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Whether for chilling out, celebrating or at work, sneakers always go! Here is an overview of the hottest must-haves and the latest releases.

Denim is no longer just a denim fabric! Since the patenting Levi’s has constantly developed the jeans further, revolutionized the denim fabric and with the “501” the most sold jeans of the world on the account

If you shave often, you have to change your blades often. But what exactly does that mean and when will it be at the latest?

You want to grow a beard or try out another shape? Which styles are trendy now, which beard hairstyle suits which man and how the trend beards affect women?

Without boots nothing goes this autumn and winter. Which models are trendy now and how to combine the boots correctly

Everybody wants white teeth. If you don’t have any, you can spend a lot of money at the dentist – or simply put on your own hands. Best with these 4 products:

No question, wet razors are among the most important utensils when it comes to male facial care. But which are the best? These here

The current fashion trends for 2019 are more casual than ever. We show you the 4 strongest fashion trends for autumn/winter

The jeans trends of 2019 are shaped by the fits and looks of the nineties. Which trousers are trendy now and what goes with them

You’re looking in vain for the right pants? Then you are right here. We tell you which figure type looks best in which fit.

Lambskin jackets are making a big comeback this autumn/winter season and are a great alternative to down and buffer jackets. Our 5 highlights

In order to get the best piece in top condition, you have to put your hand to it. These are the most important intimate care tips every man should know

You ask yourself, “How often do I have to apply cream and what are the best body lotions for men?” Here are some surprising answers

“Don’t wash your new jeans or they’ll die!” Such nonsense! We’ll tell you how to care for your jeans properly

Should I get my butt depilated? And if so: How’s it going smoothly? Not necessarily questions to be answered with your buddies. That’s why we give you the best tips for a hairless bottom

Janine Chilton fist’s got her pants on at Levi’s: The designer is responsible for the men’s collection at the cult label. An interview about the denim triumphant march, jogging competition and office outfits

You long for straight teeth but don’t feel like wearing braces? Our editor tested an invisible brace. His testimonial

There is hardly an item of clothing for which there are as many technical terms as jeans. Here are the most important terms for your next shopping trip

There’s a trick to turning any simple outfit into a stylish eye-catcher in seconds: Add a hat to your jeans and t-shirt look

Cool designs, bold lines and lots of dots – the tattoo styles and motifs of these tattoo artists are currently shaping the international tattoo scene.

The right shoe is at least as important as a good fit of the suit. We’ll show you 5 new styles that will keep you stylish and in style

Looking young is not a question of age, but of the right care products. But not everyone keeps what they promise. These creams and serums really help to stop skin aging.

It is still very warm during the day, but in the evening it is slowly getting fresh again and the cool weather is (unfortunately) getting closer and closer. With these 5 jackets you will get stylishly from summer to autumn.

Is it possible to wait at home with the shower after the sport and should one apply some cream afterwards? This is what you should really do after training

What a good beard oil consists of, what it does, how to use it optimally and how to produce your own beard oil, explains beard oil expert Mike in an interview.

Stay with the bar: barbells are the ideal training partners.

When workout with the step or stepboard you can be very effective yours.

Basically, men only want one thing at a time: A good meal.

The 5 most common dietary errors in sport

The 7 top sex fantasies of women – and how you make them come true

We show you the 5 hottest knitted sweaters for this autumn

With our tips you pack the muscle-up under guarantee

For a well-trained, muscular body, you have to train hard.

This is how you get rid of your belly fat: With our belly way guide you come to.

You want a new hairstyle, but don’t know what’s hot right now.

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