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Thailand at a glance

Thailand – a tropical beauty

Thailand is a true all-rounder and, thanks to its versatility, a travel destination for all ages. No matter what you expect from a vacation in the distance – Thailand can certainly do it. Sun and beach holidays are easily combined with sustainable tours, exotic cuisine with centuries-old culture and wellness to form an irresistible essence that you will not soon forget.

If you are planning a vacation in Thailand with the family and would like to enjoy some bathing fun with your children, then you will be happy to hear that part of the country borders the Andaman Sea in the west and the Gulf of Thailand in the east, which is the perfect place for a swim Pacific Ocean counts. A beach holiday in Thailand means a nice break for the whole family. Because it doesn’t matter whether you go on a club holiday with the family in Thailand and explore various destinations from there or whether you go on a round trip, in both cases you will return home with wonderful memories.

Selected family hotels in Thailand

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Khao Lak, Thailand Mai Khao Lak Beach Resort & spa

Exotic family vacation in distant Thailand

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Come on, let’s discover Thailand!

Thailand, the land of smiles, welcomes your whole family with a colorful nature and culture program. Above all, the north and northeastern region, central Thailand and the south of the country offer you a comprehensive insight into the changing, tropical and impressive world of Thailand. Thailand is about the same size as Spain and with its extensive landscapes and numerous islands offers plenty of space and new favorite places for all fellow travelers.

The north, the cultural heart of Thailand

The high plateau in the northeast is the most populous region in the country and contains a variety of archaeological evidence. Imposing temples soar into the sky or invite you to light incense sticks, and the Mekong, one of the longest rivers on earth, is quietly lively and calls for a trip on a boat. In the north, history buffs will also find the former capital, Sukhothai, where you can still explore the remains of the former capital of the kingdom. As the largest city in the north, you will surely notice the beautiful Chiang Mai – the city can be described as the cultural center of Thailand. Today the city is an important economic location and incidentally combines customs and individual development. You will be impressed by the numerous buildings in the city. If that’s not enough for you, you should visit the city of Chiang Rai, the Buddhist temple Wat Rong Khun stands out due to its white color and makes an unusual impression in comparison with other temple complexes in Thailand.

City bustle and royal flair

The central level is the largest rice growing area in the country and is therefore popular as "the rice chamber" Referred to as Thailand. Central Thailand is also the capital, Bangkok, which is the country’s economic and geographic center. Here history connects with nature as well as economy and culture and offers visitors all World a place where adventure and relaxation go hand in hand. Whether a longtail boat trip through a khlong, a colorful visit to the market or a walk through the lively city center – Bangkok enchants young and old. Visiting one of the floating markets in Thailand is almost a must, but since many of the canals in Bangkok should have been replaced by roads You absolutely plan a trip to Damnoen Saduak. You will definitely be fascinated by the hustle and bustle on the canals – fruits and vegetables are piled up for sale on the boats and the scenery is also a nice photo motif!

Those who prefer to go hunting for souvenirs or a few local snacks in Bangkok are in good hands at the Asiatique market, which is designed for tourists and can be found on the city’s riverside. A little more culture awaits you on a detour to the Grand Palace, which was once the seat of the Kings of Siam. Today the royal seat is in the Chitralada Palace, which is also located in Bangkok. Another impressive building is the Buddhist temple Wat Arun, which can also be visited in Bangkok. A holiday in Thailand is also an absolute dream destination with children, as culture and bathing fun simply mix here!

Tropical island dream

The south is particularly popular with holidaymakers in Thailand. White sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, numerous islands, fantastic coastlines and crystal-clear water tempt you to sunbathe, swim and take walks on the beach. There are many popular hotels here that provide relaxation and water fun. Families in particular will find everything they need on a club holiday in Thailand to enjoy a perfect break. Explore Phuket, Krabi and Koh Tao or plan a vacation in Ko Samui or Ko Pha-ngan and return home with the feeling of having discovered paradise.

