Fear-free at the dentist without drilling

Fear-free at the dentist without drilling in Kleinmachnow near Berlin

At the dentist, many anxious patients find drilling very unpleasant. However, anxiety-relieving treatment methods in deep sleep or under general anaesthesia enable pain-free dental treatment. But is it not possible without the unpleasant drilling?

In cooperation with the Berlin Charité and the University of Kiel, an innovative dental treatment has been developed to stop caries at an early stage – caries treatment without drilling, without fear, without loss of tooth substance, simply painless and now also in Kleinmachnow near Berlin.

This fast application system is especially suitable for anxiety patients in the dental practice. The paediatric dentist and anxiety specialist can now convince children, adults and adolescents with this painless treatment method. Even patients with a less good complaint can be treated early at the dentist.

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Drilling at the dentist

Drilling is probably one of the most unpleasant moments of a visit to the dentist. Many people are therefore very afraid of going to the dentist’s office at all. In the case of caries, however, this is usually unavoidable. Once holes have formed in the teeth, it is usually necessary to drill in order to prevent worse things from happening. If the caries spreads undisturbed in the tooth, the root will sooner or later become inflamed. This root inflammation hurts much more than drilling itself. If you suffer from multiple caries and great anxiety, you can have the treatment carried out under anaesthesia if you wish.

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The fear of drilling

Until now, there was no alternative to drilling in dental treatment. The procedure is a real ordeal, especially for anxious patients. Many therefore require a general anaesthetic for a treatment in which the dentist has to drill.

With children, the dentist usually has a particularly hard time because they are often very afraid of severe pain when drilling.

Not only is the drill loud and painful, it also has to decide whether the tooth can be saved with a filling or whether the paediatric dentist has to pull it. A tooth gap can cause other problems in the long run. For example, it can happen that the formation of the following teeth shifts. This often requires treatment with braces and can even cause eating and speech disorders.

However, if a child’s milk tooth only has a simple hole, it is sufficient to remove caries from the area and seal it with a filling instead of drilling.

Nowadays every dentist offers a thorough prophylaxis especially for children. If you make use of this service, you can sometimes prevent serious dental problems from occurring at all. However, a newly developed measure to protect against tooth decay now offers a new alternative.

The alternative to drilling

In the early stages of tooth decay, cariogenic acids diffuse and important minerals are lost. In the meantime, there is a completely new method with which the dentist can avoid drilling completely in many cases. For this purpose, the Charité in Berlin, together with the University of Kiel, has developed an innovative method that offers a new approach. The enamel of a human tooth has an extremely fine pore system which, due to its structure, is unfortunately susceptible to attacks by cariogenic acids. In the new preventive treatment, the enamel is completely sealed and sealed by an infiltrant – a specially developed plastic. This means that the dangerous acids can no longer act directly on the tooth. This prevents or stops tooth decay right from the start.

Advantages of sealing

The advantages of this protective measure are immense: The teeth remain permanently much less sensitive and are no longer so susceptible to caries and the bright white of the teeth remains much longer. Unpleasant treatments, toothache and above all the unpopular drilling can be completely avoided.

Since this procedure is still very new, most dentists have not yet been able to offer it. However, if you are afraid of drilling and want a permanently beautiful smile, this treatment is the best alternative to drilling with occasional tooth aches.

Appointment for painless caries treatment

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