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If you are someone help without pay and damage occurs in this activity, it is a complacency damage. Such complacency damage are from your private liability insurance just then covered, if They also according to insurance conditions insured are! The test winner in the private liability insurance Test 2017 close complacency damage with a!

Complacency damage when friendship becomes a financial risk

Who does not know the question, can you help us with the move? Of course you help good friends and if it is a vase break or a cabinet door gets scratches, it is called a complacency damage. We want the best liability insurance to help you to maintain your friendship and not to dispute any disputes over costs and damages. We all know that friendship ends with money!

This defines complacency damage

Always if one friend, on known or even one foreign person therefore ask him one Pleased to do or at an activity to help, is this one kindness. This sets the case that the following conditions are true:


They offer the help on their own or have been asked for it.

No financial compensation

You receive no payment for your favor and your help and no other monetary consideration. The food during the move or the construction beer are of course allowed.

From the definition of complacency damage to examples, that will make you a little clearer about what a complacency damage is all about.

A favorite example is the move to help and carry furniture or moving boxes into the new apartment. From your own experience, you know that something can break very quickly. Over time, one tired of the unfamiliar, physical activity and the box with the words “glasses” slips out of the hands. Or the sofa will eventually be just too heavy and pops on the fresh floor of the new apartment. If you worked here for free and it comes to a damage, this is a typical complacency damage.

But favors are not just a request for a move, but it is also the very simple, unspectacular things of life, like that Watering flowers during the vacation for her neighbor. If damage is caused to the furniture when it accidentally gets stuck on the flower vase, this is also one of the reasons complacency damage.

complacency damage can also with completely unknown persons arise. If, for example, you lift the heavy purchases into the car of the elderly lady in the supermarket parking lot and inadvertently scratch the interior lining, you are liable for damages.

However, if the removal is carried out by a professional removal company, there is no complacency damage, because there is a remuneration payment. If then a moving packer causes property damage, he is liable for his professional liability insurance.

You are not immediately liable for damages due to your gratitude

Basically, you are liable under Section 823 BGB for personal injury and property damage that you inflict on strangers and must pay for the corresponding damages financially. At a favor however, that is liability between the parties limited, because both sides know that it is a favor. The court has ruled that the polluter in a Always Friendly Not for the damage adhere must, insofar only slight negligence is present. Almost all complacency damages are caused by slight negligence. You would be liable only for gross negligence or intent.

So there no liability consists, must have their personal liability in case of complacency also not afford. However, as they certainly do not want to risk a good friendship because of a broken vase, it is fundamentally important that in your private liability insurance complacency damage insured are. This is often not the case with older rates, so we recommend that you change the liability insurance at least every five years and include any damage due in any case!

The private liability insurance pays for complacency damage

always only then, if these also included in the benefits and insured are. Therefore always choose liability insurance with included damage due! Then in any case will be a property damage damages in the amount of value for the damaged thing done. The fair value is calculated from the new value minus the wear and tear depending on the age of the damaged item. We also recommend you to choose a liability without deductibles, so that small complacency damage in the end is not out of pocket pay.

For damage due, there is always only certain coverage available, which is less than the flat-rate coverage in your liability contract. For complacency damage should be in Minimum a coverage of 20,000, – € ready. Because the saying in the money listens to the friendship, applies in particular for complacency damage. Therefore, select the coverage amount accordingly!

How to behave properly in a complacency case

Complaints damage are taken very closely by the liability insurance, because it is often Assumed abuse. Why is that? The damages claimant and the cause are yes friendly connected, therefore, there is a latent inherent house suspected abuse. The burden of proof for this of course is the liability insurance.

A note from our side, insurance fraud is not a trivial offense. If the suspicion of suspected harm can be proven, the insurance is not only performance-free, but this will entail criminal consequences of insurance fraud. You are then considered a criminal record.

Insurance companies like to rely on the tacit waiver of liability

Many insurers rely on the so-called complacency liability With tacit agreed waiver of liability at a courtesy service. However, according to the latest court ruling, this tacit liability restriction is invalid if the tortfeasor is covered by private liability insurance. A limitation of liability, which does not relieve the injuring party, but only his liability insurance, does not correspond to the will of the participants and is therefore not allowed.

The trigger for this verdict was the case of a neighbor who had taken over the house and watered the garden during the cure of the injured party. In this activity came to a water damage, which did not want to regulate the insurance because of tacit liability limitation. If there is a liability insurance, favors of daily life are also subject to liability.

Anyone who wants to protect himself and his liability insurance against any claims for compensation must first and foremost written one Disclaimer agree. Specifically, this means that before you help a friend with the move, have him sign that any damage you cause is excluded from liability. However, this does not absolve you from claims for damages by third parties that are harmed by your complacency. For example, if you damage the rental car borrowed for the move, you will be liable to pay damages to the car rental company. Thus, in any case, a private liability insurance is the best solution and worth our private liability comparison!

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