Family vacation in spain – postcards from the south

Family vacation in Spain - postcards from the south

Family vacation in Spain – postcards from the south

We recently contacted some of our customers to find out a little more about what they particularly enjoyed about their last family vacation. We were able to read some very nice travel descriptions and it warmed our hearts to read so many reports in which people simply flew towards the sun to have a really good time.

So we thought we would introduce you to some of the nicest of them, if you are thinking about your next summer vacation and need some inspiration .

Brennan family in Lanzarote

We had so much fun, wonderful memories that we will always have. The trip on the catamaran was the absolute highlight. Free drinks, a fantastic hot dinner and then a ride on the jet ski and snorkeling. And all-inclusive! It was really the best day we have ever had.

But the Aqualand water park also enjoyed and enjoyed and every evening we could choose from a variety of restaurants. The kids loved these hot crepes that were offered by street vendors. Shopping is also an experience here, our trip to the Teguise market was particularly beautiful. Really good offers and a great atmosphere! People are just friendly and our whole family really fell in love with this place.

The trip on the catamaran was really the absolute highlight. Food, drinks, jet skis and snorkeling – all at a great package price! The pirates who took us were just fun and entertaining.

Tricia, Liam and children

The Jackson family in Alcudia, Mallorca

Alcudia is a really nice family destination. Renting the car was a very good idea. We were able to escape the noise and bustle of the resort from time to time and find a quiet place on the beautiful coast. Alcudia is quick and easy to reach. The flight doesn’t take long and the place really has everything you could want. A really nice family vacation!

I would recommend everyone to take a little break and see the old town of Alcudia. There are beautiful markets here, you can learn a lot about the history of the island and in between there are always nice opportunities to settle down with a coffee. Well, and then there’s the beach: shallow water with golden sand, an absolutely safe environment, even for children. At the port you can still look at the ships!

Steve Jackson and family

The Stokes family in Valencia

Valencia is ideal for families: our four children are 7 to
16 years old, so we had to plan a program for both children and teenagers and Valencia really had something to offer for each of them. The weather is just fantastic and besides the city you can also enjoy the beach, so to speak kill two birds with one stone. We rented a car and explored the beaches that are really nice near the city. We also looked at the nature parks. We tried the best paella I’ve ever had in a restaurant in Levante. I had never tried rabbits before, but it was really delicious!

My advice for families who want to go on holiday in Valencia: definitely plan at least half a day to visit the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, a really impressive destination. And what I would give you on the way, even though it’s not about Valencia, is that you should make a seat reservation in time if you want to sit together as a family, because it is really quite difficult to get the people on the plane to to swap places.

Although our 16-year-old didn’t think it was bad that he couldn’t sit with us: His little sister was, however, much less enthusiastic.

Michael Stokes and family

Friday family in Asturias

We stayed in a small town at the foot of the Picos de Europa, so we could enjoy the beach and the mountains at the same time. There is so much to see and Asturias is ideal for those who like to stay active on vacation. Walking, cycling, swimming. and a canoe trip on the Sella River, an amazing experience. So if you need exercise, Asturias is for you.

The food is fantastic too and there are lots of nice restaurants. You can also have a picnic on the beach without any problems. There is really something for everyone to see and Asturias is an absolutely family-friendly travel destination.

Hm, what would I recommend to someone who wants to fly there? A bike ride along the Ruta del Oso (so if you can ride a bike you can do it) and a canoe trip on the Sella River. Two experiences that you will remember for a long time.

Eileen and everyone

Maria Sala and family, Girona

Girona is ideal for families: the beach and mountains are just around the corner and there is a lot to see and do in the city for both children and adults.

A stroll through the old town with an ice cream in hand, which was prepared by the chefs in the best restaurant in the world, is particularly beautiful. Rent a bike and ride along the former railway line or visit the famous fun pools, which are just 30 minutes away in Lloret de Mar..

Visits to museums, ancient buildings or just a relaxing day on the beach are also among the many things that can be done here. Girona is also very close to the mountains. We will be back for sure, we really enjoyed our stay here!

Maria and family


Our family was on vacation in Maspalomas. A really wonderful vacation spot! Maspalomas has 400 hectares of dramatic sand dunes that have been declared a nature park. The dunes are a natural habitat for many rare plants that manage to survive in the dry landscape. You can cross the dunes on foot.

The beach at Maspalomas is ideal for families with children and offers many amenities, such as water sports, showers, beach bars, restaurants and small boutiques.

Aqualand Maspalomas is the largest water park on the island and a great day out for the whole family. We also visited Palomitos Park, a bird park.

Gran Canaria is really a nice holiday destination and has a lot more to offer than “just” sun, beach and sea. A visit to Gran Canaria is an absolute must for every family.

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