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Sylt at a glance

Family paradise Sylt

Spend a dream vacation with your children on Sylt! Surrounded by the beautiful North Sea, numerous seaside resorts with child-friendly beaches and a huge range of water sports await you. Adventure pools and animal parks complete a family vacation on Sylt.

The German island is one of the most popular holiday destinations and is mostly through his Idyllic landscape shaped: A holiday on Sylt is therefore very special, which is why families particularly like to spend the holiday with their children here. A holiday in Westerland is also extremely popular – the main town on the North Sea island is so popular because it creates a link between the past and the modern. Much of the action in Sylt takes place here – shopping, sport and events are centered here. It is important to you "in the middle" then you are at the right place! Find a holiday apartment or a hotel in Sylt’s busiest town and start a versatile family holiday! Those who prefer something a little more relaxed, a little away from the hustle and bustle, are in the right place in Wennigstedt, Hörnum or List!

When it comes to Sylt, these keywords come to mind very quickly: thatched houses, Zanzibar, windsurfing, Schikeria! Of course, all of this also applies, and much more! Be sure that you will always pass the pretty thatched roof houses – your most popular photo motif? You must have been to Zanzibar once and sipped a cappuccino or a glass of sparkling wine with the rich and famous.

It’s sporty!

In addition to a relaxing beach holiday, water sports enthusiasts such as surfers and kiters will find their very own Mecca on Sylt. There is even a professional surfing facility on the island that is used in international competitions. If you like surfing or want to learn it, this is the place for you. The Windsurf Cup takes place here once a year – just watch the pros surfing! Water fun is guaranteed on Sylt regardless of the weather! In the high season there are numerous sailing and surfing courses – there is also a special range of courses for your kids. In bad weather, the water parks on Sylt offer you an excellent alternative.

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Come on, let’s discover Sylt!

Your family vacation on Sylt should be a great time for all family members and so that everyone can really feel good and relax, the accommodation is particularly important. A holiday on Sylt is therefore an ideal opportunity to rent a holiday apartment for the time on the island. This way you can freely plan your day and in the best case have a few square meters more than would be the case in a hotel! If you prefer to be pampered around the clock and spend less time thinking about eating and cooking, you should check into a hotel on Sylt! There are various hotels on the island that are perfect for a holiday with small rackets and are therefore perfect children’s hotels. In general, the Sylt hotel landscape is of course chic, sophisticated and known for its high quality, but also particularly child-friendly – so look forward to a carefree time out together!

Activities for small and large island explorers

The leisure pool Sylter Welle in Westerland is the largest water park on Sylt and guarantees swimming fun for the whole family! Here sports, games and fun are combined with relaxation and wellness. Several pools ensure unlimited bathing pleasure. In the wave pool you can fight against the waves and let yourself be carried away in the flow channel. You have opportunities to relax in the bubble and massage pools. A highlight for young and old is undoubtedly a descent on one of the three slides, which offer great fun. Even the smallest get theirs here costs: In the spacious children’s area there is a giant paddling pool with a 45-meter slide and a Viking ship with which the children can conquer the Sylter Welle. Those who immerse themselves in the sauna world can enjoy seven different types of saunas and then relax in one of the three relaxation rooms. There is also a well-equipped fitness room for the sporty. The Sylter Welle is truly a destination for everyone Family and ensures that you can not only have a good time together on Sylt when the weather is good!

South of Westerland, approximately in the middle of Sylt, is the Tinnum Zoo. A family trip is worth a visit here, because in the park you can admire more than 400 native and exotic animal species. In addition to fallow deer and red deer, the complex is also home to birds: parakeets, parrots, emus, water birds and even flamingos are at home here. On one of the ponds you can go out on the water with pedal and rowing boats, children can let off steam in the large playground and on the bouncy castle.

