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FAMILY HOLIDAY IN DUBAI | Dubai, the perfect vacation spot for traveling with children

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Sun, beach, desert and warmth
– a vacation spot made for families.

I have never been to Dubai before and to be honest I was a bit skeptical beforehand whether I would like that at all. Dubai was desert and skyscrapers for me. It is so much more. There is so much to see, so much to discover and do. Relax on the beach, a trip to the desert, a huge selection of leisure attractions and an extra portion of warmth on top.
In short: Dubai inspired us!

Dubai is interesting for families if only because it is not that far away. 6 hours flight and you’re there. You somehow get it done. Then the weather is actually always good. Plus – the beaches are all absolutely suitable for children. Even for the little ones. The best time to visit Dubai is between September and May. When I was traveling in November it was pleasantly warm and not a day too hot. This makes Dubai the perfect winter retreat in case the cold at home gets too deep again.

A dream in Dubai:
Amwaj Rotana Hotel in Dubai
– perfect, central location right on the beach

For the first five days I am on the recommendation Amwaj Rotana Hotel on Jumeirah Beach returned to Dubai.

A large hotel, which is located directly on the beach and not far from the port. The location is almost perfect. The look beautiful. The hotel too and the rooms are great. My room had a sea view and I enjoyed it sitting on the balcony every morning and evening.

I particularly liked the breakfast, because it was phenomenally delicious and the selection was huge. Freshly squeezed juices, salads, breads, waffles or pancakes, hot breakfast. Wishes really weren’t left open at this breakfast. As a guest, you have the opportunity to have breakfast inside or on the balcony. thumbs up!

The service at Amwaj Rotana is excellent. No matter what time, we were always greeted with a smile and generally we were showered with a lot of helpfulness. The employees are all warm and accommodating – and children are extremely welcome guests. There is also a small kids club. The pool is big enough and very well maintained, a life guard is always on site.

There is an extra playground on the hotel grounds for small children. In the evening there is often a nice evening program. For example, we had a food truck market and an outdoor party. There are two restaurants in the house. In the evening you can dine outside on the terrace with warm warmth and dimmed lights.

In general, the Amwaj Rotana impresses with its service and location. As already mentioned, the location is also perfect for any kind of excursions. Taxi rides in Dubai are relatively cheap. The hotel area as well as the rooms are clean, you get a smile everywhere and are looked after. A stay is pure relaxation.

The hotel itself is a two-minute walk from the beach. You just cross a small street and you’re right on the beach promenade. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés here as well as a few shopping opportunities. On the beach itself there is a great playground, sports equipment and seating. In the evening you have the opportunity for public viewing.

Because the weekend in Dubai falls on Thursday and Friday, it is a bit fuller and correspondingly louder on the promenade on these two days. I heard that in our room. But it didn’t bother me. But you better know beforehand.

HERE you will find all information about the Amwaj Rotana Hotel at Jumeirah Beach.

A cheap alternative in Dubai:
Hotel Zabeel House MINI Al Seef by Jumeirah

On the fifth day I moved from the Amwaj Rotana Hotel to it Zabeel House MINI Al Seef by Jumeirah which is right on Dubai Creek. A new design hotel for little money. I discovered it during my vacation research online and the reviews spoke for themselves, because they are great!

The rooms are clean, modern, and pretty stylish. So really modern and pretty. The reception area of ​​the hotel is also cool and casual – swings hang here, there are many small and large seating groups, foosball tables and more. A thoroughly cool hotel. However, not quite as ideal for a real family vacation. Rather, it’s a great place to stay for couples or solo travelers who are in town for sightseeing. For us, I was traveling alone with Mimi, it was perfect. But as a family? I clearly recommend the Amwaj Rotana at Jumeirah Beach. I booked breakfast at the Zabeel House MINI Al Seef on Top. It was ok, fresh and a lot of delicious too – but in my opinion the selection was unfortunately not quite as convincing and not comparable to the hotel in which we stayed in advance. There is also a pool, unfortunately it is very small and much too low. Even for Mimi, it was almost a little too boring.

The location of the hotel is in itself a good starting point for any kind of sightseeing and in the evening you can go for a nice walk on the Promenade des Creeks. There are two supermarkets within walking distance, where only locals go shopping.

HERE you will find all information, prices and reviews.

Leisure activities in Dubai
– is something for families?

Yes, yes and yes. I would never have thought, I repeat myself, but Dubai is the perfect travel destination if you are traveling with children and therefore as a family. I think there is hardly a place that has more to offer for families. When I arrived in Dubai my mouth was open. Dubai is over it. Dubai is a huge city in the middle of the desert and really, it’s pretty crazy. But already on the second day, when I was reading the excursion recommendations for families at breakfast, I didn’t know what we should start with. The selection is huge. Starting with various parks, water parks, (if you like) aquariums, desert safaris, various beaches, children’s museums or malls – the selection is endless. That’s why we just started and rattled one or two sights or parks every day, enjoyed a little break on the beach or strolled around the harbor. And if you like a little culture, go to Dubai Old Town. Because even old Dubai can still be found and experienced here.

