Family vacation with children in a holiday home

Wide mountain landscapes, blue sea, numerous amusement parks – one Family vacation with children really leaves nothing to be desired! Now the only question is: where should we go? We have put together some tips for you to make the choice difficult. How about one Family vacation on the Baltic or North Sea? Or would you prefer to go high and spend your vacation in the mountains in Austria or Italy? Beach holidays with the whole family are also possible in Europe. For example, it is particularly popular Croatia, but also Mallorca has more to offer than Ballermann. And you will find it everywhere child-friendly holiday homes from NOVASOL!

Family vacation in Germany

In Germany, many families experience the best conditions for you perfect summer vacation with child! The numerous Holiday villages on the North Sea and Baltic Sea, in the Harz Mountains or on the Tropical Islands are ideal for a family vacation, because not only are the holiday homes well equipped, there are also a variety of leisure activities. In the Tropical Islands e.g. the leisure fun is right outside the front door, because entry to the swimming paradise is already included in the rental price. If you choose a holiday home in Germany for your vacation, then there is no time for boredom!

Rügen, Usedom, Darß or Travemünde – family vacation on the Baltic Sea

The Störtebeker Festival, the Zingst Experimentarium or Karls Erdbeerhof – there is a lot to do for children, especially on a holiday on the Baltic Sea. The popular Baltic Sea islands of Usedom and Rügen have a lot to offer for the whole family. On Rügen you can, for example Störtebeker Festival experience at which the sea legends Klaus Störtebekers are told on the big stage. That is also interesting Experimentarium in Zingst on the Darss, in which children can try out various physics experiments themselves and immerse themselves in science. Visit the varied adventure courtyard in Zirkow: Karls Erdbeerhof. There is a petting zoo, a large playground and a candy factory for the little ones and a large sales hall with a restaurant area for adults. Book one of our apartments on the Baltic Sea and enjoy yourself.

The rough sea and the seals – North Sea vacation with children

Even if your Family vacation on the North Sea there is a lot to experience. We have various suggestions for young and old. For example, visit the Seal station in Norddeich. This is a very special destination, where you can experience the many seals live and watch a feeding, for example. You can also learn a lot about the little howlers in an interesting exhibition. A great destination for the whole family on the North Sea. There are also many fun and games parks on the North Sea, such as the Klabautermann in Esens. There the children can let off steam and play with other children. Book one of the child-friendly holiday homes from NOVASOL and enjoy the diverse opportunities on the North Sea with the whole family!

Play and hiking fun on a family vacation in the Harz Mountains

The Harz also invites you Vacation with children on. Embark on exciting hikes through the mountains together and enjoy the view. You can also visit the various forests and be enchanted by the many colors. If you want to explore the Harz with the whole family, there are of course easier and fun hiking routes for children. For example, in WeltWald the 1.7 kilometer Indian trail, which is planted with trees from North America. Here you can visit a rock maze, a totem pole, a suspension bridge and a traditional Indian tomb. There is also numerous hiking routes with hands-on stations. For example, you can on the Forest Memory dandelion discovery trail play the forest xylophone on the Goslar forest adventure trail make it ring or conquer the labyrinth of the natural myth trail in Braunlage. Enjoy one Time out with the family in the Harz Mountains!

Denmark Holidays with children – the land of historic castles, castles and Viking cities

From your cozy holiday home in Denmark you can explore a lot of historical sights such as castles, castles, Viking cities, bunkers, historical buildings or take trips to numerous leisure centers, where lots of fun awaits the whole family. Visit the Rune stones from Jelling or will you, on the Renaissance festival at Kronborg Castle, for a day as a knight or a princess. Here you can experience horse tournaments and battles and try archery and fencing. There are also many games for small Guests. Another family attraction is the Aarhus old town, where you can travel back in time with your children for a day. Experience Denmark!

Family vacation in Sweden

Sweden is a special one family friendly country and therefore almost predestined for you Family vacation in a holiday home. The nature right outside the door, so that nothing stands in the way of a trip to the lake with your own boat – the children will love it! Coupled with child-friendly attractions, Sweden is the perfect place for a vacation with children. A holiday home in Sweden gives you the opportunity to get to know the country and its people authentically!