Quench the thirst for knowledge

Do you and your kids want to take a few new discoveries home with you on family vacations on Sylt and not only spend your time on the beach? No problem: A worthwhile and very interesting excursion destination on Sylt is the natural forces experience center for families. Topics such as climate change, wave intensity and renewable energies are illustrated here in an exciting and entertaining way. Outside there is a huge playground, which in addition to the usual play equipment also has a tidal pool with marine animals. Guided tours of the exhibition are offered, during the holidays this offer is increased due to the high demand. The culinary well-being is also taken care of in the catering area.

Quiet moments

During the holidays with your children you can also experience quiet activities on Sylt. The island is famous for its beautiful nature, which is best explored on a mudflat hike. Sylt offers you three different types of mudflat hikes, so you should find out beforehand whether you want to be knee-deep in the mud or if you prefer a harder ground under your feet. By the way, you will learn exciting details about jellyfish and lugworms during the mudflat hikes – the kids will definitely be amazed by the slippery animals! On Sylt, this is the perfect destination for families!

In addition, bathing in the sea is always a nice event and a special pleasure, especially on Sylt: The beaches are very clean and are cleaned daily, so that children can play and splash about almost anywhere on the island. Go for a walk on the beach, see who can build the largest sand castle or play soccer with the kids on the beach. Relaxation has top priority during a vacation with children on Sylt!

The Sylt beaches

Sylt exudes diversity on its beaches – not only families, but also water sports enthusiasts get their money’s worth here! A special highlight for beach vacationers can be found on the northernmost beach of Sylt in List. At the very top of the island you can enjoy pure nature, because you will also find a few sheep grazing in the dunes. Surfers have great water and wind conditions and if you need a break from sunbathing, make your way to one of two lighthouses. You should only take care when bathing and look for another beach for bathing fun, as the currents in the north of the island should not be underestimated. Nevertheless, the northern tip is a great day out for the family, as the region has a lot to offer and is also easily accessible by bike – if you look closely, you can even see the Danish island of Rømø in the distance.

A great place for safe swimming can be found on the Kampener beach. This is particularly suitable for families, since in this region of Sylt there is a beach section guarded by lifeguards, so that the little rascals can play in the water carefree. You will also find an impressive nature here – the Red Cliff, a 30 meter high cliff, is particularly worth seeing during sunset: the cliff shines at this time. Activities are not neglected here either, because the beach has a beach sauna for you, there are also gymnastics courses on the beach and you can even take part in beach volleyball and soccer matches. The kids are having fun with the children’s entertainment at the same time. Various restaurants provide sufficient dining options and your four-legged friend can also be part of the beach. If these are not perfect conditions for a family vacation on Sylt!

Where is Sylt?

Sylt is the largest North Frisian and the fourth largest island in Germany and is located off the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein. The distance to the German mainland is only a few kilometers and there is only a direct connection through the 11-kilometer-long Hindenburgdamm, over which a railway line runs. You can therefore theoretically arrive by car, but to get from the mainland to Sylt you have to use either the car train or the Sylt ferry from Rømø in Denmark. You can only get faster from Germany if you take the plane – a flight takes less than two hours. So your family vacation on Sylt can start in no time!

What is the weather like on Sylt??

On Sylt your family expects a rather mild climate in the winter months, while the summer months are a little colder with an average of 17 degrees. In midsummer, the temperatures often do not rise above 20 degrees, so that Sylt has ideal conditions for holidays with the children. Nevertheless, sun protection is a good idea – especially if the little rascals spend a lot of time in the water.

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A day on Sylt!

Sylt holidays mean relaxation and fun for young and old. No matter how you spend your day on Sylt, every member of the family will be thrilled. Take a mudflat hike before indulging in a typical beach day later. If you are lazing again after a while, the family can get on their bikes and explore the beautiful landscape of the island. Visit the zoo in the afternoon or acquire new knowledge in the adventure center. The excursion destinations for families are particularly diverse on Sylt and make it difficult for you to make a decision about what needs to be experienced and seen first. In the evening you can end the day on the beach with one of the beautiful sunsets!


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