Farewell to kindergarten – beautiful poems and sayings

It is often not so easy for the little ones to say goodbye to kindergarten. There is also a lot of joy and curiosity about the upcoming start of school, but initially the pain of separation prevails. Help your kids with beautiful sayings and poems. Here you will find some inspirations from different subject areas. The lovely words are suitable for lecturing or framing as well as creative decoration for gifts or for homemade greeting cards.

Farewell to kindergarten made easy

Saying goodbye to kindergarten is one of the first drastic steps in a young life. Of course, such a big moment is all sorts emotions connected. After all, it is important to say goodbye to dear friends and educators and to leave a familiar environment and its safe processes.

To make it easier for the little explorers to say goodbye to kindergarten and to look forward to the challenges ahead, it is important to celebrate the step properly. Stand for different variations available: Some parents plan whole festivities with the daycare centers, others leave it at a small party in private. Alternatively, it is a nice way to make gifts for the educators and to thank them with them. However, the kids are particularly happy to receive small gifts themselves.

Farewell to kindergarten

Perfectly present sayings as a farewell gift

Beautiful poems and sayings should not be missing when you say goodbye to kindergarten. They are particularly suitable as gifts with a personal touch. The small texts literally put the ceremony into one celebratory framework and convey a special message: whether it should make you laugh or convey wisdom that is remembered is entirely up to personal taste. The following inspirations show you various small texts that decorate greeting cards, framed pictures or creative handicrafts in an individual way.

Tip: If you like, you can also put your words on a scroll and solemnly read them out to the child as a farewell to kindergarten. Musically gifted parents can also use the rhymed words dead easy bring it into song form with a simple melody.

Choose your favorite saying from the following subject areas:

  • Hello school
  • Remember the beautiful kindergarten days
  • take farewell
  • Learning is fun
  • Grow up
  • Beastly strong

For children who like the poet awaken in yourself, there are a few lines afterwards, the the The little ones can say goodbye to their group and the educators when they say goodbye to kindergarten.

Sayings and poems

For children

Let’s go to school

Let’s go to school.
One two Three,
your kindergarten time is over,
A and B and C,
the farewell doesn’t hurt,
because the view is really cool,
now you’re finally getting to school.

Read multiplication tables and books.
Write letters, make music
and that is far from it.
To say goodbye to kindergarten, congratulations.

Three two one,
Kindergarten child you are not one.
Three short years have passed,
now the school is coming and doing everything new,
Colorful hats, sugar bag,
how time flies, dear goodness.
Be quiet like a mouse and learn like a fox.
Then school time becomes an animal joke.

It was a nice time

It was a nice time.
The years went by in a flash,
get used to kindergarten in the first,
in the second rage, play and reconcile
and already the farewell comes after year number three.

Learning and lots of new knowledge await
and you will miss the loved ones from kindergarten too,
memories remain.
Why not see everyone again?
Today we want to say goodbye.

But instead of shedding tears and complaining.
Let’s sing, laugh, do somersaults.
And talk about the beautiful kindergarten days.
Now there is a new step that we want to take.
Equipped with beautiful memories for all situations.

Farewell is part of life

Farewell is part of life,
Goodbye kindergarten,
divorce hurts.

But if I go now.
Then full of joy.
To new people
and to learn a lot,
of letters and numbers, distant countries and stars.

Goodbye kindergarten.
School olé!

It was really nice in kindergarten.
But now you finally want to go to school.
And it’s hard to say goodbye,
you will soon be all the more happy.

About arithmetic, school playground and ABC.
So happily say Ahoy, Adios, Adé.
Bye bye, take care, goodbye.

Finally schoolchild

K – your child
I – playing ndians
N – icker for afternoon nap
D – ingsbums
e – discover
R – dance in rows
G – lucksen, roar, cackle
A – paint
R – Breathing games
T – dry tears
e – thank educators
N – start new

S – learn to write
C – become a doctor, computer expert, chauffeur or clown
H – be allowed to do tasks
U – follow lessons
L – appoint, learn, learn
e – grow up

Almost grown up

First there was the first farewell to mom and dad,
when you started kindergarten,
there it was necessary to play, to paint, to make friends.

It is time to say goodbye again,
Educators become teachers.
From kindergarten child you become an ABC shooter.

But if you say goodbye,
do you also say welcome.
Greet happily everything that comes:

The first one in the testimony,
new friends
and the great feeling of knowing:

Now you’re big!

Animal helpers

It was so cozy, warm and beautiful,
but the little bird has to go at some point,
so he bravely jumps out of the nest,
flaps its wings and passes the test.
You are like a free bird too,
certainly not small anymore, and get out of kindergarten in no time.

Fly happily,
new goals in mind.
Just as the puppy becomes a watchdog,
how the kitten will soon wander through wide fields,
just as little bunny as a big hare beats bold hooks.
And how the foal will carry the rider in the future.

So you say goodbye to kindergarten.
The great time as a school child no longer has to wait.

Like a fish in cool water,
I have my fun.
Rush through the waves,
take all thresholds,
with extra swing.
And I have to fly once,
that will suit me smart fish too,
down to the stars,
I want to grow, I want to learn.

For educators and groups

Farewell to educators and groups

say thank you

To the best educator of all time!

I wanted to be in your group day in and day out.
I was once sad, loud and quiet, sometimes wild and sometimes happy.
You know that’s how it is with us children.

You had a lot of patience in difficult hours.
And always found new moments to laugh.
That’s why I want to give you my real goodbye.

Be lifted up three times
and then placed on the podium
which says: Best educator in the world / Best educator in the world!

Thanks for the nice time,
we played, laughed
and sometimes made some nonsense.
We were ready for any fun.

My joy can hardly be measured,
with which I look at our days together.
And that’s why I know exactly,
I will never forget you.

Thank you, dear kindergarten,
that you took me in every day.
In the rain, summer heat and snow,
thanks for the trips,
where I experienced a lot and discovered the world.

Thank you, dear educator,
you accompanied me with patience and kind words.
Thanks for an afternoon nap, going to the playground and handicrafts,
thanks for drying your tears and for words of praise.
Thanks from me, from mom and dad.

Thank you, dear kindergarten.
Before I leave one more thought,
I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You listened,
looked after me,
pleased with praise for shoes-tie me.

The craft then at Christmas time,
brought laughter and a lot of joy.
Have been with me for three years,
protected, cared for and prepared.
Gave me so much.
maybe even for a lifetime.

meet again

Let’s see each other again?
I have to continue on my path now.
The timetable, new teachers and full satchels are calling.

But we don’t want to see each other again?

We could play, laugh and dance.
Because if we take leave of kindergarten too,
I like you guys
and an early meeting is not far away.

You should know one thing,
I will miss you.
The kindergarten days are passé,
That’s why I say: Oh dear, I’m leaving, goodbye!

The time with you was wonderful.
It would be even nicer to see you again!

Extra tip: customize sayings

You can personalize your favorite poems by adding the child’s name. In addition, most rhymes can easily be changed from "you" to "your" or vice versa, without losing their shape. This gives you the opportunity to tailor our little inspirations to your children.


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