Family vacation – vacation with children in croatia

Family vacation - vacation with children in Croatia

Family vacation with children in Croatia

The ultimate guide to family vacation in Croatia. Numerous tips, suggestions and accommodations for your perfect vacation with children.

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Family vacation is the best time of the year. "Traveling together, spending time together, collecting great experiences, having fun"! To experience this, it is important to consider the wishes of all family members. The vacation should be cheap, relaxing, stress-free and safe, offer space for all family members and offer many opportunities for excursions and activities on site.

You can find it all in Croatia. Croatia is a very popular, interesting and affordable travel destination, especially for families. Not only because of the pleasant temperatures, the turquoise blue water, endless beaches, dreamy islets and the many impressive sights for young and old.

But also because it is easy to reach with your own car. Here we give you an overview of the most beautiful regions and beaches in Croatia and explain where a vacation with the family is particularly worthwhile.

Family accommodation in Croatia

Vacation rentals, holiday homes, holiday complexes and mobile homes are infinitely many around
2000 km long Adriatic coast. Simply choose your individual, suitable object:

Advantages of an apartment or vacation home for family vacation

There are an infinite number of accommodations of various sizes that guarantee a nice and relaxing family vacation. In the comfortable apartments or houses you will find everything your heart desires such as a large garden for sole use, barbecue area, swimming pool, children’s playground, etc.! And they are usually much cheaper than a holiday in a hotel!

A holiday apartment or holiday home offers many advantages over a package holiday:

  • private atmosphere
  • individual vacation with the people with whom you would like to spend your vacation
  • mostly one "own" Terrace, garden or even pool in the booked property for sole use, depending on the property
  • flexible meal times – have breakfast and eat when you want – you are not bound to any fixed times
  • inexpensive as a self-catering – you decide whether you prefer to eat or cook yourself
    (the price level is slightly below that in Germany)
  • varied holiday through individual day trips, getting to know local cuisine
    (not the same hotel buffet every day)

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