I have summarized my absolute recommendations from all the activities that we have done.

Our highlight:
An interactive children’s museum like no other,
OliOli Children’s Museum

The OliOli Children’s Museum was our absolute highlight in the ten days of Dubai. A museum just for children and a place where they can play, experiment and discover. And right in the middle of it and not just there. There are different rooms with different focal points such as water, air, technology, coordination and Co. That sounds a bit boring at first, but it is not. Mimi with her 3.5 years was hard to get out of the museum even after hours. She experimented, tinkered, built and tried and could find no end. That was incredibly nice to watch.

Starting in the room with the topic of air, where the children can experiment with air and air pressure at different stations. Balancing a little ball through the air and a goal? Absolutely. Change air circuits and discover what happens? Exciting! Every room has a certain theme and every room is an absolute highlight. Mimi crawled through a hanging labyrinth of ropes and various layers in a room until she found the exit. Or she built racing cars out of wood and then tested them on one of the two large jumps. One room was particularly fascinating. It is completely dark and the walls are covered with canvases, on which either the underwater world or a city is shown with its traffic in motion. The children can either paint a sea animal or a vehicle on a picture, scan it on a device independently and then observe how their own drawing fits into the moving image – the fish then simply swims with other fish or the car drives across the streets. It’s magic!

Everywhere you can discover and romp. It’s a place for kids and I’ve rarely seen anything so beautiful. Should we travel to Dubai again, that would be our very first point of contact.

HERE you will find all information and admission prices from the OliOli Children’s Museum in Dubai.

For small and large water lovers: water parks

Mimi, as a real little water rat, was completely blown away by the various water parks. Our favorites were the LEGOLAND Waterpark and the Aquaventure Waterpark. The two parks are not really comparable. They are too different in size and target group for that.

The LEGO Waterpark is just outside and takes a little drive. But that’s not a bad thing, since the taxi prices in Dubai are really low. The LEGOLAND Waterpark is clearly the best destination for families with small children. The park is much smaller in comparison, but still has enough attractions. In addition, this water park is very, very clean and well maintained. Supervision staff is really at every staircase, every slide and attraction. Another plus, it wasn’t that busy. Mimi was romping around and I always had her eyes on her. Right next to the LEGOLAND Waterpark is LEGOLAND, which we didn’t visit. The Aquaventure Waterpark on the famous palm tree is huge. And when I say huge, it’s so huge that you get lost. Accordingly, there are many many other attractions. Slides for young and old, white water in a hose and much more. We didn’t have the opportunity to see and explore everything, even though we stopped in for two days. The Aquaventure is therefore also interesting for much larger children and parents. Because everyone gets their money’s worth here. You have to know that it is a huge park with masses of tourists. If you are lucky you will get a lounger in the children’s area. In any case, the park is also great and I have never seen such a crazy bathing area with so many attractions and yet, with small children (like Mimi) I found the LEGOLAND Waterpark better because it was clearer, less crowded and a bit more monitored and neat. Otherwise, check out the reviews on TripAdvisor.

In the best case, you simply visit both parks. However, the admission prices are anything but cheap!

Desert safari in Dubai,
unforgettable beautiful!

During our time in Dubai we had the opportunity to do one Desert Safari with Arabian Space Adventures to participate – and it was breathtakingly beautiful and definitely an absolute highlight. The light, the setting sun – unforgettable. We even saw a few animals and thanks to Bokhario, our guide, we also got a lot of background knowledge about Dubai and especially about the desert.

In the afternoon we were picked up by our guide directly at the hotel and with him we drove far out of Dubai into the desert. Our guide told us a lot about the city and “its” desert, you could feel the great connection. If I can recommend a guide to you, it’s Bokhario. Not only is he very warm and committed, he also has a lot to tell. A guide who really loves his job through and through and who is passionate about what he does.

If you book a safari with Arabian Space Adventures, you will be picked up at the hotel or accommodation by the driver and driven directly into the desert. There is a large meeting point where all vehicles are waiting. Then you drive across country through the dunes, which is incredibly exciting and exciting. The second meeting point is deep in the desert, where you can watch the sunset. And from there it goes on to the camp. Here you can eat together from the buffet, you can ride the camel (if you want, we didn’t) or marvel at belly dancing. Of course there are some people here who come together, but the atmosphere is nice and I really enjoyed the evening.

HERE you will find all information about the safari.

Beautiful beaches in Dubai
and the Dubai Marina!
Costs in Dubai? Tip? safety?

Dubai has many beautiful beaches. Well-kept beaches with fine sandy beaches and often very shallow water. And best of all: they are almost never really full. Not as you often know from vacation: the beach is like a sardine can. No, instead you have rest, can spend relaxed mornings or afternoons on and in the water and watch the children play. Basically, I found every beach to be extremely well-kept and, like everywhere in Dubai, safety is very important. That’s why you can always find life guards on many beaches and all pools.

