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Family vacation on the North Sea

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The North Sea at a glance

Welcome to Northern Germany!

Exciting mudflats, collecting shells and building huge sand castles – does that sound like a vacation to you? Then you are spot on on the German North Sea coast! From boat tours to trips to the seal banks, there is so much to experience – it doesn’t matter whether you spend your vacation on the North Sea with a toddler or young children, everyone will get their money’s worth here!

A good alternative

Let the North Sea wind blow your nose! If you want to save yourself the hassle of a long car ride or the cost of a flight to the south, the North Sea has the ideal conditions for a wonderful holiday. However, the region should not be seen as an alternative destination, because it offers you as much as in other holiday regions. In addition to family-friendly beaches, there are also pretty towns and numerous adventures that are just waiting to be experienced by you.

Small holidaymakers in particular will enjoy spending time on the German North Sea coast. You can romp around on the beach with your siblings, make yourself cozy in your holiday home or family hotel or discover one of the many indoor playgrounds. The best: In many cases, the family’s favorite four-legged friend can even go with them – a holiday with a dog is also no problem on the North Sea!

The thing about the weather

Of course, you cannot expect tropical Caribbean weather or high temperatures every year, such as in the Canary Islands, on the North Sea. But especially in summer it can be endured well: With pleasant temperatures you can also spend wonderful summer holidays in the far north of Germany – so don’t forget the sunscreen! The North Frisian Islands with Sylt, the beautiful Wangerland and the East Frisian Islands are waiting for you and your loved ones!

Selected family hotels on the North Sea

North Sea, Germany DORFHOTEL Sylt

Discover the diversity of the island of Sylt!

North Sea, Germany Seepark Burhave

Seepark Burhave: Holiday homes on the North Sea

North Sea, Germany Hotel Leuchtfeuer

Building sand castles on the beach at Horumersiel!

North Sea, Germany Familotel Frieslandstern

Holidays for horse lovers in beautiful Friesland

Travel topics North Sea

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North Sea, Germany Center Parcs Park North Sea Coast

Let the wind blow your nose and plunge in .

Germany Vacation rentals in Germany

Vacation rentals for your vacation in Germany

Vacation rentals directly on the beach

Great vacation rentals right on the beach

Vacation rentals for vacation with dog

Family vacation with dog in a holiday home

Other destinations on the North Sea

Family vacation North Frisian Islands

Family vacation East Frisian Islands

Come on, let’s discover the North Sea!

"On the North Sea coast, on the Low German beach …" Are you already in a holiday mood? Whether a short vacation or a relaxing week in a holiday home or apartment on the North Sea – you can really switch off here. And if you want to experience one or two holiday adventures in between, there are a few options.

Decelerate everyday life

If you spend your vacation with the children on the North Sea, one should be at the top of the list: East Frisia and the Wadden Sea. Northern Germany shows its most tranquil side here, you can leave stress and hectic behind. The only elevations that you can see when looking over the flat landscape are the lighthouses, like the one in Pilsum or the windmills, the oldest of which you can see in Wittmund.

Discover the islands

The islands of Borkum, Norderney or Wangerooge belong to the East Frisian Islands and are located off the coast of the East Frisian Peninsula. They run like a chain through the sea and invite you to take long walks and bike tours. The island of Langeoog is particularly suitable for children: the wonderful beaches invite you to build sand castles and the modern water park ensures water fun even in bad weather.

On the mainland, the North Sea coast is particularly diverse: natural beaches in the country, pulsating hustle and bustle in the cities. The little ones in particular will be amazed when they see the huge ships moored in Cuxhaven or Bremerhaven. A subsequent detour to the emigration center explains to children and adults that 100 years ago this was the most important departure point for emigrants to America.

Watts for fun!

The Schleswig-Holstein west coast with its offshore North Frisian Islands, Halligen and sandbars is also ideal for a family holiday. The sandbars are among the last hideaways in northern German nature, the structure of which has never been changed or built upon by humans. For example, if you want to visit Japsand, you can walk through the mudflats from Hooge – children learn here which forces influence the tides and are often amazed when they see the sea making its way back when they return.

Sylt is the largest island in the area and one of the popular destinations for first-class holidays. Known as the stronghold of the rich and beautiful, Sylt offers much more than expensive hotels and restaurants for the top ten thousand. The Fun Beach Westerland Strand with its colorful entertainment program was designed so that families get their money’s worth here.

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