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Usedom at a glance

Discover the sun island

Who the next family vacation on one "sun island" does not have to leave their own country in the first place – because this is the nickname that Usedom, the second largest German island, has.

What is the top priority on this vacation is clear: walks on the beach, collecting shells, building sand castles and just relaxing in the beach chair. Of course there is also a lot to discover and experience away from the beaches. How about, for example, a trip to a decommissioned submarine? The children will certainly be excited to tell their friends about this experience at home.

Welcome to Usedom!

Families with children – whether small or large – are warmly welcomed to the Baltic Sea island of Usedom. So that you have a good night’s sleep for all your holiday adventures, there are numerous family hotels on the island, some of which is on Polish territory. If you prefer to spend your vacation day completely free, you can also spend the days off in a beautiful apartment. From here you can drive to Swinoujscie in Poland or spend an exciting day in the phenomena.

Selected family hotels on Usedom

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Relaxing family vacation on the Baltic Sea!

Baltic Sea, Germany Maritim Hotel Kaiserhof

Feel-good vacation on Usedom!

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Come on, let’s discover Usedom!

On Usedom you and your children can expect one adventure after the next! Visit a discarded submarine, go diving or experience the phenomena of physics on own Body. If you decide to take a family vacation on the German sunny island, you can look forward to varied days!

Swimming fun on the sunny island

Of course, it can also happen on the sunny island that the weather does not play along. But you and your loved ones do not have to do without swimming fun: small and large water rats can conquer the Amber Therme in Zinnowitz, while the Ostseetherme Usedom awaits you in Heringsdorf. If you’re lucky, your children’s hotel on Usedom also has an indoor pool, so you don’t even have to leave your hotel when it rains!

If you are planning a family vacation, you first assume good weather. And when the sun is shining, the beaches on Usedom can be explored. The beaches in Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf are particularly family-friendly. Here the kids can build sand castles while you finally start the book that has been on your reading list for so long.

On a dive

Of course there are numerous other excursion destinations for families with children on Usedom! How about a visit to the toy museum in Peenemünde, for example? A further highlight awaits you here after visiting the museum: The retired submarine U-461 of the Baltic Red Banner fleet is anchored in the harbor and can be visited by brave seafarers.

You can also dive with the Zinnowitz diving gondola! The diving gondola can accommodate up to 24 people and takes you into the underwater world of the Baltic Sea. Depending on the weather and current, you have a visibility of up to four meters – there you can already discover a lot!

Experience physics up close

You can also spend an exciting day in the phenomena on Usedom. An interactive exhibition awaits you and the children to try out. Phenomena of physics are clearly illustrated in experiments, some of which are carried out entirely by yourself. You will probably be amazed if one of your children thanks to the lever laws a 700 kilogram car with a hand lifts! As you can see: when you spend your next vacation with the children on Usedom, there is simply no time for boredom!


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