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The Lüneburg Heath at a glance

Discover German natural beauties

"Why wander far when the good is so close?" To spend an unforgettable family vacation, you don’t have to fly to Mallorca or even Hawaii – your own country is full of beautiful corners and has a lot to offer. This includes the Lüneburg Heath in Lower Saxony, which welcomes you with an unparalleled bloom especially in August and September.

Everyone feels comfortable here!

In order to have enough strength for all the upcoming adventures, of course you need the right holiday accommodation. We have good news for you: There is really something for every type of holiday here. Regardless of whether you prefer to spend your family vacation in the Lüneburg Heath in a family hotel, on a farm or in an apartment – you will definitely find it!

The next morning it starts, after all there are numerous adventures waiting! Experience the beautiful nature or discover the pretty cities like Lüneburg and Celle, where you are always welcome to visit. If you fancy a little more action, you can spend your day in the Heide Park Soltau – here you will find a variety of roller coasters and of course numerous attractions for the little guests.

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Come on, let’s discover the Lüneburg Heath!

Nature, sightseeing or adrenaline rush – no matter how you want to spend your family vacation, you will find it in the Lüneburg Heath. The varied nature invites you to extensive hikes and bike tours, while the cities lure with unforgettable sights. If you are looking for an even bigger adventure, you can try the roller coasters in the Heide-Park Soltau.

Immerse yourself in nature

At 169 meters, the Wilseder Berg is not only the center of the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park, it is also the highest point in the area. Those who have reached the top can enjoy a wonderful view of the forest and heath landscape. You can get up here either on foot, by bike or by carriage – almost every car park around Wilseder Berg has carriages that you and your children only have to get into!

The Totengrund is also worth a visit. What sounds so mystical is actually one of the most beautiful heather areas ever. It is particularly wonderful here, of course, when the heather blooms and you have a fabulous view of the sea of ​​flowers from the edge of the valley. But it is also nice here at other times of the year: when, for example, the fog lays over the valley, exactly the mystical atmosphere that matches the name is created.

The Pietzmoor in Schneverdingen is one of the most important sights in the Lüneburg Heath. Located on the southern edge of the Lüneburg Heath nature reserve, an approximately five-kilometer circular hiking trail awaits you that leads you past the 8,000-year-old moor.

Discover the cities

Exciting excursion destinations await you in the Lüneburg Heath not only in nature, the cities in the region are also worth more than a short glance. In Celle, for example, the castle of Celle awaits you and your children, which was once one of the residences of the Duchy of Braunschweig-Lüneburg. The four-wing complex was built in 980 as a fortified watchtower with the character of a moated castle and was further built by Otto the Strict in 1292. Expected in the castle Not you only the oldest baroque theater that can still be played today: There is also a palace chapel here, which is the only church to the north the Alps can boast of fully preserved Renaissance furnishings.

If you spend your family vacation in the Lüneburg Heath, you cannot avoid visiting the city of Lüneburg. One of the most beautiful sights in the city is the historic town hall, which is still the seat of the Lüneburg administration. The town hall was built over the course of several centuries and is therefore impressive due to the different style periods. During a guided tour, you and your children can discover overwhelming parts of the building, such as the Fürstensaal, the large council chamber or the old archive.

The most beautiful train station in the world is often referred to as the Hundertwasser train station in Uelzen, which was redesigned as part of the EXPO 2000 according to the plans of the famous painter and architect. The result is a colorful work of art that welcomes you on the outside with colorful columns and golden balls. When you enter the inside of the station, you can expect artistic mosaics, dazzling colors and the typical rounded corners.

Like in fairy tales

A bit like "Alice in Wonderland" you will feel when you visit the Heidekastell Iserhatsche in Bispingen. The hunting lodge in the Lüneburg Heath is a mixture of vision and madness and can hardly be described in words – you have to see that for yourself! On the site there is not only a bell tree that plays a song every hour, but also the largest beer collection in the world.

If you do not want to emerge from the fairytale world so quickly, the Soltau Game Museum is the next excursion destination that you should head for. Beautiful and funny toys from four centuries await you here. Best of all: the toys can be tried out!

Off to the next adventure!

Action, fun and adventure await you in the Heide-Park Soltau. Different roller coasters, several water rides, a dozen carousel rides and a ferris wheel will surely make your eyes big and small. In addition to several adventure playgrounds, there is even a separate adventure area for children – great!

The Serengeti Park also awaits you on a great adventure: the combined animal and leisure park is located in the southern Lüneburg Heath and is divided into the thematic areas of animal world, water world and leisure world. The expedition through the animal world is a very special experience: You drive your own car or bus through an area that is designed like an African steppe. On the way you will encounter free-roaming lions, tigers, zebras, elephants, antelopes and many other species native to Africa.


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