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Sweden at a glance

Characterized by scenic beauty

In hardly any other place in the world, your family vacation will be shaped by the scenic beauty as in Sweden. Look forward to long summer nights, ideal conditions for skiing and the adventures of popular children’s book characters!

Here, where Karlson from the roof and Pippi Longstocking became children’s book heroes, you can experience numerous holiday adventures with your children. The beautiful landscape beckons for hikes or excursions by bike. Also the beach vacation is not neglected, because the beaches of the country promise relaxing hours.

In Sweden everyone will find the right thing: be it the long coast that borders the Baltic Sea and comes very close to Germany, the hilly landscapes with the lush green meadows and the colorful wildflowers or the rugged mountain tops – the variety of landscapes is huge!

So, of course, it makes sense that you do it with a Family vacation in Sweden should not miss to visit one of the numerous national parks in which the local flora and fauna are protected. It is not only here that you will be amazed by the lakes and rivers that shape the Swedish landscape in a multitude.

Families are very welcome!

The little family members in particular will have a lot of fun on holiday in Sweden: numerous zoos as well as leisure and theme parks have opened their doors to families. But the little ones are not only welcome here, because the country is considered to be very family-friendly and you can be sure that many special offers for children are guaranteed in restaurants and museums. There are also numerous family hotels and pretty holiday homes in Sweden.

If you don’t want to do without sightseeing, you can immerse yourself in the lively life in cities like Stockholm or Gothenburg. Especially the different styles of architecture, which you can admire in churches and castles, should not be missed – from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance to Art Nouveau everything represent.

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Further discoveries in Sweden

Excursion destination Astrid Lindgrens Värld

Come on, let’s discover Sweden!

Scandinavia or Sweden in general is not a place for a classic club holiday – you won’t miss anything here! The country is so diverse that your vacation days will be filled with countless adventures, of which the children can then proudly tell their friends.

Explore the last wilderness in Europe

Embark on a trip to the former Scandinavia: The open-air museum Skansen can be found in the Swedish capital Stockholm, in which around 150 historical buildings were built in their original state. In addition to farms, old handicraft businesses and a historic manor house, you and the children can also expect a zoo with lynxes, wolves and reindeer.

If you want to take a closer look at the nature of Sweden afterwards, you should take a trip to Sarek National Park in the province of Swedish Lapland, which is more than that "last wilderness in Europe" is designated and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here raging wild rivers arise from crystal clear glacial lakes and the mountain peaks are covered by mighty glaciers. The park is also home to wolves, elks, lynxes and bears.

In the south of Sweden there is another family attraction, Liseberg Park near Gothenburg. The amusement park is not only very popular with holidaymakers, but also with the locals and has amusement rides for small children such as the Circus Express and Fishing Boats, but also fast and high roller coasters for adults such as the Kononnen-Bahn.

In the footsteps of Bullerbü you can walk in the Astrid Lindgren World in Vimmerby, in which the characters of the children’s book author play the leading role. Pippi, Ronja the Robber’s Daughter and Co. are embodied by actors so that visitors can also immerse themselves in the stories. Look forward to an adventurous journey to the original locations from the books – who doesn’t dream of entering Villa Kunterbunt??!

It gets royal at Drottingholm Castle on Lovöm Island in Lake Mälaren: this is where the royal family resides. Because of the extensive parks, the 17th century castle, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also nicknamed "Versailles of Sweden". While the royal family in the south wing goes about their everyday life, the other areas can be admired by visitors.

Winter and beach vacationers will also feel right at home!

A trip to Visby, a former Hanseatic city on the island of Gotland, is also particularly worthwhile. The highlight is undoubtedly the approximately 3.6 km long city wall from the 12th century with the 38 defense towers. The oldest building in the medieval town center is the Powder Tower, which was built in 1151. Construction of the Visby Cathedral began in the 12th century and is still worth more than a glimpse of today – take your children on a journey into the Middle Ages!

If you want to get active in your family vacation, you should travel to the north and center of Sweden. In Idre Fjäll, for example, which is one of the most famous ski areas for families, you can ski on the boards in all directions thanks to the sophisticated slope system. In addition, you can choose from a huge range of restaurants where you can fortify yourself. Young skiers in particular get their money’s worth here, as there are children’s and teen discos, fairy tale lessons and handicrafts and painting campaigns.

Smaland is ideal for an active outdoor holiday or a relaxing holiday on the beach. In this region lies the Ruskensee, around which a long bike and hiking trail leads. The route runs through shady forests with completely intact nature, in between the viewpoints invite you to take a break and enjoy a fabulous view of the country. And when you’ve had enough of cycling, you just walk a few meters down to the beach. The water here is clear and clean and the sand is very fine. In the middle of this natural paradise, it is up to you whether you just want to laze, go swimming or take a walk along the beach – you have numerous options on your family holiday in Scandinavia!

Where is Sweden?

A total of 53 percent of forest is compared to eight percent of built-up land – in Sweden you can expect a wonderful mix of the loneliness of the untouched wilderness and the hustle and bustle in cosmopolitan cities. Located in Northern Europe, Sweden is part of Scandinavia and borders on Norway and Finland. Choosing the right place for a family vacation is certainly not easy for you – after all, the country has 221,800 islands!

You can reach your holiday destination with lightning speed by plane. Those who prefer to go by car can use the Öresund Bridge, which connects Denmark with Sweden.

What’s the weather like in Sweden?

Up to 18 hours of daylight – thanks to the location in the northern latitudes, you can look forward to sunny times in the Swedish capital Stockholm in July. North of the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun even provides permanent brightness in the summer months. The Swedish Baltic Sea islands are among the sunniest places in the country.

Weatherproof clothing should not be missing in your luggage even in the summer months: in large parts of Sweden you can expect a humid climate with plenty of precipitation, the temperature differences between summer and winter are – probably different than expected – rather small. In January it gets an average of -2 to 0 degrees in the south and -14 to -12 degrees in the north. A polar climate only occurs in the northern high mountains – but here you probably don’t plan a beach vacation anyway! In July, the thermometer climbed to an average of 16 to 18 degrees in the south and 12 to 14 degrees in the north.

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A day in Sweden!

One day will hardly be enough to experience the diversity of Sweden for yourself. Nature lovers can "last wilderness in Europe" discover in the Sarek National Park. Who prefers the traces from children’s book heroes like Pippi Longstocking to whom the Astrid Lindgren world is recommended. If you are spending your family vacation in Stockholm, you can spend an eventful day at the Skansen open-air museum and learn about the history of the country here. These three destinations alone can fill three exciting vacation days in Sweden – and there is so much more to discover!


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