Family vacation on lake maggiore

Anyone wishing to travel to Lake Maggiore with their family will encounter an extremely child-friendly region. Numerous Lago Maggiore hotels in the immediate vicinity of the lake offer special offers for families with small children, which include mini-clubs, equipment suitable for toddlers and special dishes. In addition, Italy in particular is proving to be an extremely child-friendly country, as the youngest holidaymakers on beaches or in restaurants are welcome guests.

Play opportunities wherever you look

Children can let their creativity run wild on Lake Maggiore. Finally, there are free play facilities such as beach volleyball courts, soccer fields or playgrounds in Oggebbio, Cannero Riviera and many other places. All travel participants benefit from such a wide range of offers. While the children are bathing, climbing or building sand castles, parents can lean back and be pampered by the sun’s rays.

The linchpin of the playground in Cannero Riviera is a river and stream pool, which offers perfect adventure play opportunities. These pools are made for bathing, splashing or even diving. A completely different side is expected the small Researchers with the local fauna. Fire salamanders, goats, grasshoppers, fireflies or slow worms – all these animals have found a home near the adventure playground.

Beach pools where the youngsters can splash around safely

In addition to these and many other playgrounds, countless bathing opportunities in and around Lake Maggiore are just waiting to be conquered by families and children. The beach resorts in Locarno and Ascona score with their particularly family-friendly side. Extensive beaches and delimited seaside resorts with shallow depths, water slides and other play equipment promise pure variety. In addition, this holiday region promises a huge range of excursion and excursion options that are suitable for young and old. A special adventure is a boat trip to Isola Bella – an island whose large park and castle leave enough room to run around and explore.

Another park with high entertainment value is at home below Stresa. The extensive park of Villa Pallavicino extends over an area of ​​16,000 square meters, the lush fauna and flora of which is unique in the region. This park is a successful mixture of zoological and botanical gardens, in which numerous native animals live and plants thrive under the Italian sun.

On the trail of brave knights and elegant damsels

A trip to the past awaits families on Lake Maggiore when visiting the castle of Angera. This castle resembles a large adventure playground for children who like themselves small on site Knight and damsel will feel. Children’s eyes glowing with joy and a special natural beauty await holidaymakers on a cable car ride up the Poggio Santa Elsa mountain. This excursion begins in Laveno and leads to the top of this elevation, which promises a heartbeat finale with a spectacular view of the entire Borromean Gulf.

Young and old alike can also take a ride on the Centovalli cable car, the starting point of which is Locarno. This Centovalli cable car invites you to a fantastic tour through the 100 valleys that ends in Domodossola. Domodossola is both the end point and the starting point. From here, holidaymakers travel to Stresa to continue their return journey to Locarno by ship.

Lake Maggiore: A travel destination like a picture book

Families will only need a few minutes on site to realize that Lake Maggiore is not for a family vacation Wishes leaves open.

Wonderful excursion destinations, extensive parks, fantastic child-friendly beaches and playgrounds leave no doubt about this travel destination with picture book qualities.

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