Family vacation in croatia: travel destinations with children (top tips 2020)

Family vacation Croatia: Destinations for a relaxed Adriatic vacation with children (tips 2020)

Short distances to attractions, gently sloping beaches and an ice cream van within a 20 m radius: a family holiday in Croatia, like every potential holiday destination, has to meet a few criteria.

First of all: A vacation with children in Croatia is cheap, relaxed and also exciting for young people.

Water parks and spectacular sights such as the Colosseum of Croatia, sandy beaches and steep coasts for cliff diving as well as hotels and holiday homes for holidays in Croatia with your dog:

We show you the best travel destinations for your family vacation on the Adriatic (with vacation spots and tips for trips).

13 top family vacation destinations in Croatia

water parks

Clearly – water parks in Croatia are the perfect place to go for anyone who wants to have a good day with both children and themselves on a family holiday in Croatia.

The aqua parks also have relaxed relaxation pools for the calmer calibers. The largest water parks Aquacolors and Istralandia are in Istria.

If you are looking for the complete pack of beach holidays on the sandy beach for your family holiday in Croatia, circle the island of Brač in Dalmatia on the map, buy sun milk and start with the anticipation.

The Most famous sandy beach in Croatia is called Zlatni Rat or Golden Horn and protrudes several hundred meters into the sea near Bol. Parents of small children should take special care of their loved ones, the beach drops relatively steeply. Larger children can let off steam in the aqua park or water sports.

Caves and grottos

Walk one meter below the earth through winding labyrinths. It really sounds like your children can enjoy it. There are some grottos and caves in Croatia that impress with huge stalactite formations and underground lakes.

Probably The most famous stalactite cave in Croatia is the Jama Baredine in Istria. With ceiling heights between 25 m and 1.80 m and a lake with grotto olms, the cave is a real treasure trove of natural beauties.

Medulin Bay

A sheltered bay with gently sloping sand and pebble beaches and extremely gentle waves:

Medulin Bay is one of the most popular family vacation destinations in Croatia with babies and young children.

The resort of Medulin is completely geared to the needs of tourists. The 1.5 km long sandy beach Bijeca in Medulin is one of the most popular sandy beaches in Croatia beyond Istria and offers all kinds of family-friendly water sports (e.g. pedal boats).


Walking the two-kilometer city wall of Dubrovnik will be fun even for your children. The reason for this may not be the shining Adriatic Sea on one side and the medieval building remains on the other:

Dubrovnik is considered a hotspot on the Adriatic for cineastes: Star Wars fans will recognize Boulevard Stradun, series fans will be the same all the time anyway Game of Thrones locations scour. Adults and older children can go exploring together on a family holiday in Croatia.


The old town of Poreč with the Byzantine Euphrasian basilica from the 6th century will probably not delight your children. But maybe you?

Poreč is one of the most popular holiday resorts on the west coast of Istria and has a clear location advantage. Day trips to Rovinj, water parks in Istria, the Brijuni National Park and more Highlights can be reached by car in less than an hour’s drive.


Crikvenica is popular due to its location on the coast of the Kvarner Bay, its versatile tourist infrastructure Family beach Crno Molo an all-round travel destination for your Croatia vacation with children by the sea.

The city of Rijeka and the airport there are only 37 km away from Crikvenica. The uncomplicated arrival and leisure activities such as parasailing or a visit to the aquarium complete your family vacation in the Kvarner Bay.

Krk Island

If you have one Combination of beach vacation, sightseeing and nature trips and if you want to have a holiday on one of the Croatian islands as a cherry on a sundae, we recommend Krk in the Kvarner Bay.

You are quickly there from Rijeka Airport. Would you prefer to travel in your own car? No problem either, because Krk is connected to the mainland by bridge. Travel time from Munich: 7 to 8 hours. Top: 1.8 km long Vela Plaza beach in Baška with water sports and dog beach.


Family vacation on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia. Oh, what are we understating here? Punta Rata in Brela is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. At least that’s what the well-known US magazine Forbes judged about the beach section on the Makarska Riviera in Dalmatia.

The gently sloping beach has a beautiful rocky backdrop, shady spots under trees and a family-friendly infrastructure with leisure facilities. Perfect destination for vacation with children on the sandy beach.

Glavani climbing park

Hurled from a giant catapult, Jump from a height of 20 m or swing on a swing 11 m above the ground: Does everything sound a bit extravagant to you? Your children will love the Glavani Park in Istria.

But adults also giggle and have fun in the best manner in the adventure climbing park in the triangle of Rovinj, Pula and Rabac. For vertigo-free conquerors one of the best excursion destinations with children on a family vacation in Croatia.

