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Saxon Switzerland at a glance

Traveling with the family

If you are looking for a beautiful and varied travel destination for which you don’t have to put up with long flight times, then a family holiday in Saxon Switzerland is just right. In summer you can climb and hike in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and in winter calm ski slopes and tobogganing opportunities – simply pure variety! More and more families are deciding to spend their vacation together in their own home, because in addition to the quick arrival, the large range of leisure activities is particularly attractive. Take a day trip to Dresden, visit museums and marvel at the local architectural diversity or go on an eventful day in the Elbe leisure area Königstein. In Saxon Switzerland you can experience holidays for the whole family!

Having fun in nature

Explore the unique nature of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and marvel at one of the many special features of nature that this region has to offer. There are hiking trails and climbing opportunities for everyone – from beginners to professionals. No family member will forget family vacation in Saxon Switzerland so quickly. Take hikes to the Felsentor Kuhstall or hike in the direction of the Affensteine ​​rock formation. On your routes you will be able to enjoy incredibly beautiful views and one or two historical highlights, such as the Bastei Bridge or the Königstein Fortress discover. Saxon Switzerland is perfect for a vacation with children, but of course mom and dad can also learn a lot during this vacation. There is nothing better than having new experiences and creating memories together!

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Come on, let’s discover Saxon Switzerland!

Saxon Switzerland is an ideal destination for family holidays in both summer and winter. Let yourself be surprised by what Germany has to offer. Above all, the family’s sports and active fans can look forward to a varied portfolio in the region in every season – the possibilities are really impressive! In summer, of course, hiking and climbing are particularly important and the little ones are also well catered for, as climbing courses for children are offered in many places. Downhill and cross-country skiing are the focus in winter. There are also numerous child-friendly trails and pistes available here. You can also turn your offspring from beginner to professional in a short time – no problem with a children’s ski course! The best way to spend your time in Saxon Switzerland is in a child-friendly hotel or apartment. Decide for yourself what suits you better!

For small and large nature explorers

Hiking is a must in Saxon Switzerland, so you should, for example, choose the particularly worth seeing route towards the monkey stones. The monkey stones are rocky reefs that are located east of Bad Schandau and belong to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. From the hiking trail you already have an excellent view of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, but you can also head for the Carolafelsen, because this is one of the most famous viewpoints and gives a great view of the Affensteine. You can reach the Affensteine ​​from various starting points, so start your route either from the Kirnitzschtal or from the Schrammsteins, which are also a beautiful hiking and climbing area.

On family holidays in Saxon Switzerland, there are many hiking trails and stairs around the Schrammsteine ​​area – the rock formations made of sandstone are perfect for an excursion. The via ferrata Starke Stiege, for example, leads you through the middle of the Schrammsteine, even a rock wall lined with iron brackets awaits you here for an exciting climbing adventure. You will be rewarded with a wonderful view! Many of the hiking trails through the Schrammsteine ​​are forest paths or stair climbs and descents, which make your hike with the family a special challenge.

Stops you have to do!

Your hikes in Saxon Switzerland should include various highlights that will make your experience of nature and visiting the region unforgettable! For example, how about planning your route towards Table Mountain Lilienstein? In this case, your hike takes you to one of the most striking mountains in the Saxon Switzerland National Park! Of course, the most famous rock formation in Saxon Switzerland should not be missing on your holiday program, the Bastei. From here you can also enjoy the incomparable panorama of, for example, the Lilienstein or Königstein as well as the Bastei Bridge. The Bastei bridge is 76.5 m long and also ensures an unforgettable view. You can also reach the Neurathen rock castle via the bridge. You can get a good insight into the history of the castle on a guided tour! For a vacation with children, however, the Königstein Fortress is at the top of the list of excursion destinations in Saxon Switzerland. Learn exciting stories together about the fortress and everyday life at the castle. The visitor program includes an extensive range for families and their kids. A nice mix of adventure and education!

If you are a little too tired for a long hike one day, the Kirnitzschtalbahn offers the perfect change. The train runs from Bad Schandau through the Kirnitzschtal to the Lichtenhain waterfall – a wonderful little tour especially for tourists! You can also use each of the stations as a starting point for a hike, as you can find hiking trails to certain excursion destinations and viewpoints at all stations. For example, you can make a small circular tour from the Lichtenhainer Wasserfall station, which will also take you past the Felsentor Kuhstall. Let yourself be fascinated by a fantastic view of the forested valley in the cowshed! Young and old will be delighted by the mini-hike!

