Faq – Frequently Asked Questions

Faq - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Questions about our data
  • Questions about the reviews
  • Questions about the universities
  • General questions

Questions about our data

The information in the StudyCheck database comes either from the colleges themselves or has been researched by our support team. To ensure that the data is up-to-date, several content managers and content managers work year-round to update them on an ongoing basis. Every study course in the StudyCheck database receives at least once a year a substantive examination and, if necessary, revision by our support. For this we are in close contact with the universities and technical colleges. In addition, universities have the opportunity to contact us whenever there are changes in their study programs. The care of the information is of course free of charge.

StudyCheck aims to provide an assessment option for every state-recognized university in Germany. At StudyCheck you will find public as well as private colleges, FHs and universities from all over Germany. Therefore, the database is constantly updated. However, as the German higher education system is constantly changing, it may be that individual courses are missing. We are happy about every hint.

It may be that the name of your studies has changed. StudyCheck is based on the current study program designations. On the profile page of your university, have all courses listed and search for similar names. Maybe your degree program is so young that it has not yet been added to the database. In this case, we look forward to a hint.

Questions about the reviews

The more stars a university or study program has, the better the reviewers have rated their studies. We have set the following rating:

Average Rating grade
4.5 – 5.0 stars very well
3.8 – 4.4 stars Well
3.0 – 3.7 stars satisfying
2.5 – 2.9 stars sufficient
1.0 – 2.4 stars inadequate

No, unfortunately that is not possible. However, if you discover spam in a review, contact us and let us have the link to the review with your message. You are welcome to use the button "Report" also contact us directly from a field report.

All received evaluations are automatically checked by a complex algorithm. If there is a suspicion of a fictitious assessment, we ask the reviewer for a proof of enrollment.

All received ratings are automatically checked by an algorithm. Only then will the report be unlocked. If a report looks suspicious, it may take longer to publish. As a rule, your report will be activated after 7 working days at the latest.

The smileys in the individual reviews show whether the reviewer would recommend his studies. A smiling smiley means the reviewer recommends continuing his studies. A sad smiley means that the reviewer does not recommend his studies any further. The recommendation can only be answered positively or negatively, so there are only 2 different smileys.

In their assessment, reviewers can indicate whether they would recommend their studies as a whole. The more often a study has been recommended, the higher the percentage of the recommendation rate.

Every report we receive will be checked by an elaborate algorithm before it is published. The algorithm considers more than 30 evaluation criteria. Only after the automatic check has revealed no abnormalities, the experience report will be unlocked and marked with the blue seal “Verified rating”.

Questions about the universities

StudyCheck is not an opinion research institute with a statistical-scientific claim. We give students the opportunity to evaluate their degree program and pass on their experience to prospective students. In order for the reviews to be considered representative, a high number of testimonials is needed. But even a few reviews are meaningful and can help you with your study decision. We always give the number of reviews transparent, so you can make your own impression.

No, placement in the ranking will be calculated automatically. Universities can not influence this position. StudyCheck is and remains independent.

You can either use the search function or filter the list by university type or ratings. If you can not find your university or FH here, check the spelling. In addition, on StudyCheck you can not rate remote colleges and only state-accredited colleges. Rate your distance learning course on distance learningCheck.de.

On the pages "universities" and "courses" You can select the respective university and get directly to the appropriate university profile with further information. If you have specific queries or would like to know more, you should exchange directly with the university. In addition to a link to the website, you will also find the box on the institute profile "Contact to the university", where you can find more opportunities to exchange.

General questions

No, StudyCheck is a rating platform independent of the universities. However, you can find contact details on the individual university profiles and contact them directly at the university.

For privacy reasons, we may not disclose the contact information to third parties. However, we allow universities to comment on reports in the form of commentary.

In many public institutions – including at universities – it is now common to always by professor and professor, student and student or about gender-neutral to speak of students. So that our texts are easy to read, we have decided against these spellings and use only the male form – the so-called generic masculine. Of course, the corresponding formulations always include the female groups. With “the students”, for example, both male and female students are addressed.

The objective platform StudyCheck.de offers students and graduates the opportunity to evaluate their studies. At the same time, prospective students can obtain information about degree programs and universities. In the long term, StudyCheck should help to make study programs and universities more comparable.

To rate your degree program, simply click on the tab in the navigation bar at the top of the page "assess!". There you will get to the evaluation form, you can give your star rating and write a review.

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