The Jumeirah Beach, which was right in front of our hotel for the first few days, was nice, but still very well attended. Here you can play beach volleyball, there are restaurants and cafés as well as a playground. That’s why we visited other beaches during our time in Dubai and saw how they do it. We particularly liked the kite beach, which is well known for being a good kite here. In fact, the water here was not quite as shallow as on the other beaches before, but it was still nice. Mimi collected lots of colorful shells and snail shells, we built sand castles and let ourselves drift in the waves. And all this on an empty beach! Of course I don’t know for sure if that was just luck – but it was nice in any case.

The kite beach is extensive and there are cafes, restaurants and a few food trucks. There are also outdoor fitness facilities and leisure activities. We were looking for a quiet corner without music, had really good fries from SALT, a burger shop that has a small but fine menu and let your mind wander. A perfect afternoon. We were on other beaches

Another day we went to La Mer Beach hazards. A quiet beach section, also very well maintained and with an attached small shopping and food mile in industrial chic. La Mer Beach was perfect for small children. Perfect because the water here is really shallow. Hardly any waves and it is only very slowly going deeper into the water. There were play facilities on the beach and not far free toilets, showers and like almost everywhere in Dubai free wifi. A small water amusement park is also connected. However, we have not visited this.

Our first hotel was not far from Dubai Marina, the port of Dubai. Here you can stroll in the evening, eat very well and enjoy the flair of the evening Dubai. Dubai is a city that comes alive in the evening. In the area of ​​the Dubai Marina there are many top restaurants, on the water itself there are various food trucks, ice cream stands and clubs, for an exuberant nightlife there are also. I’m with Mimi in a Lebanese restaurant called "Bazerkan"Returned. The terrace was so well filled that I just had to try it out. It was delicious and definitely recommended. Down-to-earth, traditional food and very good freshly squeezed juices.

Basically, I found visiting restaurants and cafes, generally eating out, not cheap. A scoop of ice cream just costs 2 or 2.50 euros. A visit to the restaurant will quickly add up. One evening I actually treated myself to a dinner with Mimi in the farm restaurant. It was tasty, it was good – but it wasn’t cheap. I think you have to know that in advance. No price comparison to our holidays in Italy and Co. In general, Dubai is a little more expensive in all, apart from the taxi rides. This is because the taxi drivers (I always had really nice drivers) work for (unfortunately) very little money in 12 hour shifts. They almost always come from countries like Pakistan, India or other neighboring countries. I have therefore given a good tip on every trip and can only recommend that you do the same. So basically always, for everyone – such as B. for the service staff in the hotels. Of course, only if you are also satisfied with the service provided. At this point I can only speak for us: We were overwhelmed by so much kindness, courtesy, warmth and love for children! No matter when we met whom, we were showered with genuine warmth.

To put it in the words of Bokhario, my guide on the desert safari, there is no safer place than Dubai. And I had this feeling all through my vacation. I was a woman and mother traveling alone with a little girl by the hand and always felt safe and in good hands. I have rarely felt this way.

Dubai’s diversity!

In Dubai you can experience everything, see everything and one thing is certain, Dubai surprised me positively. Above all, the warmth. But there are also hardly any limits when it comes to leisure activities in Dubai. Especially with children you are in good hands with all the possibilities. Relaxation on the beach, attractions, museums, malls, parks and other activities. There is just so much to see!

We have that among other things Burj Khalifa visited. Impressive – even if the same overwhelming feelings did not arise as on One World or Rockefeller in NYC. But the construction is fascinating. There is also the "Dubai frame". Also an impressive building, which is modeled on a picture frame and which can also be visited. It’s incredible!

We were also in the Dubai Butterfly Garden. A small garden where you can walk and in which thousands of butterflies live. Incredibly fascinating. And in the end we were still in the Dubai Miracle Garden, which is within walking distance of the Butterfly Garden. A park whose landscapes are made entirely of flowers and plants. A real sea of ​​flowers. Houses, a plane, famous Disney characters – all made of flowers.

There are countless malls in Dubai – in which attractions are always offered. A huge aquarium, for example.

When we were traveling in November, the weather was pleasantly warm, but never too hot. Which is why we went on various excursions every day. But I have been told that the temperatures rise properly from June and then it is too hot up to and including August. In any case, inform yourself about the temperature before you book online.

Editor’s note:

I only tested Dubai as a holiday destination around the topic of family friendliness. What offers are there for children and families, are the beaches suitable, the climate, what activities are available …
As a woman and mother traveling alone, I have rarely felt so safe and comfortable in a (holiday) place. In these almost 1.5 weeks on site, we learned to love many people in and Dubai as a city and loved it. We were almost overwhelmed with hospitality. At all times, as a woman traveling alone with a child, I was treated with the utmost respect.

I know there were critical voices that criticized Saudi Arabia and its politics and the image of women as such. For my part, I can only talk about my experience as a tourist. About experiences that I actually had. I can tell you how I experienced the Emirate of Dubai and its people and give you an assessment of how far this place is suitable for family vacations. Not more.

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