Family vacation vorarlberg with children – our tips for you

Family vacation Vorarlberg with children

What to do in Vorarlberg with children?
The small state of Vorarlberg is located in the very west of Austria. The mountains are high, the lakes are often of drinking water quality and there are many leisure activities for families on a family vacation. We tried it out! Those who like to go hiking with children on vacation will find many family-friendly hiking trails. You can also hike with a pram in Vorarlberg. In some cases, family-friendly hikes with cable car support are possible. There are also play areas and excursions with children on some mountains!

But there is also a lot to do for enterprising families on a family vacation in Vorarlberg beyond hiking: Lake Constance excursions by boat, nostalgic train trips, discovery tours through museums. Entertaining and informative organize many places: from adventure on the pasture to visits to herb gardens and alpine pastures to climbing courses on family holidays in Austria.

Family vacation Vorarlberg: Kleinwalsertal

Kleinwalsertal with children

From Germany you can drive directly across the Allgäu into the Kleinwalsertal. The beautiful mountain valley belongs to Vorarlberg (Austria) but can only be reached by car from Germany. And it’s so beautiful there. We were extremely beautiful hiking here! You can take easy valley hikes or hike to the alpine pastures and huts. And then there are the excursion destinations on the mountain that you can comfortably reach with the mountain railway! Cool is the ball track on Söllereck, which we combined with a family hike. Here are our Kleinwalsertal tips:

Family hotel Vorarlberg

Rosenhof family hotel Vorarlberg

The Rosenhof in Kleinwalsertal is particularly recommended as a family hotel in Vorarlberg. We were there with the children in the summer and really enjoyed the great mountain scenery. This family hotel includes many extra services in addition to the children’s program with childcare. We felt really comfortable and the children can climb in a tree – seen in the film. Just see for yourself what you would like:

Family vacation Vorarlberg: The Golm

If you want to travel with children from the area around Lake Constance or from Tyrol to Vorarlberg, the Montafon with the Golm is my tip. We have been here in summer and winter. In the winter months, the Golm is a family ski area, in summer a real top-class leisure paradise:

Hike on the Golm on a family holiday in Vorarlberg with children

1. You can use the cable car in the classic way for hiking. Take the Golmbahn up and hike on Golmi’s exploratory path. An exciting themed path on the mountain that makes hiking entertaining for children.

2. Then you slide down the rest of the way down to the middle station in long slides. 7 large slides, up to 62 meters long, shorten the way down to the valley. It’s so much fun!

-> see here the own article from the slide park on the Golm.

Leisure fun on the Golm on the up to 62 meter long slides in the slide park

3. If the slides have still not released enough adrenaline, you can slide down the rest of the route on the summer toboggan run from the middle station. The fast coaster is 2.6 kilometers long! I also have a video of the trip.

4. And if you are a fan of simple panoramic hikes, take the Golmbahn up to hike to the Lindauer Hütte. It lies below the famous Three Towers – the photo motif in the Montafon.

Family vacation Vorarlberg: Our hike in the Montafon to the Lindauer Hütte was so beautiful

Family vacation Vorarlberg: Lünersee

Our trip with children to Lünersee Vorarlberg
In Vorarlberg, Lünersee is at the back of the Brandnertal. We had a great day up there with children! First take the gondola comfortably up to the lake and then hike on the circular route around the Lünersee. This tour even goes with a stroller!

-> look here for our impressions and pictures of Lünersee Vorarlberg

Family holiday in Vorarlberg: hiking with children

Hiking Vorarlberg with children
Are you planning a hiking holiday with children in Vorarlberg? – You will find good conditions for hiking here. You can find out which hikes with children are particularly good in your own article on hiking:

Children’s program on family holidays in Vorarlberg

Local and regional children’s summer programs in Vorarlberg
If you don’t always want to be out and about with the children yourself, the following regions offer a leisure program for children in summer. This is the Vorarlberg children’s program. There is a special offer in different regions, here in detail:

Lech am Arlberg

– The Kids Active Club in Lech am Arlberg looks after children from Monday to Friday four Years. The program includes introductory games, fishing at the fish pond, climbing and an adventure day in the forest camp. Participation is included in the free Lech Active Inclusive Card


– In the summer months, the tourist office Au-Schoppernau organizes a different family program for your family vacation almost every day. At “Hut Magic & Magic herbs ”the participants in the herb garden learn which herbs heal a bee sting, which make them strong as a bear and finally meet at the mysterious hazelnut square. At the “cattle pasture experience” you can watch the milking and try the fresh milk right away. "Children’s climbing" and "mini-canyoning" offer the opportunity to experience adventures on the mountain.

– Together with Au-Schoppernau, Warth-Schröcken organizes an adventure day every Wednesday with a llama hike, gold hunt in the river, barbecues while Tipi tent, Abseiling from the rock face, crossing a gorge in the Flying Fox and a ride on the gorilla slide. Participation costs 19 euros for guest children from Au-Schoppernau and Warth-Schröcken


– Children’s summer on fire in the Alpine region of Bludenz offers adventure, play and fun – and therefore relaxation for parents. The supervised children’s programs take place in July and August. Participation is free


– The Family Fun Club in Gargellen organizes varied mountain adventures from Sunday to Friday between late June and early September. Participation is free for guest children from Gargellen, St. Gallenkirch and Gortipohl


– Hike through the Kleinwalsertal with “Burmi” family vacation in summer: “Burmi” is the mascot of the Kleinwalsertal children’s program and is the largest children’s event series in Vorarlberg. Burmi is the abbreviation for "Burmänta", the Walser dialect word for marmot. The program includes climbing, abseiling, flying Fox rides, archery and much more. The Burmibus goes to the individual stations. On the new Burmi summer hiking trail you can experience at several stations, prepared in a playful way, more about the habitat of the marmots.


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