Family vacation in saxony-anhalt – traveling with children

Get up early for nature and culture in Saxony-Anhalt

Land of the early birds. Sounds daunting? But is ideal for families with children. Because they usually have to get up early. So get up early and discover beautiful Saxony-Anhalt! What to do in Saxony-Anhalt Culture. Nature. The Elbe lake landscapes. Gardens. Martin Luther is of course one of the celebrities. The Reformation began its journey into the world from Saxony-Anhalt. The Luther cities of Wittenberg and Eisleben are considered the cradle of the Reformation. Luther is said to have posted his famous 95 theses at the castle church in Lutherstadt in 1517. In Eisleben you can get up close to the monk in numerous Luther memorials come. But of course Saxony-Anhalt has a lot more to offer for travelers: the Elberadweg, for example. It winds its way along around 300 kilometers between Lutherstadt and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Bauhaus Dessau and the Garden Kingdom of Wörlitz. In the Middle Elbe UNESCO biosphere reserve, families with children can experience a lot of nature, animals and amazing bird life.

City Country Tour Tip: Wahrenberg is the richest village in Saxony-Anhalt.

3 things to do with your children in Saxony-Anhalt

1. Look at the Nebra Sky Disc in the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle. Around 3,600 years ago in the Bronze Age, this mysterious disc was buried and is the oldest representation of our cosmos. And the story of their discovery reads like a crime thriller: in 1999 smugglers found the disc and sold it illegally as stolen goods. After an odyssey, the bronze pane could only be secured by the police in a hotel in Basel in 2003. Therefore, you should definitely go to the Nebra Ark and see the history of the find. A huge sundial and a tower on the plateau of the site are worth the 3 km walk to the site of the "celestial eye". Tip: There is a puppet theater in the Arche Nebra, which provides information about the discovery of the sky disk.

2. Stroll through the medieval old town of Quedlinburg. Beautiful marketplaces, winding streets and half-timbered houses characterize the cityscape of Quedlinburg. Not just a pretty city, but also a historically significant one. In this tranquil town, Heinrich I laid the foundation stone for the unification of the duchies into a unified Germany. In the Collegiate Church of St. Servatius are the royal tomb of Heinrich I and the precious and really impressive cathedral treasure. By the way, a real treasure hunt was carried out for this treasure for years after valuable parts were stolen in 1942. Quedlinburg Castle is great from the inside, but the view from the Schlossberg to Quedlinburg and the surrounding area is also very impressive. Was to it for children is great? Hear stories of treasure hunts. Marvel at treasures. Let kings come to life. Incidentally, it also goes with the Naumburg, Halberstadt and Merseburg cathedral treasures.

3. Stroll through one of the many landscape gardens in Saxony-Anhalt. The best known and largest is certainly the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz. The 7 gardens combine useful with beautiful and were created in the 18th century to satisfy the romantic longing in the human soul. Canals, bridges and temples between old trees and lovingly landscaped gardens for one varied walk. Great for children is of course a gondola ride on one of the canals. Great for families with prams: A traffic light system provides information about the accessibility of the paths.


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