Take a break from nature

If you need a little break from hiking and climbing, you should definitely visit Dresden. Dresden is the state capital of Saxony and is known above all for its architecturally diverse old town. The architectural history of the city ensures that you can get many different cultural insights into different eras. You will find, for example, the Frauenkirche from the Baroque period in Dresden’s old town. The Dresden Palace offers Renaissance architecture. Other places worth seeing are the Zwinger, a large building complex with a garden, and the opera house, the famous Semperoper. Of course, the old town not only shines with its historical diversity, but also offers a wide range of shopping opportunities. The interactive Erich Kästner Museum is an exciting leisure activity for families who spend their holidays in Saxon Switzerland with their children. With the help of modern media technology, exhibits are examined more closely. If the kids want to get to know the animal world better, you will find an exciting biodiversity in the Dresden Zoo, from pony to elephant and giraffe to koala. Your kids will have a lot of fun and will learn a lot, whether in the museum or the zoo!

Culture and history await you not only in Dresden, a worthwhile excursion destination is also waiting for you in Pirna. In Pirna you can visit the GDR Museum. You and your kids can listen fascinated when you hear bizarre stories about life at that time. Your offspring will be amazed when they learn what a kindergarten or doctor’s room looked like in the GDR a few decades ago. A holiday with children in Saxon Switzerland promises a varied time in any case. Wait, maybe the children don’t want to go anywhere else during their vacation!

There is more to discover!

Another highlight for young and old is the Little Saxon Switzerland in Wehlen, a faithful miniature version of the Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland, modeled with sandstone. Here you can easily get an overview of the area, including all sights and excursion destinations. The highlight in the truest sense of the word is the viewpoint at around 800 meters. For more action, you should spend a day with your children in the Elbe Leisure Land Königstein. There is a large offer for families here that promises fun and entertainment. No matter whether you want to get an adrenaline rush on the exciting attractions, with try the kids on the Skyrail or go karting or just want to play a round of mini golf. Everyone will find something in the Elbe Leisure Land and you will have a great time together.

Winter dream in Saxon Switzerland

Even in winter, you shouldn’t remove Saxon Switzerland from your travel destination list. The region is ideal for a family vacation. Winter sports resorts can also be found here, although the slopes are not that long, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, ice skating, skiing and snowboarding are still possible. Families can spend a relaxing holiday here and do not have to expect the same number of visitors as in more well-known winter sports regions. Hikes are also still possible in winter, special winter hiking routes ensure that you can admire the dreamlike panorama covered in snow and that a white and mysterious fairytale landscape opens up to you! Due to the fact that Saxon Switzerland can offer a suitable holiday program in every season, family hotels can be found in the entire region around the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Your family vacation in your own country couldn’t be more exciting than in Saxon Switzerland!

Where is Saxon Switzerland located?

Saxon Switzerland is in the east of Germany, in the state of Saxony. The name Saxon Switzerland denotes the area of ​​the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in the German part. The Czech part of the mountains is called Bohemian Switzerland. Saxon Switzerland is divided into a front and rear area by the Elbe. You can travel by car or train according to your personal preferences. By car you are of course particularly flexible and can easily supplement your hiking days with a city trip to Dresden!

What is the weather like in Saxon Switzerland??

The Saxon Switzerland region can reach maximum temperatures between 22 degrees and 24 degrees from June to August. In general you can expect a milder climate here and in the winter months between December and February the temperatures can drop to low freezing temperatures. It usually doesn’t get colder than -4 degrees. However, you should be prepared for rain all year round, so a rain jacket is always one in your luggage good idea! Most rain falls in January, February, May and July.

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A day in Saxon Switzerland!

Do you see him yet? The flagship of the Saxon Switzerland National Park is the table mountain Lilienstein! If you haven’t discovered it yet, your day will definitely start with a family-friendly hike. Your route can run along the Bastei, the Schrammsteins and the Affenstein. In the direction of the monkey stones you should definitely be able to discover the lily stone. If you still explore the rock castle Neurathen and the Bastei bridge on your hikes, then you have already covered a variety of sights. If you want to take a little more time, start with a relaxed route and work your way forward over the next few days. You can make plans in the evening in your family hotel so that you can really get to know the Elbe Sandstone Mountains from every angle!


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