, water sports are also very popular here!

A trip to Malia Beach in Malia or to Platanias Beach in Chania will also be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. At Platanias Beach in particular, you can look forward to a cozy and familiar atmosphere. Many family hotels in Crete have their own beach, which is reserved for hotel guests.

The palm beach of Vai is one of the highlights that you should not miss on a family vacation in Crete. The dreamlike bathing bay can be found in the east of the island and opens up a unique backdrop for visitors: directly behind the white sandy beach is the largest date palm grove on the island. According to a legend, it was created when a group of pirates spat out the seeds of the fruit there.

It goes high!

From your family hotel in Crete you can not only start towards the beach: if you have packed your hiking shoes, you can hike along the wild south coast and in the white mountains with your loved ones. During the different lengths of the way you can admire the rare Kri-Kri, Crete’s most famous animal. This wild goat species lives in the mountains and is unique in Europe. During the hikes, you and the children can also observe golden eagles, ospreys, kestrels, buzzards, kites, and all kinds of other birds of prey in their natural environment.

A visit to the island of Spinalonga, which is only a few hundred meters from the coast of Crete in the Gulf of Mirabello, should also be on your list of activities! The uninhabited island can be wonderfully explored on a day trip. The neighboring island of Kalidon, which is also incorrectly called Spinalonga, is also worth a visit. Take a guided tour and learn who built the fort on the island!

Fascinating natural spectacle

Would you like to experience an impressive natural spectacle on your vacation with the children on Crete? Then you should head for the Samaria gorge near Chania. The canyon, 18 kilometers long and 600 meters deep, is one of the longest in Europe. If you hike along the rugged rock formations towards the sea, you come through a very narrow point, the "Iron gate" is called. Here is the passage just once four meters wide. If you spend your vacation in Crete with small children, the hike is not suitable as it can take a few hours.


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