Farm holidays in the mountains

Most people love the mountains, the clear, healthy air and the breathtaking view that can be enjoyed from high up on the landscape in the valley. To be able to experience a wonderful farm holiday there on the mountain peaks, with everything that goes with it, has been a dream of many since childhood.

There are countless mountain farms across Germany, so why not even fulfill this dream. Especially when there are children of your own who shouldn’t wait until adulthood to experience this unique experience of nature. Depending on the season at which the mountain farm vacation is planned, you should either pack good hiking boots, a backpack and water bottles, or winter equipment with skis, snowsuits and ski boots. Sledges can usually be borrowed from the farm. If you choose a rural holiday accommodation in the mountains, you will surely love the almost untouched nature of a dreamy mountain world.

The spectacular views that open up from the mountain peaks all around remain unforgettable for a long time. Going up high to go hiking or climbing in order to have touching animal experiences and observations again and again, that is also one of the lasting impressions. In summer, the cows graze on the lush green mountain herb meadows and pastures. In the alpine huts, the dairymakers make a wide variety of cheeses from the fresh hay milk. There should be a rest for tasting on the hike. If you start very early, you will definitely see the shy forest animals such as deer, rabbits, deer, foxes and sometimes even wild boar grazing in the clearings. Often there are crystal-clear mountain lakes framed by a fabulous mountain world on the ridges. Here you can swim wonderfully and refreshingly in summer.

On the farm itself, of course, lots of animals await you. There are mostly cows with their calves, often also horses or ponies, maybe goats, ducks, geese, rabbits and chickens, but definitely lots of farm cats and a lamb-less dog. The children are always very happy when they are feeding and caring for the animals Help actively and get the milk straight from the barn and the eggs from the chicken nests for breakfast in the morning. Mostly fresh stone-oven bread is baked with a strong crust and various other homemade farm products can be found on the breakfast table.

In the evening, you can sit comfortably in the fireplace lounge with the host family of the mountain farm and talk about the day’s experiences. The farmer surely gives a few legends or myths from the fairytale mountain region, to which the children always listen intently. To end the evening, depending on the season, a freshly squeezed fruit cocktail or a homemade, hot fruit punch is drunk. The holiday guests then retreat to their cozy farm quarters. Here in the silence and the mighty omnipotence of the mountains, they fall into a cozy, undisturbed slumber after such an eventful day.

vacation with the whole family on a farm in the mountains, all family members will remain unforgettable for a long time.


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