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Family vacation in the Netherlands

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The Netherlands at a glance

Sea and beach in the neighboring country

When looking for a nearby destination, don’t forget the Netherlands. After all, not only the lively capital Amsterdam is waiting for you in the Netherlands, you also have to go on a beach holiday in the neighboring country! In addition, the Netherlands can offer you many beautiful cycling and hiking routes in addition to really beautiful beaches. You will also be enchanted by many beautiful and historical places. So your vacation in Holland, as the Netherlands is often called, offers the right thing for every type of vacation and especially with children there are always enough leisure activities that provide variety and fun! Combine sightseeing in Holland with a wonderfully relaxing family holiday by the sea! Sunbathing, walking on the beach and water sports are also top activities in the Netherlands!

Colorful leisure program

The Netherlands are known worldwide for their colorful tulip fields and cheese – but far from all clichés, Holland is above all a modern, open-minded country with a high standard of living. Explore, for example, one of the many lively cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague. A cultural program, which is expressed in a variety of exciting museums, rounds off the diversity of the country and you can also rely on modern architecture in the Netherlands. Many exciting highlights await the children on holiday in the Netherlands, such as museums suitable for children, zoos, outdoor fun and one or the other amusement park. Knowledge and fun go together in Holland and no family member will be bored here!

Selected family hotels in the Netherlands

North Holland, Netherlands Landal Beach Resort Ooghduyne

Unlimited family fun on the beautiful North Sea!

Drenthe, Netherlands Hof van Saksen

Idyllic family vacation at the lake

North Holland, Netherlands Hotel NH Zandvoort

Beach vacation with the kids in the Netherlands

Flevoland, The Netherlands Walibi Village

Action, adventure, adrenaline at Walibi Village!

North Brabant, Netherlands Efteling Hotel

Adrenaline and relaxation for the whole family in one!

Flevoland, The Netherlands Landal Waterparc Veluwemeer

Relaxing family vacation on the Veluwemeer

Overijssel, Netherlands Holiday park Slagharen

Adventurous holidays in Slagharen in the Netherlands

Limburg, The Netherlands Landal De Lommerbergen

Great family destination in the Netherlands!

Travel topics Netherlands

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Netherlands Vacation rentals in the Netherlands

Vacation rentals for your vacation in the Netherlands

South Holland, Netherlands Camping Koningshof

Our neighboring country has always attracted families from all over the world who .

North Holland, Netherlands Houseboat vacation Holland

Explore the pristine nature of Holland – from .

Zeeland, Netherlands Camping Duinrell

The south of the Netherlands is waiting for YOU! Your family can .

North Brabant, Netherlands Camping Beekse Bergen

Who traditional family vacation in our warm neighboring country .

Zeeland, Netherlands Center Parcs Park Zandvoort

Welcome to the Zandvoort swimming paradise! In the beautiful holiday complex .

Drenthe, Netherlands Center Parcs De Huttenheugte

The great family adventure begins at Center Parcs De Huttenheugte! .

Limburg, Netherlands Center Parcs Limburgse Peel

Far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, you will find in the .

North Brabant, Netherlands Center Parcs De Kempervennen

Ready, ready, vacation! Start your family vacation .

South Holland, Netherlands Center Parcs Port Zélande

They are really ready for a vacation and long for a relaxing one .

Limburg, Netherlands Center Parcs Het Meerdal

Let’s go to the Netherlands at Center Parcs Het Meerdal! Not .

Drenthe, Netherlands Center Parcs Parc Sandur

Lakes, canals, pools – water is very clearly in Emmen .

Limburg, Netherlands Center Parcs Het Heijderbos

It has always been your dream to go on a jungle expedition .

Flevoland, Netherlands Center Parcs De Eemhof

You don’t have to go to the Mediterranean to go to a Mediterranean .

Other destinations in the Netherlands

Family vacation in Amsterdam

Family vacation in Zuid-Holland

Family vacation in Zeeland

Come on, let’s discover the Netherlands!

In Holland you can spend a child-friendly holiday because the country shines with its diversity! No matter whether you want to explore one of the many idyllic towns and the capital Amsterdam or spend a family holiday by the sea, you will always find the right activity for the day here! Spend a short vacation in Holland with the family or treat yourself to a break in one of the many holiday parks the country has to offer. If you want it to be even more cozy and homely, you can rent a holiday home in almost every region in the Netherlands and spend an all-round wonderful family holiday that runs according to your own schedule.

