Fat children: help with overweight, bankhofer health tips

Fat children, sick children – we have to stop with the glossing over "It’s still baby bacon, it is still growing." That is wrong and has bad consequences for the children concerned. In Germany, up to 20 percent of children are clearly overweight at school. Long-term studies have shown that half of all children who were too fat at school also suffered from being overweight to obesity as adults. With all the bad consequences.

  • high blood pressure
  • Diabetes susceptibility
  • infarction risk
  • Circulation problems
  • infertility
  • Deformations of the bone structure
  • Social exclusion
  • Disadvantages in professional life
  • Problems with finding a partner

Before that we Our Save children. Because misery does not begin in adulthood, it begins in school. Fat children are bullied and marginalized. They are ashamed of their figure, get lonely. They no longer go to the outdoor pool, refuse to do physical education. And forget their disappointments with even more sweets.

Parents have to be role models

The best way to help is to educate mothers and grandmothers. To the women, who are still mainly responsible for feeding the children. But also to the men. Because how should a child get excited about sport and exercise if he only experiences the father drinking and chewing chips in front of the television??

Together we want to ensure that our children grow up healthy, that they don’t have to carry around the burden of an overly fat body and a damaged psyche. Did you know that over 60 percent of children undergoing psychiatric treatment are morbidly disturbed because of their overweight? Keep in mind every day: Fat child – sick child.

In the box below you can read what the Body Mass Index (BMI) is and how it is calculated. It will become very important from now on for your child (and for you too). Because you can tell how your child’s development is going: right and healthy – or wrong and morbid.

There are already an infinite number of guides and cures on the subject of “child and overweight”. The point is to avoid the formation of this perishable excess weight. And – if it’s already there – dismantle it again. The best reward is that parents and grandparents can earn: A healthy child who plays and romps. This is recognized in other children and can easily develop into an adult. That knows, cares for and nourishes his body properly. You are responsible for this.

Yes no pills

Trying to fight the overweight of children with pills is often unsuccessful, but almost always dangerous. The reason: there are hardly any pills that have been developed for children! Anyone who believes: "Then I only give half the amount" is making a mistake. When underdosed, most pills lose their effect and there is no success. It is much better to fight the overweight in children with natural methods. Set the following therapy goals:

  • I want to reduce body weight in the long term (reduction of body fat mass, the BMI has to keep getting lower).
  • Influence the eating and exercise behavior of the fat child with the involvement of the entire family (all eat less fat and sugar, everyone moves more).
  • Encourage your fat child in his endeavors. Every acceptance success is celebrated. Fat children need more confidence. Always show him his clothes that have become too wide during the weight loss. Make a competition out of losing weight.
  • Take care that there are no setbacks. If the weight loss stagnates once for a few days, then you comfort the child.
  • The most important point: a slow change in previous eating habits. Of course, the child still wants sweets, the beloved french fries or the sweetened lemonade. Instead, offer attractive and tasty substitutes: fresh fruit, steamed vegetables, whole grains, meat and especially fish.
  • Always keep in mind: Her child eats what you eat – you are the role model. Lose weight with your child that works.


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