Dinopark Funtana

Granted, it’s not a Jurassic Park, but maybe that’s a good thing. Dinopark Funtana has enjoyed great popularity among families with young children since it opened.

8 km south of Poreč, 80 life-size and mobile dinosaurs are waiting to be inspected by you. Shows, a petting zoo, rides like roller coasters and a swing and a barbecue restaurant complete the program.


What can you expect in Split? A huge old town in the middle of a palace of the former Roman emperor Diocletian. There is also a city beach and shops for strolling. Split is one of the most popular travel destinations in Croatia.

For your family vacation you are guaranteed to find the right offer in the big city in Dalmatia. Split is particularly suitable as a holiday destination if you are going on a Croatian holiday with your teenagers.

In the port city of Pula on the southwest coast of Istria you can do that with your children sixth largest Roman amphitheater explore. It is hard to imagine that gladiatorial battles and animal hunting were held in the 2,000-year-old building.

If you want to discover the underwater world of the Adriatic Sea, you will find the largest aquarium in Croatia in the coastal town. But be careful: Pula is surrounded by pebble beaches. Relaxed family holidays in Croatia include bathing shoes.

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Istria: perfect for vacation with small children

If there are babies and young children on your Croatia vacation, we recommend the quiet bays in Istria – The journey is not that far either.

In the water parks in Istria your loved ones can safely splash around, in popular cities such as Rovinj or Pula you can take a relaxed stroll and enjoy the almost Italian flair.

The most popular vacation spots in Istria for your family vacation

More destinations in Istria

Kvarner Bay: >

The Kvarner Bay is suitable for jack of all trades, who also have no problem with taking one to two hours of driving time, by one Day trip to rugged coastlines, lonely beaches or islands to do.

If you stay on the mainland on the coast, you can quickly get to islands like Krk, Cres or Lošinj from the port city of Rijeka.

The most popular vacation spots in the Kvarner Bay for your family vacation

Other destinations in the Kvarner Bay

  • Off to the beach: Croatia vacation by the sea

Dalmatia: Perfect for a Croatia vacation with young people

Dalmatia offers with its palaces and castle complexes in Split and Dubrovnik two heavyweights for sightseeing vacations. Zadar combines centuries-old ambience with a fresh shape.

From the promenade you have a direct view of the sea. Especially in the evenings, art objects such as the bright greeting to the sun or the sea organ attract night owls. For family vacations on the sandy beach, Croatia is popular Makarska Riviera.

From the port city of Šibenik you can reach the Krka National Park with the famous waterfalls, from which Winnetou shook his thick hair.

The most popular vacation spots in Dalmatia for your family vacation

More destinations in Dalmatia

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Hotel recommendations for your family vacation in Croatia 2019

Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora
Petrčane, Dalmatia Recommendation: 92% Highlights: water slide, large pool area, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, private sandy beach, child care
Bretan /> Bol on Brač Recommendation: 95% Highlights: All inclusive, sandy beach nearby, pool area, surfing and diving school, wellness center
Hotel Park Plava Laguna
Poreč, Istria Recommendation: 93% Highlights: All Inclusive, water slide, current pool, wellness center, water sports center, direct beach access (gravel, sand, pebble)
Family Hotel Vespera
Lošinj Island, Kvarner Bay Recommendation: 84% Highlights: sea water pools, whirlpool, children’s club, wellness area, themed dinner evenings, by the sea
Falkensteiner Club Funimation Borik
Zadar, Dalmatia Recommendation: 90% Highlights: All Inclusive, water slide, current pool, wellness center, water sports center, direct beach access (gravel, sand, pebble)

Alternative to a family hotel: campsites and holiday homes in Croatia

Hotels are comfortable, but do you somehow feel cramped next to other travelers? No problem. In Croatia you can find one that is really pronounced high density of campsites and vacation homes for families.

If you are one holiday home you will rent for your family vacation in Croatia Space, comfort and your privacy to have. Many of the Mediterranean gems not only have several bedrooms and a garage, but also a pool in the garden.

If your holiday in Croatia includes not only your children, but also a dog, you can breathe a sigh of relief: there is extraordinary many dog-friendly accommodations in Croatia.

Your Croatia vacation with children will be camping by no means spartan and uncomfortable. Most campsites have grown to huge holiday resorts.

Pool landscapes, live music with supermarkets and private beaches are just a few of the highlights that await you on a family holiday at a campsite in Croatia.

You can stay in a caravan, a chic mobile home or an extravagant glamping tent.

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