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Actually, you should make full use of such valuable days as the holiday season with the family. What is particularly important to you? That the whole family is together, that you spend a lot more time together than in everyday life? That the children have fun and ideally learn something? Do you want an environment that impresses you and that you are completely relaxed when you return home at the end of your stay? While the annual summer vacation is usually still spent on the beach, many families try to add a little variety to their short trips. These short vacations are supposed to be particularly relaxing and yet adventurous for the children. Peppered with new experiences and lots of family happiness. And if possible, the vacation should also be environmentally friendly. Because environmental awareness and ecological responsibility have become an issue again – especially among young families.

Landlust – relaxation in the > Holidays on the farm are back in fashion. Many families are drawn to the countryside – to where the air is pure and where romance, adventure and nature unite to form an incomparable potpourri that is still unparalleled. The idea of ​​riding holidays is completely out of date. The key words here are lodges, glamping, adventure vacations and deceleration. Framed by imposing mountains, deep green hills, sunflower fields, pastures or bubbling brooks, children experience endless adventures and parents experience well-deserved relaxation – pure family happiness! You don’t even have to travel far. Not as far away as you might think are the courtyards that open their doors to curious families. Here you can (re) discover country life! All over the world, farmers offer sleeping accommodations and are often seen over their shoulders at work. Guests are also welcome to lend a hand: the cows have to be milked, the stables have to be mucked out and the hay has to be brought up.

In the morning you are woken up by the first rooster cry and can calmly watch the sunrise while enjoying a breakfast that could not be more appetizing: eggs, milk, bread and jam are fresh on the table! The hustle and bustle of everyday life has no chance here, because queen calm rules in these countries. You have enough time to pack your picnic basket before heading out to the largest playground in the world. The unmistakable ringing of the cowbells cuts through the air, golden yellow buttercups sprinkle the meadows and morning dew glistens on the grasses. A new day spreads out all its treasures in front of you and all you have to do is pick your very own jewels.

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Because there is also a lot to discover away from the courtyards: Amidst nature, where the green is even greener, many surprises await families of discoverers. Much is known nowadays only from adventure stories and fairy tale books, because time has become fast-paced. But a vacation in the country brings slowing down: long walks through rustling forests and over lush green pastures clear your mind. You can look out for particularly pretty flowers and leaves and cloud figures hold.

Nature also has something to offer for those who don’t like walking. Go on a treasure hunt by canoe flow conquer, braid daisies in your hair and measure yourself while spitting cherry stone. For the children, such a country vacation will be pure paradise – when else can you get so wonderfully dirty with the permission of your parents and jump into every puddle carefree?

A holiday in the country is like breathing space: the children are happy, the parents relaxed. You move closer together again, because the focus is on the family. mobile phone & Co. are quickly forgotten in view of the abundance of adventures. And who wants to watch TV in the evening when you are lazy and your head is full more colorful Ideas can sit around the campfire and toast bread – a starry sky above the heads, as clear as glass.


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