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Relaxation stories for body, mind and soul

First of all, there is relaxation. Beneficial. relaxing. Not only for the body, for the tense muscles and tired legs, but also for the mind and soul.

Simply being able to switch off is hard for more and more people these days. Simply put aside the problems and worries of an often too fast life for a moment. Just slow down, even if only for half an hour!

Some people may no longer be able to get up to weekly courses for autogenic training or other relaxation procedures: "I don’t have time for …!" Of course, this is more a question of priorities, such as how to deal with acute burnout in rehabilitation at the latest find out.

The good news: The fantasy travels from start2dream already use many elements from the Autogenic training. And whether you want to relax at home or on the go: also without any previous knowledge you can start right away and enjoy relaxation.

There is nothing else to do but listen to the speaker’s voice. Everything is allowed, all feelings, images and thoughts are allowed to come as they please. And this is where the fantasy trip differs from classic meditation, because the voice of the speaker always reminds you calmly and naturally of the actual purpose of the fantasy trip.

So you do not march aimlessly in the labyrinth of your own mind, but always have a common thread at hand, one during the trip beneficial security mediates and shows the way.

The imagination travels of start2dream are designed so that the listener first spends a few minutes during the first introductory words consciously disconnect from everyday life can. Here and there something may tweak the body or the sitting or lying position can be easily adjusted again. One or the other thought may appear disturbing with a large sign "May I not forget!" …

But then the real journey begins. Most listeners now manage to switch off very well, because we always consciously try to include all the senses in our texts. The plot of the journey now leads the listener safely onto his inner ways, the concentration is now usually achieved without any special effort.

Depending on the length of the fantasy trip, we will guide the listener back gently and gradually into the so-called "reality" after approx. 15-25 minutes. Because if you "wake up" too quickly here, you might still feel a little dazed and then it takes a while to find your way around the world again. Due to the slow elimination process, however, the body gradually gets used to a suitable breathing rhythm and the pulse and blood pressure return to optimal waking values. Afterwards the traveler will fresh and rested feel ready for new activities.

A fantasy trip can therefore ideally be used instead of an afternoon nap deep relaxation and used to recharge your physical resources.

After several "trips" this works even better, because body and mind adjust to this form of relaxation and then almost automatically (conditioned) react appropriately to it. Some users already report one instant relaxation, if they only hear the speaker’s first words.

Important self-knowledge

The personal experiences in a fantasy trip are always completely individual, no matter how many details the speaker contributes to the design of the inner world of images.

Some travelers also deliberately opt for images and impressions that differ slightly from the speaker specification. So like a child would take for granted: "But I saw something completely different! The giant dragon wasn’t red at all, but green and blue stripes! "

This is very good, the story and the voice of the speaker should only be as already mentioned Red thread serve. However, some travelers are initially surprised by some of the inner images that they suddenly see.

These can consist of newly composed scraps of memory from your own past that have long been forgotten in day-to-day consciousness, or sometimes appear completely strange and new. Actually, as you know it from night dreams, as long as you are an adult Gift of the conscious dream memory has not yet forgotten.

And this is exactly how you can interpret these images and experiences for yourself. Often, no dream interpretation book helps, and certainly not the dream article from a magazine. The most important question here is always: “What does this picture, this experience mean? FOR ME? What do I associate with it? What might my inside want to tell me? "

So we also recommend all travelers to give themselves a little time and rest after a fantasy trip to think about the experiences – to let everything work again. It is very helpful if you can make a few notes on a sheet of paper that is as large as possible: Just do it Let thoughts flow and write down everything that comes to mind.

Perhaps one or the other may attach these records to a folder and read them again later. Anyone already (Dream-?) Diary leads, of course, to his place there for writing and philosophizing.

Other travelers would prefer to speak to their partner or another close person in order to process the experiences and sort correctly to be able to.

This way you can often get to amazing insights about yourself. Some everyday problems or goals and desires can then be assessed differently. Perhaps one or the other will rediscover a long-forgotten inner passion and can hardly wait to put it into practice. Or you can get back in touch with a former girlfriend or boyfriend because the person "appeared" on the fantasy trip and somehow still seems to be important for your own life.

Harmonization of the left and right brain

Fantasy journeys help, to throttle the activity of the left brain a little bit for a short time. The left half of the brain largely represents ours understanding, for logic, criticism, plans, but also brooding and much more, which would generally be considered head skills. In order to function in our “modern” world, this side of the brain is often preferred by many people in everyday life.

Now the activities in the right brain are activated more intensely in our fantasy trips. This page stands above all for our emotional world, for creativity, passions and intuition. If you are not a writer, artist or yoga teacher, you may be surprised at how much undiscovered potential here is still idle and wants to be discovered in life!

By gently throttling the left side of the brain and simultaneously stimulating the right side of the brain, we achieve something special in most people’s imagination trips beneficial harmonization between these two halves of our thinking apparatus. Because even our most complicated organ sometimes deserves a bit of wellness!