Many beautiful coasts

Friesland is one of the most popular coastlines and one of the most popular destinations for a family holiday by the sea in Holland. Depending on the weather, you can spend your days bathing here on the extensive beach or you can go on a mudflat hike with your family and show your children the natural phenomenon of ebb and flow during the holidays. In front of the coast are Texel, Ameland, Vileland or Schiermonnikoog, various West Frisian islands, which also have wonderful beaches, most of which are also ideal for small bathers. For children there is a particularly exciting destination in Franeker, where you can find the Eise Eisinga Planetarium, the oldest functioning planetarium in the world. Here the kids can admire the current position of the planets and have the world of the solar system explained – little scientists will be more than thrilled!

The province of Noord-Holland is also characterized by the sea and the tides, which extends largely over a peninsula that surrounds the IJsselmeer. Here too there are many beautiful coastal sections and coastal towns as well as unique dune landscapes that are particularly suitable for a short vacation with the family. In this wonderful landscape you can relax together and enjoy your free time! Places like Zandvoort also make the province a great holiday destination: just spend a nice family weekend in Holland! Another province by the sea is Zeeland, the western region is also suitable for spending family holidays by the sea. One of the most idyllic places in this province is Domburg and also shines with historical facades.

Coasts to stay

One of the most beautiful, longest and widest beaches can be found on holiday with the children on the Dutch island of Texel, which is one of the West Frisian Islands. This beach is particularly suitable for a child-friendly holiday in Holland, as many of the beach sections are kept in mind by a lifeguard, so you can always keep an eye on your kids. Carefree splashing is possible for the kids.

Another very popular family travel destination is Zandvoort. The Dutch seaside resort is characterized not only by its proximity to the beach and the sea, but also by the offer around the beach. You can not only sunbathe here, because there are many small cafes that are suitable for a refreshing drink, a snack or a coffee break. Not far from Zandvoort is the Katwijk aan Zee beach, which is also ideal for families. Take long walks on the beach and enjoy a beautiful sunset in the evening. For a family weekend in Holland, which is characterized by a wide range of water sports, the beach of Bergen aan Zee is particularly suitable. Endless water fun is here! You will also find a whole range of holiday homes on almost every beach, hidden behind the dune landscape, which will enable you to have a comfortable stay in the Netherlands.

Explore Amsterdam

If you want to experience something away from the sea in between, you should go on a voyage of discovery in the Dutch cities: above all, of course, Amsterdam, capital and cultural center of the country. A visit to the Anne Frank House is historically valuable. Culture and art await you in the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. For a child-friendly holiday in Holland you can experience a lot with the kids in and around Amsterdam. In good weather you can get active with the little ones in the fun forest, climbing through tree tops, and in bad weather you can take a trip to the indoor playground Monkey Town – fun for the kids is always guaranteed here! You can explore the city itself on a leisurely stroll, because while strolling you will always discover an interesting corner. In addition to Amsterdam, the smaller cities are also ideal for walks and discovery tours with the younger generation and give the impression of the typical Dutch architecture and the life between dikes, canals and the North Sea.

Beautiful cityscapes

If Amsterdam is too big and too stressful for you to have a holiday with a child, you should consider a trip to Haarlem. The small town is not far from Amsterdam in the north-west of the Netherlands and can be described as small Amsterdam. If you are planning a short break with the family in Holland, you should definitely consider Haarlem. The city is also characterized by beautiful architecture and many great canals. Groningen, on the other hand, not only shines with its remarkable inner city, but also offers a culinary experience especially for children with the pancake ship. Larger cities that are also worth visiting are Rotterdam and The Hague. The same Dutch idyll awaits you in all cities and towns. In Rotterdam, for example, the old architectural style mixes with a new and modern one, which you will notice especially at the Erasmus Bridge, which, in contrast to the town hall, reflects the modern age. In The Hague, next to a really beautiful city, an exciting theme park awaits your family. The Madurodam is a theme park that presents a miniature country of the Netherlands. But fun and knowledge are not neglected here either, so that at the end of the day the kids return to their holiday home exhausted from romping around and exhausted. A holiday with the child in the Netherlands is always a great change from everyday life!

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