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Family vacation in Tunisia

The Orient shows its most beautiful face in Tunisia and makes family vacations a complete success. Hardly any country is more child-friendly and diverse: beach holidays, cultural tours, shopping tours and exciting desert trips – guaranteed unforgettable holidays!

Tunisia is a very popular family destination, here you can spend the best days of the year with your children! The country is located in the very north of Africa and was a French colony a few decades ago. To today If you feel the French influences in the country, French is still taught in schools as a second language alongside the official language Arabic.

The arrival is a plus point for families on vacation in Tunisia. The flight only takes about 2.5 hours and is not a problem even with smaller children. The major airports are in Tunis, Monastir and on the island of Djerba.

The warm hospitality makes Tunisia an ideal travel destination for families. Tourism is far less intrusive here than in some European countries. You don’t have to worry about that on vacation, you can relax and enjoy the lively atmosphere of Tunisia.

The landscape in Tunisia is a dream! Sea and desert determine the picture on vacation and let you forget everyday worries. The interior of the country is characterized by salt lakes, deep gorges and valleys, fertile expanses and high mountains. Even if the coast is a good 1000 km long, it is definitely worth taking a look inland on a family holiday. Discover the diversity of Tunisia with your children!

Popular holiday regions in Tunisia

Vacation regions in Tunisia

Excursion destinations in Tunisia

A trip to the desert is an absolute highlight during your Tunisia holiday. Off the coast, Tunisia is dominated by the Sahara, the salt lakes and the sand dunes. On a tour of the exotic landscapes, especially in hot summer temperatures, you can succumb to a real mirage. The surface then wobbles and you think you can see a water hole between all the sand. Most of the time that’s not true, unless you come across one of the country’s charming oases. Douz and Nefta are certainly among the most beautiful oases. Here you can experience the flair of the Arabian Nights. At the latest when the bite hits the fresh Harvested dates from the bazaar make you feel transported to another world!

As is known, Tunisia is not only desert but also and above all the perfect country for an extended beach holiday. The island of Djerba is particularly popular. There is a sandy beach, palm trees and exotic plants wherever you look. As a family, you can experience undisturbed bathing fun here. Since Djerba has a lot of visitors from abroad, you can get along well on the island with some English or French and a little bit of Arabic. Between splashing around, building castles and sunbathing, a trip to the crocodile farm on Djerba is worthwhile. It is the largest in all of Africa and especially boys are very impressed by the impressive primeval lizards.

The best place to buy souvenirs is in the souks, the lively bazaars in the streets of small and large towns. Trading is compulsory in Tunisia, so it is better to think about what you are willing to spend beforehand. Slight exaggerations on the part of the dealers are part of the business, be persistent. The goods offered are also worth it. Fresh, sun-ripened dates, oranges, apricots and prickly pears taste very different than at home in the local supermarket. Don’t miss out on these delicacies!

The typical form of transportation in Tunisia is the Louages. These are African shared taxis, i.e. small buses, with a total of nine seats. They stop at the roadside at any time and are very cheap. In the country, however, it can happen that it sometimes takes a while for one of the taxis to come down the dusty road. Do not be put off by the small uncertainties, a holiday in Tunisia is only complete once you have tried this type of travel option.

Tunisia has a long and eventful history. You can find witnesses of bygone days during the holidays in numerous corners of the country. Especially in the north there are numerous old remains from the time of the Roman and Byzantines. The most important sights are the ruins in Carthage and the amphitheater of El-Djem. Children experience living history up close.


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