Famous plagues – these celebs are extremely annoying, oh so famous

Famous plagues - these celebs are extremely annoying, oh so famous

Famous Pests – These celebs are extremely annoying

Actors, singers, athletes: For many, they are role models, inspiring and motivating, symbolizing all that one would like to be. However, that does not apply to all members of the celebrity club. A lot of stars really care about the pointer, and the reasons are as different as the celebrities themselves. Oh-so-famous.de has compiled a small selection of the most annoying celebrities here for you.

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These stars are driving us crazy

They constantly make headlines, annoying by their incredible attitudes, are a permanent guest in just about every magazine … Reasons why stars and stars fall out of favor with us, there is like sand on the sea. We are pleased to introduce you to the crème de la crème of the famous nerve-saws.

The Kardashians

It should not surprise anyone that the Kardashian Klan has made it right to the first place. Wherever you look, you always meet one of them. Be it Kim Kardashian, the family‘s most famous offspring, mother Kris Jenner, strip-puller, puppeteer and marketer of the Kardashians, or father Bruce Jenner, who became a transgender in 2015, making Caitlyn document the gender reassignment on her own TV show. While the latter creates at least a wider public for the LGBT community, the rest of the family is in the limelight – yes, for what? Their achievements are essentially limited to being stars of a reality TV show. That’s why we have more than enough of the Kardashians.

Kanye West

Of course, besides the Kardashians themselves, Kim’s husband, singer and rapper Kanye West should not be missing. He is in no way inferior to his wife in terms of nerve-sawing potential. That he has a not so small God complex, makes him anything but sympathetic – who except Kanye itself would be the nickname "Yeezus" miss? No one needs massive tweets about how luxurious his life is. Nor does his appearance at the 2009 VMAs: Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for her Grammy in the category "Best Female Video" he stormed onto the stage and announced that in his opinion Beyonce deserved the prize. Mature performance, dear Kanye.

Taylor Swift

Even though she did not deserve such a proletarian performance by Kanye West, Taylor Swift manages to make it into our small collection of the biggest annoyances. The fact that the young singer has a number of ex-friends, is not the reason for that. But that the end of every short liaison has to be so broadly medial, on the other hand. To make matters worse, almost every break is followed by a break-up song. Exhibit A: The song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" should have originated in response to the separation of actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who has allegedly ended the relationship with Swift via SMS. Not the fine English way, but still: So only teenagers deal with a separation.

Justin Bieber

Another singer, who insists on this ranking, is – you could guess – Justin Bieber. He was just the chubby boy from Canada, whose mom put his videos on YouTube. But suddenly he became an arrogant pop star whose ego is much bigger than he likes. On the one hand, while showing himself as a muscular, tattooed daredevil, on the other hand, he can hardly cope with negative comments among his social media posts – so recently Biebs even deleted his Instagram account. Seems like the beaver has yet to grow up.

Jaden Smith

Young annoyers are not only in the music industry – with the actors, it does not look much better. Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, is therefore allowed to join our famous pests. And why? To answer this question, we recommend taking a look at the teenager‘s Twitter account. There he posts bizarre wisdom, such as "If a Cupcake falls from a tree, how far away it will be from Down. #Jupiter", or "How can mirrors be real if our eyes are not real". Granted, we find the philosophical tweets in small doses quite amusing, but in the long run they annoy you. The fact that the Smith-scion still always has the same bored expression, does not make the whole thing better.

Adam Sandler

It continues with the biggest torments that Hollywood has produced lately. Adam Sandler, the king of comedies, should not be missed – but unfortunately only the bad ones. Just a glance at the series of films in which he participated, drives us almost the water in the eye. It is extremely difficult to move through its flat stripes like "Jack and Jill" or "Grown Ups" to torment. So maybe we find his cinematographic work worse than Adam Sandler himself – but that does not change the fact that it runs down our backs when we see him scurrying across the screen.

