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Egypt at a glance

The world of the pharaohs

Egypt, known to many as the land of the pharaohs and pyramids, is ideal for a family vacation. In addition to the rich culture, whose millennia-old treasures can still be admired today, you are expected here by wonderful weather and enchanting beaches. Anyone who spends their vacation in Egypt with the children quickly realizes that they have made the right choice. Egypt was once known primarily for its pyramids and the Sphinx, but now the resorts on the Red Sea with their comfortable and luxurious hotel facilities are already a good reason to spend your vacation here. You can enjoy a break on the beach in Egypt and at the same time enjoy the history of the country. Kids in particular will be fascinated by the vastness of the desert and the gigantic legacies of Cheops and Ramses.

The modern icing on the cake

In addition to all the cultural and historical influences that a family vacation in Egypt brings, not only the modern hotels are particularly striking. Above all, it is the leisure offer with the huge water parks that provides an exciting balance to the cultural program. You can and on numerous water slides Their children let the adrenaline level shoot up on vacation. Makadi Bay Waterworld is one of the highlights for small holidaymakers with 50 water slides and attractions. It will also be exciting on a desert safari, where you can experience the endless sand dunes of the desert. A family trip that can combine adventure and relaxation – this is how the ideal vacation in Egypt should be structured!

Selected family hotels in Egypt

Hurghada, Egypt Hotel Alf Leila Wa Leila 1001 night

Magical family vacation in Hurghada

Hurghada, Egypt Jaz Aquamarine Resort

Family vacation under the Egyptian sun

Hurghada, Egypt The Movie Gate Golden Beach

A vacation at the hotel The Movie Gate Golden Beach is swimming fun on the red .

Hurghada, Egypt Jungle Aqua Park Resort

Huge pool area with integrated theme park

Hurghada, Egypt Sheraton Miramar Resort

Experience a great family vacation on the Red Sea!

Marsa Alam, Egypt’s Lahami Bay Beach Resort & Gardens

A family oasis in Egypt

Hurghada, Egypt Sunrise Select Royal Makadi Resort

Family vacation with oriental flair!

Hurghada, Egypt Baron Palace Resort

Luxurious family vacation like in a palace

Egypt travel themes

More destinations in Egypt

Family vacation Hurghada / Safaga

Family vacation Sharm El Sheikh

Family vacation in Marsa Alam

Come on, let’s discover Egypt!

No matter whether you are a package tour, active vacationer or a visitor interested in culture and history in Egypt, vacationers big and small will always find the right thing during this family trip. Enjoy a relaxing holiday in Egypt sunbathing on the beach or snorkeling she with Your child on Caribbean-like beaches and experience a variety of colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs with your own eyes. Boat tours and desert safaris provide variety and an adventure feeling. And the cityscape of Cairo is also worth seeing and you should not miss it – and then there would be the numerous pyramids and tombs. There is a lot to see in Egypt and especially on vacation with the children you are sure to find the adventure factor here! If you spontaneously decide on a vacation in Egypt, it is not a problem, because you can always find a quick last minute offer for this travel destination.

Vacation destination number 1

No holiday resort in Egypt is as famous as Hurghada, after all, the city looks back on the longest tradition in tourism. The popularity of the place is still unbroken and ever new, even more extensive complexes open their gates along the fine sandy beach of the region. There is a lot of activity in the high season, especially in the port area of ​​El Sekalla. Visitors from all over the world bustle on the market streets and in the tourist zones. The city’s versatility ensures that young and older visitors can have a great vacation. If you want to go on vacation with children in Egypt, is this So no problem – young and old have a great time here! There are many opportunities to pass the time, for example a trip to El Gouna, which is located a little further north of Hurghada. Here you will find a tourist zone that offers a high level of comfort, varied gastronomy and a wealth of entertainment – and thus has something to offer for the whole family at any time of the day.

From Hurghada you can also visit the Valley of the Kings with the children: take a trip back in time to ancient Egypt by visiting the tombs and visiting the Karnak temple in Luxor. Maybe you can decipher some of the hieroglyphs – become Indiana Jones yourself and explore fascinating and mysterious places!