Sun, beach and sea – on your family vacation in Croatia

Turquoise blue sea, breathtaking sandy beaches and you in the middle of it all with your family and children? If that sounds like a dream to you then do it Family vacation in Croatia. The region of Istria is particularly known for its wide sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Book one of the holiday homes in Croatia from NOVASOL near the beach and enjoy yourself. Build sand castles together, play beach volleyball or learn to sail or surf. You can also pack a picnic basket and take a trip through Istria’s breathtaking nature. Or you can just walk along the beach. On Vacation with children in Croatian will surely be fun for the whole family!

Tuscany, South Tyrol or Lake Garda – popular travel destinations for family holidays in Italy

On Family vacation in Italy? It can hardly be more varied. You have the choice between the endless expanse of Tuscany, the mountains and the breathtaking view in South Tyrol or a summer holiday on the beautiful Lake Garda. Enjoy the Nature in Tuscany or explore famous cities with the whole family. How about, for example Trip to Florence, Pisa or Siena? In South-Tirol can you do that mountains explore. This region is perfect for Outdoor Family, who like to hike or ski together. At the Lake Garda you can relax with the whole family and enjoy the beautiful beaches. There is also here great amusement parks to discover. Here we go!

Off to Malle! – Action-packed family vacation in Mallorca

Mallorca is not only available for a party vacation. For the whole Family with children is Mallorca is a vacation paradise. Hardly any other European island has so much to offer. Look forward to child-friendly sandy beaches, varied landscapes and facilities for fun and sports. Visit the Aquapark, the zoo or one of the amusement parks. A holiday in Mallorca will certainly not be boring for children. You will also be thrilled by the amount of water sports on offer. If you prefer a quieter family vacation, spend the winter holidays on the island. In the off-season you will actually find deserted beaches. A good opportunity to be among yourself in your finca Mallorca!

Family vacation in the Netherlands

A holiday home in the Netherlands promises a lot of variety for young and old! Would you like the family vacation? endless expanses of beaches on the North Sea enjoy or discover the green Holland? In both cases you will not miss one thing: water! The child-friendly holiday homes are usually not far from the water for Excursions by boat or in a holiday park, the one with a playground etc. for the Vacation with a child is prepared.

Pure enjoyment of nature on a family holiday in Austria

Would you like to enjoy nature during the holidays, in the mountains or just cycling with the whole family? Then do it Family vacation in Austria! There you can get one City tour through Vienna company or on the Danube Bike Path explore the surroundings. You also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the tradition of Austria at various events and taste numerous delicacies. On Vacation in Tyrol offers plenty of space to discover Austria’s mountains in particular. There you can go hiking and enjoy the view. A pleasure for children too! And everywhere in Austria you will find child-friendly accommodations from NOVASOL, which will make your family vacation unforgettable.

Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary – travel destinations for particularly affordable family vacations with children

Would you like to travel with the whole family again but not dig too deep? Then we have a few tips for you in which regions you can go on holiday at a particularly affordable price. Currently at Hungary, in Czech Republic or in Poland offers NOVASOL particularly inexpensive accommodations on. In Hungary you can, for example, the time on Balaton enjoy. This lake in western Hungary is the largest inland lake in Central Europe and offers a lot of variety. For example, in Poland you can get one Family vacation on the Baltic Sea make and enjoy the beach and sea in this country and not spend a lot of money. Simply inquire on our website which options are available and you will soon be able to relax in a NOVASOL holiday home with the whole family!

Families with children particularly like to book these holiday homes!

Child-friendly holiday homes are particularly popular accommodations for family vacations.

For one family holiday a holiday home is the ideal accommodation. Because here you can extensively use the most beautiful weeks of the year to plan activities, to share common experiences and to live casually in the day. This offers for cooking, playing and cuddling together Vacation home generous space and the privacy, the one for you Vacation with children wishes. The following NOVASOL holiday homes are preferred by families with children:

    Extra child-friendly holiday homes (ideal for holidays with babies and toddlers): These accommodations

are characterized by the following features, which are already included in the rental price: swing, sandpit (the sand is changed every spring), high chair, cot, at least 3 active extras for children (e.g. gates, goal wall, play station, Wii, Bobbycar or similar.

In our activity houses you will also find, for example, a trampoline, a volleyball net, a soccer field, a billiard or table tennis table or a playground in front of the house. Your children can let off steam here and maybe you would like to play a round of table tennis.

We also offer holiday homes with their own pool. So you get your money’s worth both indoors and outdoors.

A vacation in a holiday home by the sea or by the lake offers a wealth of child-friendly activities and excursion destinations.


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