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Favorite places in Kathmandu – The HUB

It is time for an article in the series “Our favorite places“. Today we would like to recommend you The HUB in Thamel. It’s not all that easy to say what the HUB really is – café, travel advice, venue, network center, somehow everything is a little bit of everything. But first from the beginning.

The HUB – meeting point in Thamel

The HUB opened its doors last year and has a very different concept to most of the cafes and restaurants in the tourist district of Thamel. The tour operators Social Tours and Karma Coffee have teamed up here and share a large space. When you enter, the office is on the left side, the café on the right. In the middle there is a large kitchen area where Social Tours conducts its cooking classes (we have already participated in one and are very excited!). When I heard this for the first time, I thought that was pretty chaotic and loud, but it’s not like that. I can work in a few places in Thamel as well and concentrated as here, since every function has its place.

You can either sit at small tables, at the common table with others, or on the large green lawn. This is Miriam’s favorite spot, with enough room to divert the stools and roll them around – their favorite pastime at the HUB. No matter what you are looking for, you will always find a suitable place.

The best coffee in Kathmandu

Karma Coffee just has the best coffee in Kathmandu, there’s nothing to shake about. When I discovered this great coffee boutique in 2016, I thought I had found paradise. Here you just get super delicious coffee, prepared with love and patience and in a wonderful setting. In addition to coffee, there are also all sorts of smoothies, juices, cakes and healthy snacks! Despite the unbelievable quality, the prices are completely in line – between 200 and 400 rupees depending on the drink and between 300 and 600 rupees for snacks. The price of black coffee is not fixed, you pay what it is worth.

But Karma Coffee not only sells coffee itself, but also all sorts of things related to coffee or made from coffee residues. I love the typical Karma Coffee cups, and for a few months now, I only use coffee soap for my hair – that saves plastic, money and I smell great (I think so …). But there are also many other great products here that are all made sustainably and in projects. The fair treatment of all members of the value chain is one of the principles of Birgit, the founder of Karma Coffee.

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