Places worth seeing

Cairo is also a city to see, especially if you plan your family vacation in Egypt not just as a beach vacation, but also as a cultural vacation. You can gain fascinating insights at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The museum is the largest in the world that deals with ancient Egyptian art. If you want to marvel at the impressive pyramids and the Sphinx with your children on vacation, you’ve come to the right place in Cairo, because Cairo is only a stone’s throw away from the pyramids of Giza. You can immerse yourself in the past of the country in the open air and visit the famous Cheops pyramid here. After you are back from the pyramids, you should visit Cairo’s old town. A wide variety of Islamic buildings await you here, which is the reason why the old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On the other side of the Red Sea is Sharm El Sheikh, right on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Here, coral fans can experience an enchanting play of colors under water – especially when visiting the Ras Mohammad National Park in the sea, the whole family can expect a unique nature experience. A visit to Cleopark is completely different, but no less exciting: in the modern water park you can slide down reconstructed pyramids or relax in the children’s oasis specially tailored to the needs and wishes of young guests. If you want to see more of the area, take a look at the Coptic Orthodox Church El Sama-eyeen or visit the Old Market, a bazaar on Naama Bay, which is only a few kilometers away. From delicious food, to spices and souvenirs, you will find everything here! And if you want to end the evening with a leisurely stroll after so much hustle and bustle on vacation, you will find the necessary peace and quiet in neighboring Dahab, a small fishing village!

Sunbathing and diving

Like Hurghada, the coast at Safaga is lined with coral reefs that invite you to explore the sea and its inhabitants. If you want to snorkel, dive or do water sports, you will find an almost infinite offer here to fully enjoy your vacation by the sea. The luxury hotels in places like Soma Bay, Mangrove Bay and Makadi Bay also offer an entertaining entertainment program, which is why they are particularly popular for family vacations. In the vicinity of the Wadi el Gemal National Park, further south of Hurghada, you will find Lahamy Bay, which also invites you to go snorkeling, swimming and splashing with its crystal-clear water and colorful wildlife.

A very special day awaits you at Sharm EL Luli beach, which will seem like a day in the Caribbean. The beach is perfect for holidays with children, as the beach slopes gently into the sea. Here the kids can play carefree in the water during their family vacation. In Egypt you can expect a dreamlike beach landscape and underwater world! The most beautiful beach for a dip in the water around Sharm El Sheikh is Naama Bay beach, which stands out due to its fine sand. As a destination for a great snorkeling adventure, you should also tackle a boat tour to Tiran Island or the so-called Paradise Islands, such as Giftun or Mahmya Island – fine sandy beaches and crystal-clear, turquoise sea are also waiting for you here. You and your kids won’t find a nicer place to snorkel.

Egypt with K >If you spend a vacation with your child in Egypt, this does not only mean spending time on the beach or planning the time of the little rascals with new friends in the kids clubs of the hotel complexes, because the leisure activities for the mini-tourists are also wide ranging. In Hurghada there are two water parks for the little water lovers in addition to the beach. On the one hand, you can visit Makadi Bay Waterworld with your children on vacation in Egypt, which with 50 slides is guaranteed to be a very special highlight for your children. From slides that you whiz down with mats to a “free fall experience”, everything is included, you don’t even have to worry about the food, because you can also get pizza, pasta or ice cream here. A paradise for children! The second water park is the Jungle Aqua Park, which is not far away. With 35 water slides and 33 swimming pools, it offers everything you need for an unforgettable day on a family holiday in Egypt! Of course, your offspring do not have to do without a special experience in the water in Sharm El Sheikh: The Dolphina Park invites you and the offspring to have fun with the dolphins, the sweetest underwater inhabitants! You can swim and dive with the dolphins or visit the dolphin show and be amazed by the tricks. If the dolphins are too big for the kids to cuddle, you can simply drop by the penguins and help with the feeding.

Exciting desert world

A highlight that shouldn’t be missing during any family vacation in Egypt is a desert safari. Adventurers big and small will get their money’s worth on a desert safari – these are offered in all tourist centers. If you’d rather explore the desert from the water, you can take a Nile boat ride. The Nile is the longest river in the world and should not be forgotten during a vacation in Egypt, especially since it runs along all the major cities and sights. A cultural stop that is worth seeing, but due to its location is often not used during family vacations, is the Temple of Abu Simbel. The temple complex is located on the shores of Lake Nasser and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. If you bring a little more time on your family trip to Egypt, then the temple should definitely be on your excursion list!


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