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Scotland at a glance

Breathtaking Scotland

Discover nature with its rugged cliffs, picturesque bays and beautiful beaches – that describes a family holiday in Scotland quite well. Countless palaces and castles want to be explored, amusement parks promise great family trips and city trips round off the vacation! A holiday in Scotland is an adventure for young and old, because it is not just the landscape, which is as varied as varied from region to region, that offers something for everyone in the family!

For example, the numerous beaches on the coast of Scotland are suitable for a family holiday: the water is clear and the sand is as white as on the most beautiful Caribbean beach! Even in cooler temperatures, a walk with the kids on the beach promises a lot of fun! If you like it more lonely, the rugged Highlands in the north are recommended. Despite the rather low population density, it is not boring here! Because: In addition to the rugged cliffs, picturesque bays provide beautiful views, the steep mountain walls contrast with the gentle valleys and anyone interested in the whiskey distillery can visit the majority of all the country’s distilleries here.

Castles, nature & towns

The country is particularly famous for its numerous palaces and castles. The areas on the border with England are teeming with old forts, fortified churches and monasteries. Bicycle tours and hikes are particularly beautiful in this area, because the attractions are close together and the surrounding nature is fantastic. The Scottish cities provide variety. Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen are the three largest cities in Scotland. In addition to architectural sights, museums and shopping facilities, these also offer a lively pub scene and an exciting nightlife.

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Come on, let’s discover Scotland!

Of course, if you want to spend your vacation with the kids in Scotland, there are several ways you can spend your vacation. Book a cute bed & Breakfast, stay in a nice hotel or spend an idyllic holiday in one of Scotland’s beautiful holiday homes. Of course, you can get to know the country and the people even more intensely during a tour. Whatever you choose, your family vacation in Scotland will be unforgettable!

Atmospheric landscapes

When you go on holiday in Scotland with your children, it always means exciting experiences in nature. A hike is a must! Choose between challenging and comfortable routes. For families, the one-hour hike at Traigh Iar Beach, which is located in the Outer Hebrides, is particularly suitable. White sand and breathtaking green, clear water can be enjoyed here just as much as a varied landscape and the domestic animals that you discover when you keep your eyes open.

The Isle of Skye is also an ideal destination for excursions: it is the largest island and also the island of fog. Exciting hikes await you here in the Highlands, because nature has hills, mountain ranges, as well as bays, beaches and the sea here for its visitors. On a round trip through Scotland it shouldn’t be missing! In the course of hikes and discovery tours, you can explore many Scottish sights on foot or by car. Visit the small lighthouse at Neist Point, a particularly unique promontory that is located in the west of the island, or visit the Fairy Pools, which served as the bathing area for the fairies!

The main town of Portree is a good starting point for local discoveries or at least wonderful as a place for a short break. Here brightly painted houses adorn the bay and you have the opportunity to go to a few shops or refresh yourself in the pub. If you would like to learn more about life on a Scottish island, you should visit the Talisker Distillery and have a tour to explain the process of making whiskey.

It will also be particularly exciting in the Highland Wildlife Park, which is not only a real experience for children. Take a kind of safari around the park by jeep and then hike along a path through the grounds. The main focus is on the Scottish wildlife, especially with a focus on those species that are already extinct in the wild in Scotland. Not only are beavers, wolves, foxes and moose bustling around here, but also bison, wapitis, red pandas and lynxes.

On the trail of Nessie

A highlight for children when visiting Scotland is a visit to the legendary Loch Ness. Loch is the Scottish Gaelic word for "lake". Loch Ness is only the second largest lake, but stands out for its special water depth. Numerous myths and legends surround the monster Nessie, which is said to live in the famous lake. You can go exploring around the lake, numerous shows revolve around it "cute monsters" and not only inspire children! A family vacation in Scotland is also worth visiting the Loch Ness Center and Exhibition in Drumnadrochit, where the whole family can get exciting stories and information about the myth of the monster Nessie.

