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For an unforgettable family break with warm temperatures, turquoise sparkling water and real South Sea palms, you do not necessarily need to travel far, but only to the Hotel Victory Therme Erding. With the Bavarian South Seas right in front of the door, the whole family can have a perfect short vacation with guaranteed good weather, fun & Enjoy relaxation.

While the adults enjoy pure relaxation in the various thermal water pools or saunas, the kids can experience exciting adventures in the Galaxy slide world or let off steam in the diverse offers in the thermal garden. Splashing in the outdoor pool, exciting slide duels or volleyball and table tennis tournaments ensure a wonderful time with all family.

Sliding fun & Surfing – and the without long flight times! 4 people from Cologne spent a short vacation in our Bavarian South Pacific & experienced quite a bit. There are exclusive insider tips for your next stay from the Schiefen on Tour family in their blog post:

“Simply spending a weekend in warm water under palm trees was our wish. So we got on the train to Munich. The Erding thermal spa is just a few kilometers from the gates of Munich.
Brief facts about the thermal bath

In February 1983, Deutsche Texaco drilled with the intent to locate oil and gas deposits. On February 12, 1983, fluoride and sulfur was found at a depth of 2350 meters water.

The foundation stone of the Erding thermal bath was laid on November 10, 1998, and the opening took place on October 3, 1999. The facility consisted of a thermal bath area and a textile-free sauna area. The sauna area was expanded in March 2007 and has a total area of ​​13,600 m2 since then. Part of the original sauna area was continued as a textile health area under the name "VitalOase". In April 2007 the "Galaxy Erding" slide area opened.

The Therme Erding consists of five areas:

  • thermal spring
  • VitalOase (access from 16 years)
  • Vital Therme & Saunas (use textile-free; access from 16 years)
  • Galaxy Erding slide area
  • wave

Visitors to the thermal baths, the Galaxy and the wave pool can use all three areas. These are also open to visitors to the VitalOase. Access to the VitalTherme & Saunas allow the use of the entire Erding thermal bath.

So now about our vacation there.

We started with the ICE from Cologne to Munich, changed in Munich and took the S-Bahn to Erding. I do not want to comment on this experience in more detail … Rail and family holidays are not always great.

The owner of Villa Silence was already waiting for us at the train station in Erding.

The Villa Silence is a premium partner hotel of the thermal baths. Beautifully situated in the country with a view of a fallow deer enclosure. The room was sufficient for us, because we are not there for a hotel vacation but want to experience something.

So off to the thermal baths. Now the only negative point came. There is no shuttle. The journey from Villa Silence to the thermal baths must be done by taxi. You have to calculate 20 euros per trip. However, if you come from the airport or the S-Bahn, the thermal bath will provide a shuttle for you! Here the hotel might have to do a little improvement ;-) "

Read the full article here.

Whether relaxation or pure action – you can experience a lot with us. In our current guest post on the blog, Thorben Grünewälder from the Portal gives you love & Family tips for your next stay. Let yourself be surprised:

“Therme Erding is a vacation paradise of superlatives. Around 180,000 square meters are waiting to be discovered. We spent a day in the largest thermal bath in the world for you and found out whether the visit was worthwhile.

The Erding thermal baths: unlimited possibilities

If it is true that the holiday begins with the arrival, Therme Erding does everything right. Located about 35 kilometers northeast of Munich, we quickly found a parking space even at the weekend. The invitingly designed lobby is only a few meters away from the parking lot and already lets us into it exotic atmosphere immerse yourself in the thermal baths.

Cold, rain and everyday stress remain at the door. Even in the locker room or shower, nothing is felt that annually here more than 1.6 million guests come and go from all over the world. We are spared crowds in crowded corridors or the search for a free cabin thanks to the spacious architecture.

In addition to the friendliness of the staff, we also noticed the exemplary cleanliness that prevails everywhere. Everything looks modern, hygienic and bright.… Therme Erding: The holiday paradise for the whole family

In the Hotel Victory Therme Erding you can experience a very special cruise on the Relaxation, adventure and fun is the focus for young and old.

Relaxation for everyone you can find in the thermal bath:
Here you can look forward to a huge interior- & Outdoor pool with bubble loungers as well as nourishing face masks and cleansing body scrubs look great! Switch off with a fruity cocktail in the middle of exotic plants, find eternal youth in the fountain of youth, forget about everyday worries in the steam bath – this is what holiday feels like! … Change of scenery for the whole family

Andrea is a power woman and lives according to the motto "honest – brave – strong". On her blog she reports about her exciting life as a working mom with an extended family. Andrea and her family visited us last week for the SAT.1 family weekend – read for yourself how she experienced this day with us:

You can experience an Easter egg hunt under palm trees without long flight times in the Hotel Victory Therme Erding! Eventful Easter days with summer feeling for the whole family are coming! … Easter at the Hotel Victory

Anticipation spreads on the faces when the large and small seafarers run along the aisle of our tall ship. There is a lot for families on board to discover on the way to the cabin: the first look at the wave pool when boarding in the lobby and our Admiral Lord Nelson in the elevator, who with a little luck even greets you with a wink. … Family fun on board the VICTORY

By guest blogger Simone Geyer

Simone’s blog is charming, funny and tells the everyday life of a young power woman with a child.
Her slogan: "Becoming a mom is not difficult, but being a mom … actually not!"

Simone recently visited us with her small family and published her personal experiences on her blog. We hope to be able to read more from Simone about us soon and would like to share their experiences with you:… See THERME ERDING with the mom glasses


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