Farewell gift educators

Farewell gift educators – A personal farewell ABC

With tears in his eyes and a thick kloss in his throat – that’s how our time began. Not every beginning is easy. It was incomprehensible to me why I am no longer allowed to play with my mom in the morning. What should I do in this kindergarten with nothing but strangers People?

Your compassion, comfort and closeness made my start much easier. So I soon knew: Mama will pick me up again. And somehow it’s fun. First only a Minibissche – after three years I would like to go not at all. Again and again I tell my story Mom: “I do not want to go to school. The kindergarten is SOOO nice. “

And so this time ends with sadness. But I already know, the school will someday be as beautiful as the kindergarten.
Thank you for being my governess and for lovingly accompanying me for the three years. As I am learning the ABC soon at school, I would like to say goodbye to you with a very personal ABC.

♥ Thanks for the wonderful time ♥

Our farewell gift for the educators of my son

With these personal lines, we have initiated our farewell gift – the farewell ABC – for the educators. I do not like standard phrases, but like to write personal words. It was not easy for my son to start kindergarten at the time. And not me either. For three years he can not imagine a life without a kindergarten.

Already a few weeks ago, we celebrated a big school bear graduation in kindergarten. There, the school bears were adopted by the educators. Also a farewell present for the educators of all parents was presented. Nevertheless, I wanted to make a small personal farewell gift for the educators.

My first point of contact for such craft projects: Pinterest. The search for “Farewell gift educators“I had already done several times. And she always threw the same results: a beautified Merci box, a Thank-M&M-glass or a flowerpot with personal greetings. The ideas are cute, but they were just too exhausted. I sensed that if I wanted something special, I have to come up with something myself.

And so I left my thoughts a few days time. Time until the idea passes. Of course she does not really fly by. But if I give myself a few days to rummage and think, the idea that suits me usually comes up.

It was the same with this one Farewell gift for the educators : the farewell ABC.

The farewell gift for the educators: how did that happen??

At the very beginning, I thought we were making a kind of friend book for the educators. And so the farewell ABC is similar. But the questions are not only about my son, but also about the time together in kindergarten or about the educator herself. There is a noun for every letter. This word is related to the question.

I’ll show you some questions that your Bald Schoolchild can answer:

»A as in the beginning: When I was new to kindergarten, I prefer …

»D THANKS: That’s what I like about you: …

»E like EDUCATORS: educators can do that very well …

»O like EARS: If we are to listen well, you always say …

»Z: FUTURE: I wish you that …

The joint filling out with my son was terrific. Some answers were funny, some just sugary. So, my son was convinced that his educators burst into cheers when he comes. How golden is that please?

It was a very special opportunity to review the time in the kindergarten with him. It takes some time and leisure to complete, but it’s worth it.

A present for you: The farewell ABC for download

Do you know what makes real fun? If you know when creating the farewell ABC that you will make others happy. So I would like to offer you the design for download. In return, I would be delighted if you follow CARL’s adventures on Instagram or Facebook. Gladly also on both platforms. With that, you too would be very happy. ♥ To download of the farewell gift for educators just click on the picture. So you come directly to the PDF. And who the Version for an educator needed, can print the customized pages here. The following pages are kept neutral.

How do you like the farewell ABC? I wish you a lot of fun with it.

You would like to see the farewell gift educators in Pinterest remember for later? Then you are welcome to use this picture.

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