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Family vacation in Italy with children

Italy is almost predestined for a vacation with the whole family. Whether on Lake Garda, on the Adriatic, in Tuscany or even in Sicily, Italy offers ideal conditions for young and old. Adventure while camping, club vacation or comfortably moving into an apartment, a family vacation in Italy is always a highlight.

Popular accommodations for families

Small but nice: live in your own 4 walls and enjoy the community in a holiday park!

Prepare your own meals & enjoy the family atmosphere!

You won’t get bored here: massages for the parents and scavenger hunt for the little ones!

Eat when you like it: drinks, food and much more are already included in the price!

Let the kids fool around outside and enjoy a house for themselves!

Originally & Authentic: experience Italy from a completely new side!

Italy weather data

Air Overview temperature
Maximum values:
Jan 3 ° C 11 ° C
February 4 ° C 13 ° C
Mar 6 ° C 15 ° C
April 9 ° C 18 ° C
may 13 ° C 23 ° C
June 17 ° C 28 ° C
July 19 ° C 30 ° C
August 20 ° C 31 ° C
September 16 ° C 26 ° C
Oct 13 ° C 22 ° C
November 9 ° C 17 ° C
dec 5 ° C 13 ° C

Family vacation in Italy: V >

    1. islands, popular travel destinations are everywhere. Here is a small selection:

      • Lake Garda: The top destination in northern Italy is without a doubt Lake Garda for families. The proximity to the water and the mountains enable a varied family vacation. A beach holiday is just as popular as hikes to Monte Baldo or the Paper Mill Valley. There is also excitement and action at Adige Rafting, in Reptiland and in the Family Adventure Park.
      • Tuscany: This region in northwestern Italy attracts with numerous sights that delight young and old. In Chianti you can admire numerous former castles and fortresses on the Castle Road, which have now been converted into villas and wineries. The hilly landscape is perfect for hiking and cycling. In addition, many child-friendly beaches invite you to swim. A tip is the island of Elba, where many protected family beaches are waiting in picturesque bays.
      • Adriatic Sea: From Venice to Brindisi you can drive along the coast almost continuously and discover numerous fantastic beaches that invite you to swim, build castles and do water sports. The most popular region is around Rimini and Senigallia, but also the Gargano peninsula and the beaches of Puglia are among the most beautiful in the country.
      • Sicily: The 300 km coast between Syracuse and Selinunte is ideal for swimming. A visit to the Lunapark is certainly fun. The ultimate adventure is certainly a visit to Etna, which can rumble and smoke a bit.

      Family vacation in Italy: city trip with children

      Sightseeing can also inspire children on a family trip to Italy if you choose the right sights. To make your selection a little easier, we present the most beautiful sights that will amaze you and your children.

      • In the first place, of course, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a real highlight. Everyone knows the symbol of the city of the same name. During construction, the 55 meter tower suddenly leaned to the side and the construction had to be adapted to the situation. Nevertheless, the tower still stands today. Our tip: Funny souvenir photos can be taken from the right perspective.
      • The second option is the Colosseum in Rome. Where gladiator fights used to take place, today you can get an authentic insight into the ancient world. It is not just any amphitheater, but the largest that has ever been built. Back then, the Colosseum had room for 50,000 spectators, and the Colosseum is still an absolute must-see in Rome today. This is how you bring your children’s history closer to Rome in an exciting way.
      • The Castel Nuovo is a bit more modern yet medieval. The castle was built in the 13th century and was the residence of numerous kings. Located directly on the coast of Naples, the Gothic building gives an impressive picture and inspires visitors of all ages.

      Action in Italy’s amusement parks

      In addition to fantastic beaches and exciting sights, the many amusement parks are of course a real hit. At Leolandia near Bergamo, you and your children can look forward to 40 rides and other attractions. The theme park Fiabilandia in Rimini has four different areas: the Middle Ages, the Orient, Peter Pan and the Wild West. The top attraction here is the giant slide. Gardaland is located directly on Lake Garda – there are thrills on various roller coasters. Last but not least, we recommend the Mirabilandia nature park near Cervia. In addition to a theme park and a water park, Mirabilandia even includes a small nature reserve where you and your family can admire various animals and plants.


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