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Umbria at a glance

The green heart of Italy

The green heart of Italy – that’s what the Italian region of Umbria is also called. The reason for this are the magnificent, green hilly landscapes and the many fantastic views that you can enjoy from these. The surrounding towns with the small, mostly pink houses are definitely worth a look.

In the shadow of the famous neighbor

Located in the heart of Italy, Umbria with its green hills, silver olive groves and elongated cypress trees presents itself as extremely scenic. In between, picturesque towns nestle against the hills and mountains with testimonies from days gone by. Umbria is by no means as well known as its famous neighbor, Tuscany, but it can compete on equal terms in terms of culture, landscape and cuisine. Families feel particularly comfortable in this region and like to spend their holidays here.

A very special region

Umbria is the only region in the country with neither a border nor a sea coast. However, this in no way means that you cannot spend a nice family holiday here: If you don’t want to miss out on swimming fun, you will find the fourth largest lake in Italy in Umbria with Lake Trasimeno. You can also book a holiday home with a private pool exclusively.

Then there is the down-to-earth but extremely tasty cuisine, which is interspersed with regional specialties. In addition to olive oil and Umbrian pasta variations, pork, lamb and game also play a major role in the meal. But you can also find the valuable truffle in the oak forests of the region.

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Come on, let’s discover Umbria!

Whether a holiday home with its own pool, a chic family hotel or rather a nice place on the campsite – those who spend their family vacation in Umbria can look forward to exciting days. You can expect a region that, unlike other areas in Italy, has not yet taken up tourism, pretty towns and, above all, a wonderful nature. It starts on a journey of discovery!

Experience the beauty of water

Even though Umbria, as one of the few regions in Italy, has no access to the sea, you can still spend a perfect family holiday on the water here. With Lake Trasimeno, the region has the fourth largest lake in all of Italy. Surrounded by rolling hills, you can swim, sunbathe or hike to your heart’s content. Around the lake are beautiful seaside resorts with beaches such as Castiglione, Magione or S. Feliciano. The main town on the lake is the pretty Passignano sull Trasimeno with the historic city center and a beautiful beach right on the doorstep. Here you can enjoy a wonderful holiday with the children!

Under no circumstances should a boat trip to the picturesque Isola Maggiore be missing. The small island is only sparsely inhabited, but enchants with the small fishing port and a castle. Francis of Assisi is said to have retreated here to fast and pray, of which the small chapel bears witness. A walk to the highest point on the island is rewarded with a beautiful view of the lake. With the Isola Minore and the Isola Polvese there are two other islands in the lake, of which only the latter can be entered. Most of the island is a nature reserve and is home to so many bird species. The nature trail not only explains everything about the species-rich fauna, but also about the plants and trees on the island.

A city with a lively underground

A trip to Perugia, the capital of Umbria, brings a change of sun and beach. The student city with its many small streets and corners is really worth seeing. The heart of the city beats around the Corso Vannucci. Under no circumstances should you miss out on a lap on the popular promenade. Especially in the evening people meet here for a chat. Either take a seat on one of the outdoor chairs in front of the numerous cafes and bars or sit on the stairs in front of the Palazzo dei Priori and watch the hustle and bustle. In Rocca Paolina, an underground district, you can discover a lot in the many winding streets. The escalator takes you underground, where small exhibitions and a weekly market take place in the vaults.

One of the most important pilgrimage sites in Italy

If you rented an apartment in Umbria, you will definitely get an excursion tip when you hand over the keys: The medieval town of Assisi, which is known above all for Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of Italy. The city boasts one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Italy. A walk through Assisi takes you past numerous ancient monuments and artistic details on various buildings that are sure to impress. The medieval townscape with the city walls and the Rocca Maggiore fortress ruins has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Wonderful natural spectacle

A kind of picture book landscape awaits you and your family in Valnerina, a 50 km long valley on the upper part of the river Nera, which extends from its source to the "Cascata delle Marmore" draws. Let your gaze wander over small village forts, which are located on green hill domes, over castle ruins on rugged rocks and over the idyllic river.

The waterfall is a highlight in itself "Cascata delle Marmore", the highest waterfall in Europe. The water masses plunge about 165 meters over three mighty cascades – so don’t forget to pack waterproof clothing!

Where is Umbria?

Umbria is a region in central Italy. In the south it borders on the Lazio, in the northwest on the Tuscany and in the northeast on the Marche. The capital of the region, which is the only one in Italy that has neither a sea coast nor a border with foreign countries, is Perugia. Hiking bags should not be missing in your suitcase, because Umbria consists of almost three quarters of hilly landscapes.

If you want to spend your vacation with the children in Umbria, all you have to do now is choose an arrival option: you’d rather with the Driving a car or flying comfortably? There is an airport in the regional capital, Perugia, which is the best place to head to in this case.

What is the weather like in Umbria??

Do you want to spend your summer family vacation in Umbria? Then it’s best to come sometime in July or August – then you can look forward to really good weather! Temperatures of up to 30 degrees are not uncommon.

Most precipitation occurs in May, but then it is still relatively mild with temperatures of around 21 degrees. The coldest months of the year are January and February, when it gets an average of 3 degrees "warm".

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A day in Umbria!

Start your day very comfortably: After you and your family in Umbria have been woken up by the sun and have breakfast, you have an exciting day ahead! On a trip to the famous pilgrimage town of Assisi, you can take a closer look at the city of the patron saint of Italy look at. But a trip to the capital of the region, Perugia, is also worthwhile – here you should especially keep an eye on the underground city, there may be a great market taking place here!


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