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With the family to Sweden

Millions of families start their well-deserved vacation every year. Some families have fixed holiday destinations every year, other families are open to new ones every year. If you have never been to Sweden with your family, you should know that Sweden is very much child-friendly and is particularly interesting for families as there are many family-oriented attractions. We show you why Sweden is a great holiday destination for families and which attractions are a must.


When you think of vacation and overnight stays, you probably think of hotels first. Hotels are rather uncommon as a vacation residence in Sweden, unless you want to spend your vacation in Sweden in the middle of a city, which is also rather uncommon. You spend the typical holiday in Sweden in one holiday home, which has several advantages. A vacation home vacation is usually cheaper than a hotel, because the rental prices for vacation homes are not calculated based on the number of people, but apply to the whole property. Furthermore, you are absolutely in a holiday home independently, because you can divide your time completely freely. Meals can also be freely chosen and prepared by the children themselves, especially children like to be choosy about meals. So discussions in the hotel restaurant are not an issue. There are generally few hotels in Sweden, or most hotels are located in or near major cities. There are hardly any hotels in Swedish nature, especially on lakes, but all the more holiday homes.

You will find many with us family friendly holiday homes in different regions. Here is an overview of our holiday homes – holiday homes in Sweden

The arrival

Since Sweden is not too far from Deutschlnad, the journey is less complicated and, depending on the region in Sweden, does not take as long. We generally recommend an arrival with the Car, because this allows you to organize the breaks on the way yourself and you are mobile and independent in the holiday destination. Especially when you are with toddlers going on vacation, the free time of arrival is an advantage. Good to know: Almost all rest areas in Sweden are equipped with changing stations, both on the women’s toilets and on the men’s toilets!

There are several ways to travel to Sweden. Here you will find the different options with detailed information:

The country and its nature

The landscape alone is a sufficient reason for a holiday in Sweden. There are many hiking trails and an infinite number of lakes and beaches with excellent and child-friendly swimming spots. Sweden is a popular holiday destination not only in summer, but also in winter. In Central and Northern Sweden in particular there are numerous ski and toboggan runs. You can also find ski and toboggan runs in southern Sweden. Since southern Sweden has no large mountains and the slopes are rather small, they are Ski and toboggan runs especially suitable for children.

Sweden has well over 50,000 lakes and thousands of kilometers of coastline – the choice of bathing spots is endless. Most bathing spots are child-friendly and have large bathing jetties, diving towers and playgrounds.

Since there are so many lakes, of course, too fishing a big topic and the whole family can be involved. While the children are looking for worms in the ground, the parents prepare the fishing equipment. When the first fish fidget on the fishing rod, the joy is great. The caught fish can then be freshly prepared and makes a great dinner for the family!

A little over half of the country is made up of forests. Different ones are growing in many places mushrooms and Berry! Thanks to everyone’s rights, the forests are freely accessible and everything can be picked and collected.

You can find out more about nature in Sweden here – Nature in Sweden

Attractions and sights

As mentioned at the beginning, Sweden offers numerous attractions for families. Here we give you the highlights that we can particularly recommend. An overview of the excursion destinations in southern Sweden can be found here – excursion destinations

Astrid Lindgren

When you think of Sweden, you inevitably come up with Astrid Lindgren. The Swedish author has written numerous children’s stories that are world famous. Pipi Longstocking, We children from Bullberbü, Karlsson vom Dach and Michel from Lönnerberga are just a few stories that were penned by Astrid Lindgren. The writer is close to the Swedish town Vimmerby Born and grown up. It is located in Vimmerby "Astrid Lindgren’s World" (Swedish: Astrid Lindgrens Värld), a theme park on the stories of the children’s book author. Various pieces on different stories are performed on seven stages. A Kunterbunt villa was also rebuilt. Every year over half a million people visit this park, almost a third of the visitors come from Germany! The park is not only a great experience for children, but also for adults, the the Knowing stories from their own childhood.

Around Vimmerby there are other attractions and smaller parks about the stories of Astrid Lindgren. In Katthult, About 25 kilometers to the west are the locations for the films by Michel from Lönneberga. Speaking of Michel from Lönneberga – did you know that the story actually "Emil from Lönneberga" is called? Emil the mouse detective was very well known in Germany at the same time. To avoid confusion, Emil from Lönneberga was renamed Michel from Lönneberga.


Sweden is the country of the moose. There are hundreds of thousands of elk in Sweden, but you are rarely lucky enough to see an elk in the wild. There are many moose parks all over Sweden for that Kings of the woods to be very close. The moose in the parks are very tame and used to people, so a visit to a moose park is also absolutely suitable for children.

On our overview page you will find all moose parks in southern Sweden – moose parks in Sweden

water parks

If you are real water rats and the bathing spots are not enough for you Action offer, you should visit one of the many water parks. The Tosselilla amusement park and the Djuroch och Nöjespark on Öland are particularly noteworthy.


Of course there are also many museums in Sweden. Some of them are also highly recommended for children. The Kreativum in Karlshamn (southern Sweden / Blekinge region) is a specially designed for children "Science center". Children can experiment and participate there themselves! Only a few kilometers east is Karlskrona with its Marine Museum.

natural park

You have probably already read out that Sweden offers beautiful nature. It is therefore only natural that there are some beautiful nature parks. Highly recommended is this Isaberg Mountain Resort. This is a huge nature and adventure park, in which numerous activities are offered. Adventure golf, climbing park, mountain biking and much more is possible there. The park is also open in winter and offers just as many winter activities. On Children’s paradise!

Individual advice

We at Schwedenliebe will be happy to advise you and your family when looking for a suitable and child-friendly holiday home. In our constantly growing range there are already great holiday homes that are suitable for families with children. Write us an email, use the contact form or simply give us a call – we are there for you every day and look forward to you!


Are you planning a family holiday in Sweden? Discover the vastness of the landscape, the hospitality of the people, as well as the great activities in the wonderful nature. At Schwedenliebe we offer you a large selection of great holiday homes as a home base for your holiday in Sweden.


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