Gwyneth Paltrow

But not only with the masters of creation there are some real nuisances. Even actress Gwyneth Paltrow drives us regularly insane. With her, it is not due to a lack of acting talent, but rather to her worldview. It actually seems quite sympathetic that she sees herself as a housewife and mother, despite Hollywood’s career. But that’s where it comes to with sympathy, because in the next sentence the good compares her job with the one "ordinary office mom" and actually comes to the conclusion that she actually has a much harder time. Of course, despite millions in the account and a whole army of personal assistants. Such a life must be terribly stressful.

Melissa McCarthy

We are reluctant to admit it, but by now we also count Melissa McCarthy among the most annoying celebrities of our time. As a likeable cook named Sookie at the "Gilmore Girls" We have got to know and love her. It makes us all the more disappointed that in the past few years she has only shared one and the same role, that of the vulgar, at times clumsy overweight. The wit of their characters seems to be based only on their weight, with their acting talent is completely put into the background. We love how self-confidently the actress deals with her curves in public – but the constant Fat Jokes are just annoying.

Til Schweiger

Not only in the Hollywood Hills are prominent annoyances. Also in this country there are a few candidates that we would like to hear less often. Til Schweiger is definitely high on the list. Many do not like his way of acting, the hard-to-understand mumbling, his oh-so-hard macho image. What appeals to us even more: felt in every film in which Til Schweiger appears (and many are!), Daughter Emma is housed, and that since the age of three. Now the teenager has publicly stated that he wants to give up acting in order to have more time for his school and friends. At least one member of the Schweiger family thinks so sensibly – even though unfortunately it is not Father Til.

Another candidate who should not be missing here: Bono, frontman of the rock band U2 and self-proclaimed Weltverbesserer. This man splits his mind like no other, either loves or hates him. The latter applies more to us. It may be that Bono is socially as well as politically engaged, we do not want to dispute that. However, what annoys us so incredibly is his constant self-congratulation. You get the impression that the whole engagement should only cause, that everyone realizes what a good, generous, warm-hearted person Bono is. Unfortunately, that much narcissism is too much for us ..


Madonna, the Queen of Pop, the material girl. She was an icon, set trends like no other, and was musically the greatest of her time, as her ten Grammy’s prove. By now she is climbing steeply to the 60 – and seems to cling more and more desperate to her youth. Quitting is out of the question for her, and so she throws one generic album after the other on the market. Stay true to yourself? No chance. She tries doggedly to please the young audience – and makes herself completely a monkey. This is not only embarrassing, it also annoys terribly. We prefer to remember the old, really cool Madonna and hide what she is currently delivering.

Cristiano Ronaldo

We almost forgot that there are some annoyances in the sports world as well. We apologize, especially because this gentleman must not be missing in our small collection: Cristiano Ronaldo, the self-proclaimed football god. The Real Madrid player is so self-absorbed and self-centered that we almost shudder when he appears on the TV screen. He gave the best example of his massively exaggerated self-confidence in 2011 in an interview. When asked why he believes he is being booed by opposing fans, he replied as follows: "That’s probably because I’m rich, good-looking and talented, the Buh-Rufer are probably jealous, otherwise I can not explain it". Wow. Such a huge ego shocks us a bit even with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Amy Schumer

That even newcomers can quickly become real tormentors, the American stand-up comedian Amy Schumer proves. Their rapid rise was crowned with their own TV program ("Inside Amy Schumer"), which is broadcast since 2013 on the American broadcaster Comedy Central. Schumer is celebrated by many as a feminist, stands for body positivity and much more. So far so good. But why are we so annoyed by her then? There is one reason for this: Amy Schumers jokes turn to sex in 90% of the cases. Always, without end. We like to laugh about good bed stories, but do they really have to come off the assembly line? From time to time a Fat Joke beats in between, which does not force the whole thing better. Dear Amy, please show us that you have more on it than these cheap jokes.

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