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Istria at a glance

All-rounder Istria

Istria fascinates with its diversity: long beaches for swimming and relaxing, numerous forests for extensive cycling and hiking tours and the mountains as a beautiful natural backdrop. Here you can spend the perfect family vacation with your children!

Of course, the coasts with their wonderful beaches are particularly interesting for families who vacation in Istria with their children, because the fine sand and the spaciousness invite you to walk, bathe and laze around. But you can also dive and windsurf here and the boat tours to popular excursion destinations are almost a must on family holidays.

Pure nature and culture

In the interior, in addition to numerous vineyards and truffle forests, there are many charming landscapes that are ideal for short and long trekking tours and hikes on foot or by bike. If you like it a bit more demanding, you can climb or climb mountains, paragliding and free climbing in the rugged mountain areas in northern Istria.

All those who want to be fed up with the culture and history of Istria should visit the charming cities, where you can see ancient city gates and walls, churches and monasteries. Rovinj, Poreč or Pula are particularly suitable to be enchanted by the charm and history of Istria. Of course, there are also shops, cozy restaurants and bars in which even night owls can experience a lot. Also not to be neglected are the numerous museums and collections, as well as archaeological sites in the surrounding area. Above all, however, the caves, such as the Baredine cave, will surely make children feel adventurous and make the family vacation in Istria memorable.

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Come on, let’s discover Istria!

Istria is particularly suitable for a family vacation, as there are a number of excursions that are particularly suitable for a vacation with children. The region offers a wide range of hotels that will make your family vacation in Istria unforgettable. If you prefer to spend a vacation with more personal responsibility, it is a good idea to rent a holiday home in Istria rent and spend the vacation according to your own taste and schedule, without having to adapt to the dates of the main meals or the shuttle service times of a hotel.

Hello sea!

The family vacation in Istria is of course only complete when a certain amount of bathing fun is fulfilled – so that you can splash around happily, you only have to choose an area in Istria that is perfect for your vacation – and the selection will not light!

If you are in Umag, you should go to Katoro Beach. This is a little bit away from the city, but offers you a wonderful backdrop! The pebble beach is surrounded by many trees and offers you a relaxing atmosphere. Of course, you don’t have to do without bars and water sports. The Sol Polynesia section on Katoro Beach is particularly suitable for families. This is even barrier-free!

If you are on holiday in Rovinj, you can easily reach the Mulini beach on foot. The southern tip of Istria also houses Cape Kamenjak, a nature reserve where you can find many beautiful bays and various beaches. In Medulin there is one of the few beaches in Istria that can be described as a sandy beach – it is far from being like a typical sandy beach, but is a lot finer than the pebble beaches that are otherwise found in Croatia. Regardless of whether you spend your family vacation in Istria in a hotel or rent a holiday home for your vacation – it is very easy to get to one of the many beaches!

Mountains, waterfalls and a safari park

Istria not only has many idyllic bays and beaches, but also a number of other attractive excursion destinations that are particularly suitable for families with children.

The Adrenaline Park in Umag provides a special holiday experience in the untouched and natural backdrop of Istria. Hanging bridges and ropes are stretched between the treetops, on which children and adults can put their concentration and sense of balance to the test. The necessary equipment is provided free of charge in the park. In total there are three different paths with different heights and levels of difficulty. One of them is only 1.5 meters high and specially designed for young visitors.

If you want to add an unforgettable experience to your family holiday in Istria, you can plan a trip to the Paziner Grotte. The forest area of ​​the cave has been declared a protected area with a 1 km long nature trail. Display boards inform children and adults about caving and local fauna. Especially the bridges on the Paths that were constructed with materials from the Paziner cave are very worth seeing.

For hiking you should visit the Učka Nature Park: here you will find the Učka Mountains and part of the Ćićarija mountain range. Different viewpoints represent beautiful photo motifs and here and there you will also come across a small waterfall and make the beautiful nature even more worth seeing. You can reach the Brijuni National Park by ferry, because the park consists of 14 small islands. You will also find a safari park with exotic animals here – the national park in Istria is definitely worth a trip with the children!

Cities full of character and buildings steeped in history

In terms of culture, Istria offers some highlights that are sure to please the whole family. Beautiful old towns await you in Rovinj, Poreč or Motovun. The old town of Poreč was even declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The region’s most important cultural monument is also located here: the Euphrasian Basilica. It was built by Bishop Eufrasius on the foundations of another church in the middle of the 6th century and can be visited every day, except during church services. Thanks to the bell tower, which you can climb and from which you have a good view of the city, children are sure to get a taste of a little cultural excursion. There is also a well-known church in Rovinj: The Church of Sveti Eufemija. You should not miss this place of worship either!

Another special cultural feature is the Pula arena. The large amphitheater is not only impressive to look at, but still has a large number of events to offer. Visit for example the Pula Film Festival, opera, theater or ballet performances as well as various international musical performances.
If that is still not enough, you can plan a trip to Hum, the smallest town in the world, on a family holiday in Istria, or visit the abandoned town of Dvigrad, where ruins and nature already combine.

Fun for young and old

The aquarium in Pula is very interesting due to its building alone: ​​it is located in the historic rooms of Verudella Castle. All sorts of sea creatures such as sponges and snails frolic in the underground vaults. Saltwater and coral fish as well as European sea and lake inhabitants swim in the other pools. There are also exhibitions on the marine microcosm and ancient fishing. The highlight of the aquarium, however, are the sea turtles, which can be seen in the connected reception and care station.

You don’t have to do without exciting motorsport experiences on a holiday in Istria. In the Poreč region there is the Motodrom Poreč, which ensures excitement and fun for all family members. In the open air, young and old can make their rounds here and enjoy the speed smoke.

Where is Istria??

Istria is definitely one of the most beautiful peninsulas in Croatia. It is located in the north of the Adriatic between the Kvarner Bay and the Gulf of Trieste and has a total area of ​​3500 km².

Arriving by plane is particularly easy and you have already arrived in the north of Croatia in one and a half to two hours – the flight time varies depending on the departure airport. You shouldn’t miss the Croatian idyll with so little effort. Short vacation trips are worthwhile here if you cannot set up time for a longer break.

What is the weather like in Istria??

The climate in this region attracts numerous holidaymakers every year, because the summers are warm without being too hot and the winters are mild – ideal conditions for families who are planning a holiday in Istria with their children and can only travel during the holidays , The average annual temperature is around 14 degrees and the coldest month is usually February, which can have an average temperature of 6 degrees. July is the most suitable for a family holiday in Istria, with an average of 24 degrees the warmest month of the year. Ideal for exploring a new country with the little racks!

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A day in Istria!

An Istria vacation with children has something for the whole family. What do you fancy? There is so much to discover and see! Spend the day on the beach and splashing around with your kids in the water or exploring the local national parks – many of the regions are ideal for hiking or cycling. On shopping trips to the nearest city, you should definitely explore the wonderful historic old towns and marvel at the interesting old buildings. You will be surprised what Croatia has to offer!


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