Farm holiday on Lake Constance

Farm holiday on Lake Constance

Farm on Lake Constance
Holiday on the farm in the Lake Constance region

Country houses on Lake Constance

Farm holidays on Lake Constance are like a guarantee for a successful summer holiday. Here in the holiday and holiday region around the Lake Constance is advertised with a farm holiday with children, or with the farm on Lake Constance directly on the lake. The approximately 540 square kilometer Lake Constance has a lakeshore length of 270 kilometers. Lake Constance reaches into the three countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the two German states of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria alone, there are many dozens of farms and estates that attract visitors with a farm holiday on Lake Constance with a petting zoo, with horse / pony rides, and with the indispensable bed on the hayloft. Their situation in the nature at the Bodensee is romantic to idyllic. For the family with its two or three generations, spacious apartments are available on the farm on Lake Constance. Half-board includes the farmer’s meal, which is served by the Hofbäuerin as a snack in the evening. And in the morning, the little ones make the first trip to the chicken coop to collect the freshly laid breakfast eggs.

Easy daily routine on the farm at Lake Constance

For children there is hardly anything more beautiful than a holiday on a farm on Lake Constance. The day starts with the first brightness in the early morning and ends only late at night. In the meantime, there is a lot to do on the farm on Lake Constance. Friendship is made with the farm animals, and the children can help the farmer with his work on the farm on Lake Constance. Working on the farm on Lake Constance is something completely different than having to tidy up the room at home. There it is a must, here on the holiday farm directly on the lake a voluntary will.

Learn playfully at the farm on Lake Constance

Children from the city do not know other pets except dogs and cats. For them, the wildlife on the farm on Lake Constance with cows, pigs, horses, donkeys, goats and other farm animals is completely new. The common walk with the farmer in the dark stable is a first test of courage for little girls and boys, before they dare to go there alone in the next few days. The petting zoo with donkey, pony and sheep is visited first in the morning and shortly before bedtime in the evening. Learning by doing is the motto at the farm on Lake Constance. If the little ones want to feed and care for their beloved animals, then they also have to learn how to do it. Without realizing it, they know and know much more about their holiday on the farm on Lake Constance than when they arrived.

Riding lessons and pony rides on farm holidays

Girls dream of their pony, boys of western riding. Both offer many of the farms on Lake Constance. Often, the farm staff is also a riding instructor, where the tourists can take riding lessons. The common ride along one of the riding trails along Lake Constance is like a reward for the previous hours at the lounge. On some farms on Lake Constance your own riding horse can be brought, and the farm on Lake Constance with dog is not uncommon. He must be healthy and vaccinated before he gets acquainted with the farm dogs of very different breeds. And on the farm on Lake Constance with a dog is another important requirement that the dog brought along well with all other farm animals; from the cats to the chicken people.

Holidays for the whole family on the farm at Lake Constance

The farms on Lake Constance are an ideal starting point for families with children on Lake Constance. The location directly on the lake allows shorter walks with pram, child and dog. There is virtually no public traffic, and the path to the orchard or the shady forest takes only a few minutes to walk. Many farms on Lake Constance run a farm shop with its own produce from the farm. The self-catering in the holidays on the farm on Lake Constance is thus simpler, often tastier. And in rainy or cloudy weather, the agriturismo itself offers enough variety for the kids. The mild and fresh air on Lake Constance ensures a total relaxing holiday atmosphere here on the farm on Lake Constance.

There is also much to discover around the farm. Numerous family-friendly destinations await guests of all ages!

How beneficial is such a holiday on the farm on Lake Constance, the townsfolk notices at the latest when the return trip leads to the nearest three-lane federal highway.

Holiday on Lake Constance

Plan your next holiday on Lake Constance now and find the accommodation on a farm here.

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