Access to your own emotional world

As a traveler on a fantasy trip, of course (hopefully!) You don’t worry too much about which part of the brain is being used to what percentage (this would again be thought with "left"). Instead, you just feel.

Sometimes this can be a pleasant, warm, light feeling around the heart, or, for example, one deep inner calm in the area of ​​the navel, where according to the Eastern wisdom there is also a very important body and energy center. For example, I personally “breathe” a pure form of deep love at suitable moments, which I then feel throughout my body. Every kind of meditative state, be it a “right” meditation, a fantasy trip, the flow experience when writing or working or just a beautiful moment in nature, usually brings me into this state almost immediately. Since I used to meditate excessively, I guess that behavior is now conditioned.

Now you may find yourself in a specific situation within the fantasy journey that awakens a very specific feeling. Then sometimes it can surprisingly intense fail, especially if you don’t always allow yourself this feeling in the normal everyday world as you might want it to be. The intense feeling in the protected frame of the fantasy trip can be very beneficial and in turn ensures one holistic harmonization.

This way we can use our imagination travels mental balance find (again). We also activate ours Self-healing – because body, mind and soul are inseparable, as the scientists from psychoneurology explain to us.

We always focus on pleasant and positive feelings in all of our fantasy trips. However, this should not lead to the suppression of the negative feelings that are naturally also present, but serves first of all for safety. Because: Fantasy trips are not therapy!

Dealing with trauma and stressful situations

Anyone who has experienced bad situations in their life or maybe is currently stuck in one may wish to be able to simply “conjure it up” with a fantasy trip. And actually, a concentrated half-hour phase of the helps Positive thinking and positive feeling also in a holistic way when dealing with negative experiences.

However, traumas experienced and stressful experiences always belong in the trusting hands of a trained therapist. For this reason, we always design and write our fantasy trips in such a way that there is as little contact area as possible with potentially bad memories. If you still have to think of a particularly sad or otherwise very negative situation in individual cases, please feel that you should only feel these feelings and thoughts as intensively as you do does just fine: a little crying can be very relieving, but a relived trauma should be prevented if possible.

In such a case, the “tour guide” of a fantasy trip also helps to advance in the story and to focus more on that for the rest of the trip positive situations to concentrate. As already mentioned, however, this should not lead to repression – after the fantasy trip, for example, a quiet hour with paper and pen, an open discussion or the search for a therapist would be advisable.

Specific solutions to problems

From the positive and also the negative feelings we come back to everyday life. Often you want a concrete solution to a current problem. And here, too, fantasy trips can be an ideal Helping people help themselves his.

Whether it’s the regular fits of anger against your boss or a family member or that eternal carousel of thoughts falling asleep at night. Whether it’s a temporary lack of motivation or a self-cutting bad relationship with monetary energy in our world. Whether you don’t have the courage to make new contacts in life or tension your neck and shoulders – you can develop a special fantasy trip for almost every topic in life. This is exactly what we as the team of authors continue to do, and the topics and ideas will certainly not come to us so quickly go out.

Fantasy travel is wonderful and almost playful efficient techniques integrate from many directions, be it from the Neurolinguistic programming, shamanism or an Eastern meditation technique. Almost incidentally, we embed these concepts in new fantasy journeys again and again, thus enabling broad access to solution-oriented thinking and acting.

The rise Effects of a fantasy trip clearly with the regularity of their application. When you travel for the first time, exciting new insights can often be learned and some find the solution they are looking for to a problem inside. But the second, fifth and maybe tenth stay within the same fantasy world can often still be much more intense experiences do. The course of action is then already known and mind and soul can concentrate completely on the details of the feelings and solutions.

So give start2dream’s fantasy trips the chance to do much more for you by listening to them regularly or having them read to you by a loved one. You may want to listen to another trip for a change, but if the impulse is there, just repeat the same trip again. You will be surprised which one additional experiences and insights she still has ready for you.

How do you get the fantasy trips from start2dream?

You can download all imaginative travels from start2dream as MP3 files. Simply get the GOLD package from start2dream. By the way, you also support my work.

Some fantasy journeys have also been released as audio CDs. You can find these in bookstores or at Internet mail order companies such as Order,, or Just search there in the online shop for "start2dream".

You can also find many of the fantasy journeys on Amazon as a Kindle version including an MP3 file to download. And recently the first trips have appeared as pretty Paperback books in the format 21 x 21 cm. These each contain the complete text of a fantasy trip to the Read out and also a download link for the spoken MP3 version.

I also developed numerous fantasy trips for children together with the relaxation trainer and author Frank Hoese. You play in the magical world Sanjada – the island of happy stories. The fantasy trips for boys and girls from 6 to 10 years convey important things in a playful and child-friendly way, such as: friendship, responsibility, tolerance, joy of movement and self-confidence.


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