Thailand consists of over 500 islands in addition to the mainland, not all of which are inhabited, but those who you look at, travel or where you can spend your vacation should take a closer look: Many regions and islands have beautiful sandy beaches that are pure postcard material! You can find powder white sand, for example, on Sunrise Beach on Koh Lipe and a good stretch of beach for a holiday with children can be found in Thailand at Khuk Khak Beach in Khao Lak. At Khuk Khak Beach you can swim, build sand castles or take a walk on the beach. Another great beach can be found in Phuket, here you will find sugar-fine sand and an incredibly blue sea at Nai Harn Beach. Film lovers will get their money’s worth on Koh Phi Phi Leh and can walk in the footsteps of Leonardi DiCaprio in Maya Bay, which is known from the film "The Beach". In addition to a diverse hotel landscape, you can even look forward to various camping options. Like Krabi and the many other islands and regions, the Phi Phi Islands still offer largely untouched beaches in addition to tourist beaches – you just have to go on a search and maybe find your very own corner of paradise at the next corner!

Breathtaking beaches

If you are looking for the most beautiful and popular beaches, you should add a whole range of other places to your list. For example, many holidaymakers are drawn to Freedom Beach in Phuket, which is somewhat secluded. However, this is considered a hotspot, because here you can enjoy your peace and quiet, but at the same time find a perfect starting point for island explorations. If you are looking for one of the whitest beaches in Thailand, you will find what you are looking for on Koh Chang: White Sand Beach, as the name suggests, is just that. And it gets even better – due to the gently sloping beach, it is also particularly suitable for a detour during a Vacation with your kids. One of the most beautiful beaches on Krabi is Phra Nang Beach, which also reflects the tropical charm of Thailand, if you come early enough, you have the beach to yourself – a great photo backdrop to capture the moments in the distance!

Explore rainforests and waterfalls

Hikers, mountaineers and adventurers should definitely take a look at the north. Mountainous landscapes dominate here, which are dotted with many dense forests and national parks. In winter, the country’s coolest temperatures prevail – in the mountains, the air cools down to ten degrees. But also in central Thailand there are some national parks worth seeing, which should make it to the must-see list when visiting Thailand during a family holiday with children. In the Erawan National Park, the whole family can be won over by the breathtaking nature of Thailand. In the middle of the forests you will always find various small waterfalls and stone pools where you can swim in unspoiled nature and cool off between your hikes. An excursion to the seven-stage Huay Mae Khamin waterfall in the Si Nakharin National Park should only be tackled with a sophisticated arrival plan. The beautiful waterfall is difficult to reach, but not nearly as touristy as the Erawan waterfalls. You can also swim undisturbed in six of the waterfall’s seven pools. A truly seductive destination! Adventure seekers and families with children who find walking a hike too strenuous can take a look at the nature of Thailand on a trip on the Thailand-Burma Railway. Over the course of time, this has developed into a popular tourist destination and, in addition to a trip through the impressive landscape, also provides you with its own exciting history. Your family vacation in Thailand will definitely be an exciting time that you should enjoy to the fullest!

Where is Thailand?

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and makes up a large part of the total land area of ​​this region. It shares its borders with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. Thailand also impresses with its large number of beautiful islands and its scenic diversity. From mountain landscapes to rainforests to dream stands, you can expect an exciting environment that will show you and your kids a completely different world! You arrive by plane: Since Thailand is not exactly around the corner, you should bring enough time with you, but you can then look forward to a true tropical paradise and leave everyday life behind!

How is the weather in Thailand?

The weather in Thailand is tropical-monsunal, which means that you shouldn’t put your family vacation in Thailand on the summer months. In almost all parts of the country, the monsoons provide abundant rainy days, especially from May to October. The best way to spend a wonderful beach holiday is over Christmas or Easter in Thailand, because the months of December to April offer you the best conditions for a nice family break! Remember to drink enough and above all to protect your kids from the sun, because the average temperature in the south of the country is around 28 degrees, in the north the average temperature is somewhat lower at 19 degrees. However, maximum temperatures of 35 degrees are not uncommon in Thailand!

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A day in Thailand!

A family vacation in Thailand is a good idea, because in addition to a special portion of relaxation, you can also have enough fun with the children during this vacation. Of course there is also a lot to discover! Start your day in Thailand with a trip to the floating markets in Damnoen Saduak, where you can enjoy plenty of fresh fruit on vacation with your children before heading back to the hotel and the focus is on swimming fun. If you have splashed enough in the sea and relaxed in the sun, you should plan some culture in the late afternoon. Impressive temples and old palaces are quickly found in Thailand!


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