Family vacation in saxony – traveling with children

Family vacation in Saxony in the land of castles

The Free State of Saxony is certainly one of the most beautiful and versatile federal states in Germany. Magnificent castles and castles shape the cultural landscapes, such as Pillnitz Castle, the Albrechtsburg in Meißen and Moritzburg Castle. The latter was used as the backdrop for the beautiful fairy tale film “Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella”. During the holidays, many castles explicitly offer guided tours for children and families, such as Nossen Castle, Scharfenstein Castle and Augustusburg Castle.

Saxony is also rich in moated castles, castles and fortresses and magnificent baroque gardens and royal estates. Anyone who has walked in the Fürst-Pückler-Park Bad Muskau understands why UNESCO has made the partly Polish, partly German park on the Neisse a World Heritage Site. Tip: up the castle tower! From here you have a gigantic beautiful view of Pückler’s gardens.

Legendary nature experiences in Saxon Switzerland

The Saxon Switzerland National Park is a unique beautiful piece of nature: bizarre and bizarre sandstone formations and rocky reefs, rustic beech forests, clear torrents are here to explore, climb and hike with the family. The crazy rock formations offer plenty of space for imaginative stories. How, according to a legend, the rock needle Babarine should be an enchanted virgin. And the legend of Schandau spring mermaids comes to life. Or the devil visited Uttewalder Grund. The best thing is to get yourself a beautiful saga book of Saxon Switzerland and dive into the fairytale stories. The National Park Center Saxon Switzerland is located in Bad Schandau, which is a good starting point for exploring the region with the family. In the National Park Center you not only get a lot of groundbreaking information, but it is also a visitor center with an interactive adventure exhibition that especially children are enthusiastic about the animals and nature in the National Park.

Bicycle tours through Saxony and water landscapes

If you want to explore beautiful Saxony, you can do it very well by bike: Elberadweg, Oder-Neiße-Radweg and Spreeradweg are some of the most popular and beautiful bike trails in Germany. And also for water rats there are plenty of lakes and rivers for swimming, splashing and water sports. For example the Lusatian Lakeland with the Silbersee and the Knappensee, which from former lignite areas into an attractive water landscape& was converted. Or in the Vogtland the Pöhl dam, where you can watch surfing and sailing or surfers and sailors.

StadtLandTour Tip: Family-friendly hotels and pensions in Saxony can be recognized by the colorful plaque with the 4 males and the title "Family vacation in Saxony". This often means discounts for children, opportunities to play, child-friendly staff and child-safe facilities.


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