Active in Scotland

Apart from the leisure activities in the untouched nature, you can also visit one of the numerous amusement parks during a family holiday in Scotland. One of them is the Codonas Park in Grampian. Young and old can experience many hours of fun here – roller coasters, a ferris wheel and bumper cars invite everyone to try them out. And while the kids jet around on the safari train, you can try adventure golf. Anyone visiting the park can look forward to a successful mix of children’s rides, ghost trains, attractions for the brave, but also sport opportunities such as bowling.

Another day of family fun awaits you at Landmark Forest Adventure Park. The park is relatively far north in Carrbridge and is just waiting for you to take an adrenaline rush with your kids while on vacation in Scotland. Ride the white water slide or shiver together on the roller coaster. However, a visit to the labyrinth is certainly exciting, where team spirit and good orientation are particularly important. A climbing park, kids’ skydiving, go-karting or adventure playgrounds provide other great activities. You will definitely have fun!

A trip to the Deep Sea World in North Queensferry is also an unforgettable experience on a family vacation. Not only are the salt water pools where sharks make their rounds spectacular, but also the Piranha aquarium in the restaurant. The absolute highlight, however, is the 112-meter-long water tunnel: under the arched glass roof, you are pulled along a band among the more than 3,000 fish and can admire more than 100 different species. You should also watch the feeding times. The brave among you may also dare to watch the feeding in the shark tank!

Mysticism, magic & Heroes of literature

The Scottish Highlands and Scotland’s cities hold various myths and secrets for your visitors as well as for your residents from the Past ready and at the same time are an imaginative basis for current stories. You should definitely plan a city trip to Edinburgh on your vacation, because nature, culture and historical highlights combine here. The center of the city is Edinburgh Castle, which was built in the 12th century and sits on Castle Rock above the city. The castle was the scene of many bloody events and is therefore still a place full of ghost and scary stories. Go on a spooky tour to find the spirit of a bagpiper who is in the tunnels between Edinburgh Castle and the Holyrood Palace disappeared and its music should still be heard today – tension for them whole family!

Another city that should appear in your vacation schedule is Glasgow, a Scottish port city in the Lowlands: Here you can also experience a great deal of culture, because in addition to the Scottish Opera, the ballet and recognized museums, the architecture of the city is particularly striking Eye. Marvel at the city’s Victorian and Art Nouveau buildings! Stirling Castle, which was the linchpin of Scotland’s history, is also very close to Glasgow. For example, the castle was the childhood home of the Scottish Queen Mary and later a military base. Today it is one of Scotland’s most popular visitor destinations – perfect for a vacation with the kids!

Due to their mystical nature and historical environment, many regions of Scotland have already served as the setting for film and television. So you can, among other things, places from the "Da Vinci code" or the series "Outlander" visit in the course of film tours. As Harry Potter fans, you can even explore the countryside with the kids at the Hogwarts Express – a Scotland vacation with kids couldn’t start or end better! Literature fans can follow the beginning of Sherlock Holmes stories in Edinburgh, the birthplace of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Where is Scotland?

Scotland is part of the UK and makes up the northern third of this. It is also part of the largest European island, Great Britain.

The country is divided into three regions: the Highlands, the Central Lowlands and the Southern Uplands. To make the most of your time in Scotland, you should travel by plane, the flight takes about two hours and is the most convenient way to travel with the family.

What is the weather like in Scotland?

The summer months are probably the best travel time for Scotland, as the weather is less changeable at this time of the year. In general, the following always applies in Scotland: keep your umbrella and cape ready – because rain and wind come and go spontaneously, even in the most beautiful sunshine you can suddenly stand in the rain!

The average temperatures in summer are around 15 degrees and a pleasant maximum temperature of 19 to 20 degrees can be expected. The best conditions for a family vacation! The climate in the coastal areas in the west is somewhat milder and more stable than in the east of Scotland. On average, it is always a little cooler here because the warming influence of the Gulf Stream is lacking.

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A day in Scotland!

A vacation day in Scotland really offers everything, from dreamy and mystical landscapes to cultural and lively cities. Discover the secrets of the various castles and palaces before visiting the city or exploring more of the area and history of this impressive country on a hike through the green landscape. Perhaps you are very lucky that day and discover the Loch Ness monster!


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