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Rhodes at a glance

Family time out in Rhodes

The Greek island of Rhodes is a popular family vacation destination. No wonder, because summer temperatures, great beaches, a pleasant water temperature and beautiful green areas with olive groves speak for themselves. Historically and culturally, Rhodes also has a lot to offer, which is why you can find a variety of excursion destinations that are ideal for all family members, especially on holiday with children. Discover the Acropolis together or visit the typical, small Greek places like Faliraki or Lindos. Nature highlights can be found in the valley of the butterflies or in the numerous small bays with their dune landscapes. When the weather is good, you will experience a perfect mix of culture, nature and fun!

holiday home

Your family vacation in Rhodes will seem like a visit to your second home and you will always want to return. Spend a relaxing time on your vacation in one of the many family hotels. Often there is also the opportunity to go on a club holiday on Rhodes, so you really don’t have to worry about anything and can enjoy your free time to the fullest. Vineyards and olive groves, where sheep and goats are often found, create a typical atmosphere. The cheese made from their milk is a regional specialty that you should definitely try on Rhodes. You will love the cosiness of the Greek island!

Selected family hotels in Rhodes

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More destinations in Rhodes

Family vacation in Faliraki

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Come on, let’s discover Rhodes!

The natural panorama of the island is characterized by two high mountains, the 1215 meter high Attaviros and the Akramitis, which rises 825 meters into the sky. The diverse landscape of Rhodes gives you the opportunity to explore green hills, dry steppe-like areas, shady forest areas and beautiful beaches. You and your children will surely like the varied natural scenery. So that you can all sleep well and relax after an exciting day, there are Rhodes children’s hotels that focus specifically on small mini-tourists and offer everything your child needs on your premises.

If you want to experience the full tourist program, you should spend your vacation in Rhodes Town or in general in the northern regions of the island. Here you will find the tourist centers and many historical cultural sites that provide an insight into the Greek past. Further south you can go on holiday in typical areas small Spend villages, romantic taverns and traditional cuisine. No matter what you are looking for, you will spend your dream family vacation in Rhodes! If you take a rental car, you have no problems looking around the island on your own. So you can easily visit the cultural sights, such as temple ruins, statues or historical buildings.

The most beautiful beaches

Your family holiday in Rhodes is of course primarily a beach and relaxation holiday, so Rhodes can of course also come up with a variety of beautiful beaches that are suitable for every mood. Of course you will find a beautiful beach in the tourist center of Faliraki. Faliraki Beach creates the ideal environment for every need, whether partying, relaxation or just a nice family day, here is all that possible. You can expect soft white sand beach, clear water and exciting water sports. Are you looking for a quieter place to spend the holiday with your children in a cozy atmosphere? You have come to the right place at Glystra Beach. The beach is in a quiet location surrounded by dunes and gives the children enough space to play. You can walk together on the beach or explore the surroundings. Another family-friendly beach is Lardos Beach, where a beautiful long sandy beach awaits you. Restaurants and water sports are also part of the area. Enjoy the time in the sun to the fullest!

Rhodes Town

If you are spending your family vacation in Rhodes, you should definitely spend a day in the city of the same name, in Rhodes Town. There are two harbors where you can absorb the typical flair while strolling through the streets. The ancient Mandraki harbor was once shaped by the Colossus of Rhodes, a 30-meter bronze statue of the sun and city god Helios. The statue fell about 227/226 BC. due to an earthquake. However, you can still look at the completely preserved city wall that surrounds the old town. The Grand Master’s Palace is also located in the old town – the palace and the old town were even declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

After a whole lot of cultural programs, Rhodes Town also offers some destinations that are ideal for trips with children. For example, visit the Rhodes Aquarium. Majestic large turtles, colorful fish and many other sea creatures swim in the various pools. It is advisable to bring a little time with you, because the showcases also show interesting things about the water world. Also worth seeing is this Valley of the Butterflies, which is located not far from the city of Rhodes in a northeastern direction. You and your children can experience numerous species of butterflies in their colorful splendor. However, if you are traveling to the region solely for the butterflies, you should note that these can only be seen from late June to early September. However, the valley is very worth seeing, as there are several waterfalls, small lakes and a stream. A nice contrast to the beaches of the island.

Also not far away you will find the thermal baths of Kallithea, which you should definitely not miss. There is something for the whole family here: in the middle of the restored complex with classic columns, archways, mosaics and winding paths, you can look forward to a special beach experience, because the sea at the bathing bay is crystal clear and glitters in a fascinating blue , You can also snorkel and dive here, as well as easily build sand castles with the kids.

Faliraki – the place to be

Faliraki is the tourist center of Rhodes, so there is a lot to do here. A trip to Rhodes should therefore definitely take the children to the Waterpark Faliraki. In the water park, of course, the focus is on the wet element and even from Rhodes it is easy to reach, as Faliraki is not far away, further east. Action-packed fun is definitely guaranteed here on a family holiday in Rhodes: fast slides, loops, wave pools and tires, with which you can chase down slopes, await you here. Even the smallest guests are catered for with their own area so that they can splash around as they please. With so much action, you naturally get an appetite for a tasty snack in between – snack stations provide you and your children with food and drinks.

Spend time in Faliraki, then a colorful stroll ensures variety in your family vacation. Because here it is not about action, but pure relaxation when the train takes you through the town. You are on the road for about half an hour to three quarters of an hour and can easily get cultural insights!

cultural history

You can also spend an interesting day in Lindos. One of the most popular attractions in Rhodes is the Acropolis in the city of Lindos. The Acropolis is a ruined castle whose various ruins are located on several plateaus and are connected by stairs. Visit the remains of the ancient temples, such as the Temple of Psythiros or the Temple of Athena, as well as an ancient theater. If you want to get to know the everyday life of that time even better, you should take a look at the ruins of the city of Kamiros. Kamiros spread over three terraced levels and was not rebuilt after a strong earthquake. You won’t find better places for a glimpse of Greek culture anywhere in Rhodes. Start a real adventure with your children, your personal mini-archaeologist, and make your holiday in Rhodes unforgettable.


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